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“Liberty’s loss: Same-sex marriage in New York threatens the rights of those who oppose it”

    Tim Dalrymple at WORLD Magazine (Jul 30, 11): When sexual liberty and religious liberty are pitted against one another, says the Alliance Defense Fund’s Austin R. Nimocks, the elevation of one always diminishes the other. The religious liberties and conscience rights of individual professionals and business owners, Nimocks says, are in particular peril. Since they do not fall beneath the “religious umbrella” the law creates, wedding planners or florists or clothiers who decline to offer their services to same-sex couples may face lawsuits or other forms of government pressure. Marriage counselors and adoption attorneys, if they are not employees of a religious group, also could be accused of illegal discrimination if they do not serve gay couples. Even those beneath the “religious umbrella” may be less protected than they would like to believe. In spite of the conscience provision, there are “huge gaping holes” in the language of the law, says Nimocks.

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