Closing arguments in historic marriage challenge begin

“Gay” judge decides future of homosexual “marriage”

Proposition 8 closing arguments to begin in San Francisco

Md. agencies kick off benefits enrollment for same-sex couples

Austin R. Nimocks: Potemkin democracy in the district

D.C. “gay marriage” foes hopeful

Notes on marriage initiative arguments at D.C. Court of Appeals

    GLAA Forum: “Nimocks cited the CAA’s one explicit limitation on the right of initiative (appropriation of funds) as somehow showing that the right of initiative was otherwise co-extensive with the Council’s right to legislate. Basically, appellants’ position rests upon a static conception of the law, which is convenient for them since post-Dean facts and changes to the law have rendered it inapplicable. There was little if any direct reference to Dean. I did not hear any reference to the argument made previously by appellants that there is no discrimination because gays and lesbians can marry members of the opposite sex. But naturally there were frequent interruptions by the judges, so who knows what arguments Nimocks would have gotten to if he had the time. As it was, though, he did a lot of repeating of himself.”

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D.C. same-sex “marriage” recognition in court

“Marriage opponents’ appeal”

Faith leaders continue marriage fight in D.C.

Appeals judges sharply question city on referendum ban

DC’s battle over marriage continues

“Appeals Court weighs DC gay marriage challenge”

Full D.C. Appeals Court hears argument on “anti-gay marriage” initiative

Bishop won’t let voters become pawns on D.C. marriage

ADF attorney to participate in ‘prayer flight’ over DC, Richmond on National Day of Prayer

Austin R. Nimocks on CBN News: The ENDA religious freedom

Could “gay” protections trump religious freedom?

N.J. lawmakers oppose same-sex “marriage”

Three NJ lawmakers want in on same-sex “marriage” suit

3 Republican legislators challenge same-sex “marriage” effort at N.J. Supreme Court

ADF, NJ legislators oppose marriage redefinition at NJ Supreme Court

Appeals continue to seek stay of D.C. same-sex “marriage” law

Okla. Appeals Court upholds dismissal of same-sex “divorce” case

Okla. Appeals Court upholds dismissal of same-sex “divorce” case

Okla. appeals court upholds dismissal of same-sex ‘divorce’ case

“Group wants same military benefits for gay spouses”

“Will gay military spouses receive benefits after repeal?”

    LezGetReal: “Austin R. Nimocks, a lawyer with the Alliance Defense Fund, told The Washington Times, ‘It’s most likely under the current scenario that the military would follow DOMA because the marriage license held by a same-sex couple is a state-conferred right and not a federal-conferred right. And so there is no requirement that the federal government acknowledge that state-conferred right in that regard. I think that federal DOMA would necessarily constrict the ability of the military to provide some sort of recognition to a marriage license held by a same-sex couple.’ . . . The top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee . . . asked Secretary Gates if he will recommend that Congress repeal DOMA . . . A spokesman for Gates declined to comment.”

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Washington, D.C. ushers in same-sex “marriage”

“DC court won’t stop gay marriages”

About Austin R. Nimocks

    Austin R. Nimocks serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom at its Washington, D.C., Regional Service Center, where he heads the marriage litigation team. Before joining Alliance Defending Freedom in 2007, he spent nearly 10 years in private practice on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Nimocks earned his J.D. from the Baylor University School of Law in Waco, Texas. He is admitted to the bars of the District of Columbia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the U.S Courts of Appeal for the D.C., 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th Circuits, and he has also appeared before various federal and state courts around the country.

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“Anti-LGBT activists attend R.I. summit”

Appeals continue to seek stay of D.C. same-sex “marriage” law

Same-sex “marriage” opponents appeal before measure goes into effect in March

Same-sex “marriage” opponents appeal, advocates look to March 3

D.C. voters may not have final say on marriage

“Anti-gay groups to hold R.I. summit”

DC citizens blocked again on marriage vote

Same-sex ruling upheld by judge

Another D.C. judge rules against public vote on marriage

Obama accused of establishing religion for soldiers

Prop. 8 trial wraps up, leaving some Christians wondering if their votes counted

Prop. 8 trial stirs questions, emotions

Californians wait to hear marriage decision

California’s “gay marriage” trial gears up for high court

Same-sex “marriage” and a level-playing field for religious argument

Religious beliefs targeted in Proposition 8

At heart of Prop. 8 trial, a fight over nurturing kids

Prop 8 trial, day 12 summary: Liberal Dem. who opposes “gay marriage” testifies

California’s Prop. 8 trial on hold

Burden of proof to overturn Prop. 8 was unmet, backers say as testimony ends

ADF Update on Prop 8 Trial: Day 12

ADF update on Prop 8 trial proceedings: Wednesday, January 27th

“Defense witnesses agree Prop 8 discriminates against gays”

Baptist Press Prop 8 summary, day 11: Religious conservatives again targeted

Emotional Prop 8 trial draws to an end

Second defense witness takes stand in Prop 8 trial

“Prop 8 witness says gay marriage undermines traditional marriage”

ADF update on Prop 8 trial proceedings: Tuesday, January 26th

Lawyers for the California marriage amendment make their case

Prop 8 trial, day 10: Initiative supporters call first witness

ADF update on Prop 8 trial proceedings: Monday, January 25th

Prop. 8 trial meets halfway mark

ADF update on Prop 8 trial: Day 9

    ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks writing in The Christian Post: “The testimony Friday all came in the form of a single witness: Dr. Gregory M. Herek, an expert in psychology from the University of California at Davis. He was called as the plaintiffs’ final witness in a futile effort to demonstrate that the concept of ‘sexual orientation’ is immutable and no different from race or sex. The plaintiffs made quick work of Dr. Herek, asking him questions for less than two hours, and in no way establishing what they sought to establish. In fact, through Dr. Herek, they established quite the opposite-that the idea of ‘sexual orientation’ has no clear or universal understanding or definition, but rather involves varying and fluid concepts of identity, desire, and behavior. In other words, ‘sexual orientation’ is, in no way, like a person’s race or sex.”

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Baptist Press Prop 8 summary, Day 8: Chinese religious leader criticized for views

“At Calif. gay marriage trial, marriage is not the only flash point”

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks: Prop. 8 Trial Update for Thurs. Jan 21, 2009