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Court rules WA marriage referendum can move forward, but revises “redefining marriage” language

Austin R. Nimocks: Do Ask, Do Tell (If You’re a California Judge)

Austin R. Nimocks: Can We Trust Our Consciences to the State of Washington?

    Austin R. Nimocks at Townhall : Although supporters of the measure have indicated it will not infringe on the religious freedom of those who do not condone such “marriages,” multiple amendments to protect the conscience/religious freedom rights of all Washingtonians were considered and rejected. As a result, many of the claims regarding the pending Washington legislation simply cannot be squared with reality.

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Same sex marriage bill passes Washington legislature | God Discussion

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Senate Effort to Repeal Defense of Marriage Act is Another Attack on Marriage

Legal experts debate Defense of Marriage Act

    The Independent Florida Alligator [includes photo]: Speakers included Austin Nimocks, senior legal counsel for a group of Christian attorneys called the Alliance Defense Fund, and professor Danaya C. Wright, of the Levin College of Law, who each took a stance on DOMA . . . “The thrust of this debate is over the Equal Protection Clause,” Nimocks said. “The Equal Protection Clause has never required that different things should be treated the same … and marriage therefore does not violate that.” Nimocks went on to relate the involvement of federal government in marital matters to the issues of bankruptcy, military and immigration. “I think there is a solid history and a right and a reason for federal government to take up the right of marriage,” Nimocks said. [includes photo]

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State sovereignty reigns in ‘gay’ adoption case

North Carolina House Fast-Tracks New Marriage Amendment Without Public Comment

Hearing: Speed Bump Unlikely to Derail Proposition 8 Appeal

Can Prop. 8 Proponents Defend Measure? Calif. Supreme Court to Decide

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“California Supreme Court tackles gay marriage case again”

Can Prop. 8 proponents defend marriage when Calif. officials refuse to do so?

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A National Defense of Marriage

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“Religious Freedom attorney To Debate On Gay Marriages”

Defense of Marriage Act Attacked in Senate Hearing

“Coons chairs panel debating gay marriage bil”

DOMA repeal gets a hearing

DOMA Backers, Foes Face Off at Senate Hearing

Statement of Austin R. Nimocks on DOMA before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee

    The statement of ADF attorney Austin R. Nimocks is available here in pdf format. A related ADF media advisory is here.

    “But humanity remains unchanged – a collection of men and women. And because of the fundamental truth that children are the product of sexual relationships between men and women, and that men and women each bring something important and unique to the table of parenting, this government maintains a compelling interest in protecting and preserving the institution of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

    - Austin Nimocks, ADF Senior Legal Counsel, defending DOMA in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee

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“Landmark Senate hearing on repeal of gay marriage ban Wednesday”

“Obama, in stand for gay rights, calls for repeal of DOMA”

ADF attorney to provide testimony before Senate Judiciary Committee on proposed DOMA repeal

Panel Set for July 20 Senate Hearing into Respect

“Liberty’s loss: Same-sex marriage in New York threatens the rights of those who oppose it”

    Tim Dalrymple at WORLD Magazine (Jul 30, 11): When sexual liberty and religious liberty are pitted against one another, says the Alliance Defense Fund’s Austin R. Nimocks, the elevation of one always diminishes the other. The religious liberties and conscience rights of individual professionals and business owners, Nimocks says, are in particular peril. Since they do not fall beneath the “religious umbrella” the law creates, wedding planners or florists or clothiers who decline to offer their services to same-sex couples may face lawsuits or other forms of government pressure. Marriage counselors and adoption attorneys, if they are not employees of a religious group, also could be accused of illegal discrimination if they do not serve gay couples. Even those beneath the “religious umbrella” may be less protected than they would like to believe. In spite of the conscience provision, there are “huge gaping holes” in the language of the law, says Nimocks.

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New York gears up for same-sex weddings

“Will Pennsylvania follow New York’s lead on gay marriage?”

Austin R. Nimocks: If Ted Olson and David Boies are so right, why does the Justice Department disagree with them?

“Must N.Y. businesses say ‘I do’ to gay clients?”

Q&A: What the religious exemptions in N.Y.’s ‘gay marriage’ law do and don’t cover

    Baptist Press: The issue of religious liberty has been at the forefront of conservative concerns about “gay marriage.” After it was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004, Catholic Charities chose to get out of adoptions instead of being forced to place children in same-sex homes. While the language might prevent that from happening in New York, Alliance Defense Fund attorney Austin R. Nimocks says, it would not protect a husband-and-wife photography team from state action if they declined to take pictures at a same-sex “wedding.” It also would do nothing to prevent the teaching of “gay marriage” in New York schools. Alliance Defense Fund is a legal organization that fights for religious liberty. Following is a partial transcript of an interview with Nimocks . . .

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“Arizona groups react to N.Y. gay-marriage vote”

Battling a ‘marriage imitation’

Imitation Marriages Challenged in Wisconsin