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Pastors Gearing up for Pulpit Freedom Sunday Oct. 2, 2011

Church challenged re: ‘politicking’

Minn. Pastor Cautiously Maneuvers IRS Guidelines to Support Bachmann

Erik Stanley: For Free Speech, Give Up Your Tax Exempt Status

Reclaiming Texas For Christ

    Pamela Kimble at Cross Timbers Gazette: On October 20th, Reclaiming Texas For Christ will hold their second annual FREE conference for pastors, lay leaders, and everyday citizens who are concerned about the crumbling of this nation’s spiritual foundation. An impressive array of speakers will headline this year’s conference. In this FREE afternoon conference, attendees will hear from Timothy Barton of nationally recognized WallBuilders, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Erik Stanley of the Alliance Defense Fund, Pastor Geoffrey Cohen of Gateway Church, Dan Panetti of Prestonwood Church, and talk show host Kerby Anderson of Point of View Ministries.

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Pastors think gov’t should butt out

VA: Calvary Day School Denied, Lawsuit Continues

    Fredericksburg, VA Patch: The Fredericksburg City Council unanimously voted to deny a special use permit to Calvary Christian Center to operate a day school for mentally disabled children on their premises . . . We’re disappointed in the outcome of the vote,” said Eric Stanley, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian non-profit advocacy group which advocates for religious rights. ADF lawyers are representing Calvary Christian Center in both federal court and at the local level as the church tries to establish the day school. “We were hopeful that the city would agree that that was a resolution of the federal lawsuit and all the other issues, but obviously the city wants to litigate this matter and that’s what we’ll do.” [more . . .]

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New case, same county, same discrimination

Second church is suing Coweta County

Council candidate Sonia Brown’s church ties questioned

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AZ church on brink of losing it all

ADF files suit to protect Ariz. church from foreclosure based on $50K illegal tax bill

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Kirk of the Hills denied its plan to build in Jenks

GA church fights zoning abuse

County faces lawsuit for denying church permit

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