Sectarian prayer at town council meeting? Supreme Court may decide this week | The Independent

David Cortman: Abortion pill mandate, Hobby Lobby and why the Supreme Court should honor faith

Company owners refuse to “sacrifice our obedience to God” | WND

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ADF: Government has no mandate to meddle in a family’s business

Hobby Lobby’s battle against Obama admin’s HHS mandate heads to Supreme Court | LifeNews

ADF: Government has no mandate to meddle in a family’s business

Mennonite family to Supreme Court: HHS mandate violates our beliefs | CitizenLink

ADF: Forcing families to pay for other people’s abortion pills isn’t freedom

Church signs assigned more restrictions | OneNewsNow

    OneNewsNow: “Alliance Defending Freedom attorney David Cortman tells OneNewsNow no law should force churches to the bottom of the barrel. ‘The town of Gilbert cannot apply stricter rules to church signs when it doesn’t apply them to ideological, political and other non-commercial signs,’ he assert, ‘because the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with the decisions of other circuits, we hope the Supreme Court will agree to step in.’”

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ADF: Supreme Court should end govt speech discrimination against churches

ADF to Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

ACA mandate cases proceed in high court as for-profit firms, government file briefs | Bloomberg BNA

ADF: A family’s business is not the government’s business

Diverse coalition opposes abortion pill mandate at US Supreme Court

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U.S. Supreme Court will hear Conestoga Wood Specialties’ appeal on March 25

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88 Percent for Religious Freedom | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

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Christian-Owned Auto Dealership Granted Injunction Against Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian News Network

Court: Obama Admin Can’t Make Family-Run Car Dealership Follow HHS Mandate | Life News

SCOTUS to Hear Key Cases on Abortion Mandate | MO Family Policy Council

Should Public Prayers Be Censored by Non-Christian Groups? | Nate Kellum at Christian Post

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Supreme Court takes cases on contraception coverage | Boston Globe / NY Times

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Supreme Court to weigh if ‘Obamacare’ birth-control mandate can stand (+video) | Christian Science Monitor

Conestoga Wood case goes to Supreme Court | Lancaster Online

Supreme Court to hear for-profit contraception mandate case | CNA on Patheos

Supreme Court contraception mandate case sparks fierce debate (+video) | Christian Science Monitor

Supreme Court to Hear Combined Arguments in Two Key HHS Mandate Cases | Cardinal Newman Society

Supreme Court agrees to hear HHS mandate challenges | Catholic World Report

Supreme Court weighs whether citizens may pray without censorship at town meetings

Supreme Court to Hear Argument Over Town Hall Prayers Predominantly in Jesus’ Name | Christian News Net

New York Town Divided as Prayer Case Heads to Supreme Court | NY Times

Supreme Court to consider religious prayer at government meetings | National Catholic Reporter (RNS)

18 States Tell Supreme Court: Don’t Make Family-Run Business Obey HHS Abortion Mandate | LifeNews

Supreme Court to decide on legislative prayers | Fox News Orlando (AP)

High Court ruling could affect prayer at local meetings | Daytona Beach News-Journal

Keep an Eye on Greece – Greece v. Galloway, That Is | Independent Women’s Forum

Supreme Court’s Docket Full of Potential Mischief | The New American

    The New American: The case wound its way up to the Supreme Court, where Greece is being represented by David Cortman of the Christian advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom. Cortman responded that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Galloway and Stephens, It would have to abandon prior precedent, it would have to abandon hundreds of years of practice going back to the founders of our country, and [it would] put in jeopardy the many practices and events that reflect our religious heritage throughout the country…. The folks who have volunteered to pray before the meetings are merely reflective of the demographics of the town. Just because a town may happen to be more Christian that a different religion doesn’t automatically create a constitutional issue…. [If the court decides in favor of Galloway and Stephens] the new test would be: “If I see or hear something that may offend me, and it happens to be religious, that creates some sort of constitutional violation.” We would have challenges to all of these [traditions]. That would create not only more disarray but not reflect the true meaning of the Constitution.

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High court returns to work, will hear high-profile cases | One News Now

Small town, big impact: Supreme Court case could define religion’s role in public | Washington Times

SCOTUS for law students: Prayer at government meetings

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