Court upholds Ohio marriage

Court breaks ranks, upholds marriage bans

Federal court issues bold ruling for traditional marriage

6th Circuit affirms freedom of states to define marriage as one-man, one-woman

Court upholds four marriage laws; will Supreme Court review?

Sixth Circuit decision to uphold marriage part of tend, conservatives say

Court upholds marriage in four states

Judge overturns Alaska’s marriage amendment

Fewer in Miss. see same-sex marriage as threat

Same-sex marriage in Arizona a step closer

GOP hires California expert for N.C. same-sex marriage fight

Wisconsin joins thirty states that now allow same-sex marriage

Supreme Court’s silence on marriage speaks volumes

‘Decisive’ role of marriage in focus as Court declines cases

Cruz: Supreme Court abdicating responsibility

Supreme Court denies same-sex marriage cases

Fletcher: Supreme Court sending a message by refusing to hear same-sex marriage appeal

Supreme Court hands same-sex marriage a tacit victory

US Supreme Court declines to review rulings permitting same-sex ‘marriage’

Supreme Court denies cert in same-sex marriage cases

Supreme Court serves implied win to same-sex marriage supporters

US Supreme Court authorizes same-sex marriage in 5 more states

Same-sex marriage now is legal in Oklahoma

Supreme Court hands same-sex marriage a tacit victory

Same-sex marriage cases in Ohio appeals court assume added importance, per legal experts

US Supreme Court holds off on taking up marriage issue

Will SCOTUS say ‘I Do’ to marriage case?

State defends refusal to recognize California same-sex marriage

Federal judge upholds right of Louisiana citizens to preserve one man-one woman marriage

Louisiana’s marriage law upheld by federal judge

ADF: Federal court right to uphold Louisianans’ freedom to preserve marriage

    “The people of Louisiana – and the people of every state – should continue to have the authority to affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman in their laws. The district court in this case was right to conclude, as the U.S. Supreme Court did in its Windsor decision last year, that marriage law is the business of the states. We concur with the district court’s observation that ‘Louisiana is acting squarely within the scope of its traditional authority, as underscored by Justice Kennedy’ in the Windsor decision.” -Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Byron Babione

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SCOTUS may take up Virginia marriage challenge

U.S. Supreme Court issues stay on marriage case in Virginia

With same-sex marriage on hold, same-sex couples remain hopeful

SCOTUS pauses same-sex marriage in VA: We’re back where we started

SCOTUS stays marriage ruling in Virginia

US Supreme Court delays same-sex marriage in Virginia

High court issues stay on Virginia marriage case

Supreme Court stays same-sex marriage ruling in Virginia

Supreme Court: No same-sex marriage in Virginia, yet

Supreme Court puts hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

Will same-sex marriages begin in Virginia this week?

Va. same-sex marriage advocates fight stay request

Same-sex marriage could start next week in Virginia

Chief Justice asked to issue stay on Virginia marriage case

Group asks for delay of court ruling in Virginia marriage case

Virginia county court clerk asks Supreme Court to issue stay on marriage ruling

Va. clerk asks Supreme Court to put hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

Same-sex marriage approved in Virginia

Request to stay decision in Virginia marriage case denied

Court refuses to stay its decision in Virginia marriage case

Motion denied: Ruling leaves door open for same-sex marriages

Federal judges refuse to stay decision on Virginia marriage law

Circuit refuses to stay same-sex marriages in Virginia

Va. clerk to ask Supreme Court to put hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

Oklahoma same-sex marriage case appealed to high court

U.S. Supreme Court receives petition to review Oklahoma marriage law

U.S. Supreme Court justices asked to review Oklahoma’s marriage law

Virginia same-sex marriage: Lawyers argue for immediate enforcement

Clerk asks 4th Circuit to hold its decision on marriage

Virginia’s marriage battle centered in Prince William County

Appeals panel rejects Virginia marriage law

Supreme Court poised to revisit same-sex marriage issue

Same-sex marriage one step closer to Supreme Court

Federal appeals court strikes down Virginia marriage law

Lovers and labels in coverage of same-sex marriage ruling

Appeals court rejects Virginia marriage law

U.S. appeals court strikes down Virginia’s marriage law

Appeals panel strikes down Virginia marriage law

4th Circuit strikes down Va. marriage amendment, clerk considering appeal

Divided court declares Oklahoma same-sex ‘marriage’ ban unconstitutional

Denver federal court turns down appeal for marriage law