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U.S. Bishops unanimously reauthorize religious-liberty initiative

You heard, you responded – And a church is saved

In Colorado, a case of unjust desserts

Religion in America: accommodation, not coercion

Worth the price: Remembering the 70th anniversary of D-Day

On campuses, the continuing struggle against ignorance – and arrogance

When an overreaction to “Under God” tried to get around the Constitution

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Giving grief to Planned Parenthood

In Hawaii, atheists “lei” in wait for churches meeting in public schools

Alan Sears’ opening remarks at ADF’s Catholic Media Symposium in Rome

James Dobson: Striking Obamacare mandate a “victory” | WND

Christian photographer denied appeal by US Supreme Court | The Christian Institute

“High court won’t hear photog’s gay wedding appeal” | CBN News

“Supreme Court will not hear case of photographer who refused gay wedding” | Christian Post

Archbishop Chaput: A gathering that needs our support | Catholic News Agency

Cardinal Burke stresses Catholic media’s “supreme importance” | Catholic News Agency

“God’s Not Dead” producer answers critics who say film is too over the top

Global symposium aims to educate media on religious liberty | Catholic News Agency

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Conservative turned down by photographer but says it’s OK

Secularists Still Trying To Bully Christmas From The Public Square | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

Anti-faith Humbugs Ensure ‘tis The Season To Be … Litigious | Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

Founders’ view of prayer should prevail at Supreme Court | Alan Sears, Joe Infranco at Washington Post

Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases To Current Supreme Court

Freedom of speech | Brainerd Dispatch

    Brainerd Dispatch: Alan Sears, president of Alliance Defending Freedom said, “The level of hostility to Christianity on many of America’s tax-supported campuses — the ones you are paying for where seven out of 10 students attend — has reached a crisis point. He also told about his own family’s brush with anti-Christian hostility on campus when one of his daughters chose to attend a state university. “While our daughter quietly stood with other women who were standing for marriage as the unon of one man and one woman — she saw the vicious response almost immediately. She heard not only name calling from passing students, but also witnessed a physical attack, as some threw wooden stakes at her Christian sister.” . . . For more information on discrimination against Christian beliefs, go online to AllianceDefendingFreedom.org.

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Of Pledges And Proclamations: Protecting Public Expressions Of Faith | Alan Sears

Manhattan Declaration draws renewed commitment, prayers | CNA at Patheos

The Manhattan Declaration Challenges and Rallies Us | Archdiocese of NY

    Ed Mechmann at the Archdiocese of NY: The Manhattan Declaration is the ecumenical statement of conscience by Christian leaders, dedicating themselves to defending life, marriage, and religious liberty . . .  This event at Columbia was co-sponsored by the Archdiocese, Alliance Defending Freedom (who have been heroic leaders in their defense of the Declaration’s core principles), the New York State Knights of Columbus, and DeSales Media from our neighboring Diocese of Brooklyn (who livestreamed the event over the internet). The event was a landmark, because it represented not only a return of the Declaration to the borough where it was signed, but because of the power of the presentations and the uplifting spirit that they gave the audience. The speakers were a powerhouse lineup of experts and activists . . .

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Seminar at UN to push for pro-life, pro-family development efforts | B.C. Catholic

    BC Catholic: A U.S. religious liberty group and a Mexican development organization are holding a seminar at the United Nations to advocate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in a way that respects human life and the family. “At this crucial time in history when the sanctity of life and the human family are assaulted at every turn, there is an urgent need to address delegates of the United Nation and make them aware of the importance of protecting the dignity and freedom of every human being,” Alan Sears, the president, CEO, and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom, said Sept. 18. “Every innocent life deserves to be protected,” he added. [more]

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Two Decades – And Looking Forward | Alan E. Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

    Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom: What began as one attorney is now a global alliance involving hundreds of other like-minded ministries and legal organizations, as well as nearly 2,300 Christian attorneys who work alongside us in every U.S. state and many countries overseas. (Between them, these attorneys have contributed more than 824,772 pro bono hours – worth more than $158 million – to defending the freedom of people like you and your family.) Altogether, by God’s grace, we’ve had a critical part in more than 450 legal matters, including 40 at the U.S. Supreme Court – a success rate of over 80 percent.

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Development goals must respect life and family, UN told | CNA

Seminar at UN to push for pro-life, pro-family development efforts

Pro-life NGOs to promote life and family through event at United Nations

Pro-life NGOs to promote life and family through event at United Nations | Live Action News

    Live Action News: Promoting life and family in the nations is the goal of next week’s event sponsored by Alliance Defending Freedom and Incluyendo Mexico. This United Nations Side Event “Life and Family: A Real Approach to the Millennium Development Goals,” seeks to offer information that will help strengthen a focus toward life as the UN strives to reach its Millennium Development Goals . . . Alliance Defending Freedom President, CEO, and General Counsel Alan Sears said: “At this crucial time in history when the sanctity of life and the human family are assaulted at every turn, there is an urgent need to address delegates of the United Nation and make them aware of the importance of protecting the dignity and freedom of every human being.”

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