American pro-life campaigners free to stand for what they believe in

City of St. Paul stops fighting statue of Jesus atop bluff | (includes video)

Announcing the 2013 John Marshall Fellows | The Claremont Institute

Roe v Wade at 40: I Have a Dream

Alliance Defending Freedom Announces Winners of the 2011-2012 Pew Scholarship Competition

Amnesty International uses maternal deaths to abortion on demand (Spanish)

Kathleen Hunker: Conscience Protections Are Necessary in a Diverse Society

The Commercialization of Reproduction and Donor Anonymity in Canada

Youth coalition presents family-oriented message at UN summit

57,000 youths push back against massive UN ‘sexual rights’ agenda

The face that changes everything: babies who survive abortion

Consistent and persistent: Truth in defense of the pro-life viewpoint

How do you protect religious freedom where religion is not valued?

Jeff Ventrella: Legal Legerdemain, Part 1: Airbrushing History . . .

Spend your semester shaping public policy through ERLC internship

Blackstone Legal Fellowship

NRL Interns, Academy Students on Board for the Summer

    National Right to Life: “Summer brings three things to Washington: 90 degree days, tourists from around the world, and some of the country’s best and brightest college students for summer internships. Every year, National Right to Life hosts young men and women from across the country as part of both our college internship program and the National Right to Life Academy . . . This is the second year National Right to Life has participated in the program and we are thrilled to welcome Jon Scharfenberger, Mark Guillaudeu, and Jess Brown. Additionally, Wesley Robinson, a law student at Villanova University School of Law, will clerk in the Powell Center for Medical Ethics as part of the Alliance Defense Fund’s Blackstone Fellowship Program . . . ”

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Two Spots Open for NRLC Summer Academy Program

    NRLC: “Summer at the National Right to Life office offers a refreshing change of pace with the arrival of a number of college students to participate in the NRLC internship and Academy programs. Different than a normal internship, the National Right to Life Academy is an intensive summer training course for college students in the right to life movement and issues. Students delve into the history and philosophy of the Movement, as well as seriously studying the various policy proposals and arguments related to each pro-life issue, from abortion the denial of lifesaving medial treatment . . . Another Academy alumnus has been accepted to the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, sponsored by the Alliance Defense Fund. The network of Academy alumni is a fresh source of vitality for a movement whose greatest strength may be its faithful endurance . . . ”

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Advocates for Life

‘Advocates for Life’: Initiative Aims to Organize Pro-Life Students in 200 Law Schools

    “. . . The idea was hatched by [Kellie] Fiedorek and several other participants in the Blackstone Legal Fellowship, an annual summer school for 110 second-year law students put on by the Alliance Defense Fund. The ADF began as a fund-raising organization to support legal cases in defense of traditional marriage, the right to life and freedom of religion. Now it has 40 litigators of its own working on cases and runs both the Blackstone Legal Fellowship for students and the National Litigation Academy to train practicing lawyers in pro-life and other legal issues. ‘Several of us last summer were talking about the great support we were getting from Blackstone and went from there to what a need there was for pro-life students on campus for the same support,’ said Fiedorek, who just graduated from Ave Maria University’s law program. The Alliance Defense Fund’s Mat Bowman says Advocates for Life will be a powerful ally in the ADF’s own efforts to ‘educate the next generation of lawyers in the best legal arguments for the protection of innocent life. . . ”

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Pornography Harms Website Launched

New Hampshire Family Court Orders Girl to Public School over Home Schooling Preference of Mother

Alliance Defense Fund launches new website for the Blackstone Legal Fellowship

Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel presents 2009 Child Advocate of the Year award

Blackstone Fellow wins 2009 Child Advocate of the Year Award

Blackstone Fellows and the Alliance Defense Fund: Can Girls Rule?

Valedictorian repeats oldest sister’s feat

Blackstone Fellow wins Embryo Law Essay Competition

Six Ave Maria law students receive fellowships

Blackstone Fellow Wins Jones Day’s $10,000 Swope Antitrust Writing Prize

Blackstone Fellow featured in Christian Science Monitor: Young Republicans seek a new kind of party

Today: Jordan Lorence on Hugh Hewitt to discuss marriage and the Blackstone Legal Fellowship