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Supreme Court won’t wade into fight over graduations in churches

Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

Supreme Court upholds public prayer

Amen! High court decision affirms constitutionality of public prayer

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ADF: Government has no mandate to meddle in a family’s business

Mennonite family to Supreme Court: HHS mandate violates our beliefs | CitizenLink

ADF: Forcing families to pay for other people’s abortion pills isn’t freedom

Church signs assigned more restrictions | OneNewsNow

    OneNewsNow: “Alliance Defending Freedom attorney David Cortman tells OneNewsNow no law should force churches to the bottom of the barrel. ‘The town of Gilbert cannot apply stricter rules to church signs when it doesn’t apply them to ideological, political and other non-commercial signs,’ he assert, ‘because the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with the decisions of other circuits, we hope the Supreme Court will agree to step in.’”

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