Prop 8 judge not obliged to recuse himself, ruling says

‘Gay’ judge’s Prop 8 ruling upheld: Court: Jurist who shared plaintiffs’ situation can decide case

‘Gay’ judge’s verdict ‘must’ be abandoned: Prop 8 supporters argue Walker stands to benefit personally from his court decision

“Ruling soon on gay judge in California same-sex case”

Homosexual Federal Judge the Center of ‘Unprecedented’ Legal Challenge

Speaking for the sisters?

ADF: Will court throw out ruling on Calif. marriage amendment?

‘Biological fact’ wins in TX marriage case – One News Now

Texas Court Strikes Down Transgendered Marriage

Texas court affirms sex cannot be changed

“Ministers: ‘Gay’ rights shouldn’t hurt religious rights”

Conservative Group Threatens to Sue Over Military Weddings

Conservatives want congressional action for chaplains

Activists call on Congress to protect military chaplains

Marriage Amendment Moves Ahead in Minnesota Legislature

“Bill putting gay marriage ban on 2012 general ballot passes Minnesota Senate panel”

    Pioneer Press: St. Paul attorney Jane Bowman argued the proposed amendment is “redundant and unnecessary” because two state laws and a Supreme Court decision prohibit same-sex marriages. But Austin Nimocks, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian advocacy group, said there’s no guarantee those laws would be upheld in the future. “The next Minnesota court challenged with this demand may not demonstrate the same level of judicial restraint,” he said. “The constitution is the people’s document, and they are entitled to change it,” Nimocks added.

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Austin R. Nimocks: The Intolerance of the “Tolerant”

FRC Praises Fifth Circuit for Affirming Traditional Family

“Delaware rights: Civil unions bill clears big hurdle”

Delaware: Civil unions bill clears big hurdle

Conservatives Renew Political Charges Against Holder, DOJ

Civil union bill clears Del. Senate panel

“Conservative Group Plans Holder Attack”

“Same-sex marriages give polygamy a legal boost”

Indiana Vote On Marriage Inequality Amendment Delayed A Week

Q&A: What Obama’s DOMA decision means & why it is significant

Obama won’t fight for marriage defence law

Is DOMA really dead?

Pro-family groups: Obama disregarding duty to defend federal law

World Magazine: “Optional: a president who upholds the law”

Conservatives: Obama Disregarded His Duty with DOMA

Obama, Holder contend homosexuality ‘immutable’

World Mag: No more defense

GLAD Lawyer Expects Members Of Congress To Defend DOMA In Court

Obama Fails to Defend Traditional Marriage

Q&A: What Obama’s DOMA decision means & why it is significant

“Not going to defend marriage”

Better DOMA defense to come

U.S. will no longer defend Defense of Marriage Act in court

ADF statement in response to DOJ letter on Defense of Marriage Act

Rhode Island Marriage Debate Brings Out The Usual Suspects

    LezGetReal (A Gay Girl’s View on the World): “Of course, Austin Nimocks of the Alliance Defense Fund echoed those concerns, but when confronted with the fact that the bill prevents churches from being forced to marry couples that they do not want to, Nimocks fell into the usual run of how he was upset over the fact that it would not protect individuals from discrimination. He used the example of marriage counselors who refuse to work with same-sex couples. He said “The religious exemption provided is wholly inadequate.” Of course, in Iowa they tried that and it got pointed out that the religious exemption could end up hurting just about every single group out there from different races and religions to LGBT Americans. When and if this is addressed, the odds on are that he will find some other excuse. Perhaps railing against robosexual marriage?”

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“‘It’s not like they’re from outer space’: Testimony on same-sex marriage in Maryland”

R.I. same-sex marriage debate on 3 fronts Wednesday

Maryland same-sex marriage bill debated

Washington Post: “Same-sex marriage has good chance of approval, Maryland Senate leader says”

    Washington Post: Tuesday’s hearing grew combative at several points, particularly during testimony by Austin R. Nimocks, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a national organization that seeks to defend “religious freedom.” Nimocks argued that government should keep marriage between a man and a woman as an incentive to foster “responsible procreation.” “Men and women still comprise the two great halves of humanity,” Nimocks said. “It matters that a child has a mom and a dad.” . . . In response to questioning by senators, Nimocks acknowledged that children of some same-sex couples could be better off than children of some heterosexual couples. But he said research has shown that in most cases, the best situation for a child is “a low-conflict marriage” between a man and a woman.

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MD: “Hundreds crowd Senate for hearing on same-sex marriage”

    Baltimore Sun: Austin R. Nimocks, a lawyer for the conservative Alliance Defense Fund, argued that marriage is intended to create a “stable union for the sake of responsibly producing and raising the next generation.” ”By adopting same-sex marriage you are telling those families that mothers and fathers don’t matter,” said Nimocks, who has testified around the country against gay marriage. He ruffled feathers on the committee when he suggested that there was a valid argument for single parents to rear children but not for ame-sex couples to be parents. He defined the ideal environment for raising children as “with a married mother and father in a low-conflict household.”

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IN: “Gay-marriage ban clears House panel”

Wyo. House passes bill against same-sex “marriages”

US Supreme Court declines appeal on right to vote

Supreme Court rejects appeal to allow DC residents right to vote on marriage

Voters silenced: Sup. Court lets stand D.C. “gay marriage” ruling

Wyoming: Definition of marriage bill passes 1st hurdle in House

Will British Columbia legalize polygamy?

Will British Columbia legalize polygamy despite proven harms to women, children, society?

“Gay marriage backers, opponents argue in federal court”

DC voters petition Supreme Court

Group Takes D.C. Marriage Battle to Supreme Court

ADF, Stand4MarriageDC appeal marriage initiative case to U.S. Supreme Court

African American pastors warn against repeal of DADT

Tony Perkins and African American pastors from five states to hold news conference on eve of DADT vote

Another issue emerges in CA’s “gay marriage” case

Heritage Foundation Prop 8 ruling round up – more experts find Walker’s opinion unpersuasive

Same-sex weddings on hold, motions filed

Austin R. Nimocks: Federal court declares most Americans a bunch of bigots

Prop 8 judge could hold off longer on enforcing decision

ADF attorneys on radio just before and after the Cal. Prop. 8 marriage ruling

“Judge strikes down Proposition 8, allows gay marriage in California”