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Conservatives blame manipulation, fear for Jan Brewer veto of SB 1062

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Deception, distortion on SB 1062 results in veto

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Suspension of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson a Threat to Free Marketplace of Ideas? | Christian Post

Reaction builds over Robertson’s suspension from ‘Duck Dynasty’ | (Gannett)

ADF stands with Phil Robertson’s right to free speech

ESPN ‘Jesus’ ad accepted: Banned Christmas commercial approved after uproar | Since 1956, the Catholic foundation has run similar ads with other media outlets without incident. However, it appeared ESPN’s ban on Jesus and God on the air was an indictment of Christmas, as Doug Napier with Alliance Defending Freedom said. ESPN came back to us and said it was denied due to religious advocacy. We were disappointed and dumbfounded with their decision,” said Dan Buck, the Catholic foundation’s executive director. They told us the lines about ‘Celebrate the birth of Jesus’ and ‘Help us reveal God’s healing message’ are ‘problematic’. That’s a quote from them,” Buck added.

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ESPN reverses decision to ban Catholic hospital’s Christmas ad | Todd Starnes at Fox News

Report: ESPN Rejects Catholic Hospital Ad Because ‘jesus,’ ‘god’ ‘problematic’ | Breitbart

Is there a war on Christmas? | Doug Napier on MyFoxPhoenix (video)

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White House Moves Away From NY Model on Birth Control Mandate | WNYC

Obama called out on ‘sleight of hand’ over abortions

Religious Liberty Issue Not Settled by Revised Contraceptive Mandate | Christian Post

Doug Napier: Repeal of DADT Still Doesn’t Mean You Can Ask

Doug Napier: American Atheists’ 9/11 Memorial Lawsuit Crosses the Line of Decency

Del. Gov Signs Same-Sex Civil Union Bill

Delaware rights: Sussex clerk openly opposes civil unions

US same-sex unions law heads to DE gov’s desk

Del. same-sex unions law heads to gov’s desk

Civil unions to become law in Delaware Douglas Napier, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative religious rights organization, told the chamber the bill is riddled with all sorts of unintended consequences and is a precursor to same-sex marriage. “For the first time in the history of this state you have created a new civil right,” he said. “But you have done it at the expense of the long-standing institution of marriage, I think you’ve done it at the expense of children who deserve a Mom and a Dad, and you’ve done it at the expense of the taxpayers who have no clue what they’re buying.”

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Delmarva Now: Delaware civil union bill passes

Delaware to be 8th state to allow same-sex unions

“Delaware House legalizes gay civil unions; governor will sign”

CO: “Civil unions bill killed on party-line vote”

    Colorado Statesman: Not only would the civil unions bill defy the will of voters, but most of the legal rights it establishes already exist in the state’s Designated Beneficiaries law — legislation Ferrandino sponsored just two years ago — said Doug Napier, an attorney with the Focus on the Family-allied Alliance Defense Fund. By depositing virtually all the rights and responsibilities of marriage in civil unions, Napier warned during a lengthy exchange with committee Democrats, the bill’s sponsors were laying the legal groundwork to overturn the gay-marriage ban. “You heard the testimony that, ‘I don’t want to be treated like a second-class citizen,’ and all those other things. This doesn’t solve those issues, and it won’t,” Napier said. “That’s why you won’t hear anybody who testified in favor of this say, ‘If you give us this, we’ll be satisfied, we won’t come back next year and ask for same-sex marriage,’ or, ‘We won’t file a lawsuit.’” In fact, Napier argued, the civil unions bill was part of a clever attack on marriage via the courts. Borrowing language from the marriage statute, he said, “sets up the equal-protection issue that is the impetus for getting to court. That’s why this is important from a legal strategy for those who want to usher in same-sex marriage in Colorado.”

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Biblical values, fears of destruction of civilization voiced by opponents to civil unions in Colorado

    God Discussion: Douglas Napier of the Alliance Defense Fund led the formal opposition against the bill and maintained that civil unions would likely lead to same-sex marriage, despite a 2006 voter-approved constitutional amendment that defined marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The debate quickly disintegrated from there, as witnesses began quoting the Bible, regurgitating thoroughly debunked claims about ex-gay therapy and even predicting the end of times. The Family Research Institute’s Dr. Paul Cameron — whose so-called ‘research’ on homosexuality has been condemned and refuted by most major medical organizations in the United States and Canada — provided the most colorful testimony.

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“Colorado Civil Unions Foes Warn Of ‘AIDS Tax,’ End Of Civilization”

“An advocate for equal rights”

40 days of (political) purpose

“Perry v. Schwarzenegger: California becomes the latest battleground for gay marriage rights”