ADF: Ga. church no longer meeting underground for now

Claiming that churches are victim to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, Alliance Defending Freedom urges pastors to participate in ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’

Zoning laws ‘targeting’ small ministries | One News Now

Erik Stanley: IRS Official Warns Pastors to Keep Silent During Elections

Pastor speaks biblical truth, gets legal attention | One News Now

Erik Stanley: Biblical Truth Equals Voter Intimidation?

New target for atheists: Rhode Island cross

KS: “Churches May Be Forced to Rent Their Facilities to Gay Couples”

Erik Stanley: IRS Remains Mum on Pulpit Initiative

IRS allows churches to endorse marriage initiatives, attorney says | Baptist Press

NJ spycam case stirs debate over hate crime laws

Why Churches Don’t Pay Taxes | Acton Institute

Erik Stanley: Why should churches be tax-exempt? | Baptist Press

Erik Stanley: Church’s Outreach Ministry to the Poor Leads to Large Tax Bill

Erik Stanley: Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

Erik Stanley: Are Churches Subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code?

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley at the Speak Up Movement Church Blog: The upshot of these cases is that even though churches are not required to apply for a tax exemption from the IRS, churches are still subject to the restrictions in section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. That means all churches are required to abide by 501(c)(3). And if you think about this logically, it makes sense. The way the federal tax code works is to begin from the assumption that all organizations are taxable unless they meet an exemption from taxation specified in the tax code. Thus, for a church to be considered exempt from taxation, it must meet a specific exemption under section 501(c) of the tax code. The specific exemption that churches fall under is section 501(c)(3). And this is where the problem arises because the restrictions on churches in 501(c)(3) are unconstitutional. The passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954 added a restriction to 501(c)(3) that allows the IRS to censor a pastor’s sermon from the pulpit

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Erik Stanley: Washington Same-Sex “Marriage” Bill Is A Threat To Churches

Jarrett’s Partisan Rant Should Put IRS Rule in Spotlight

White House Advisor Campaigns From a Church PulpitWhite House Advisor Campaigns From a Church Pulpit

Erik Stanley: Supreme Court Case Offers Protection for Pastors’ Sermons

Jarrett’s partisan pulpit speech may have violated IRS church-state rules

Pastors Double-Dare the IRS | Christianity Today

How free are clergy to discuss politics from pulpit?

Erik Stanley: 60 Days and No Response from the IRS

Erik Stanley: City Settles ADF Lawsuit by Exempting Churches from “Driveway Tax”

Pastor, church in Oklahoma threatened with death, destruction for standing against homosexuality

2011 Pulpit Freedom Sunday a Success | Dakota Voice

Campaign do’s and don’ts remain the same, but new mood seen in US |

Erik Stanley: Two Common Objections to Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Erik Stanley: “Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 – A Success By All Accounts”

TX: Conference draws hundreds to Lewisville

Pastors hope for a louder, unrestricted voice in 2012 election

Reclaiming Texas For Christ 2nd Annual Conference – October 20, 2011

Pastors defy IRS in defense of religious liberty | WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily: A headline in the Washington Times – “IRS Has No Business Censoring Pastors – First Amendment Supersedes Tax Regulation” – accompanies attorney Erik Stanley’s article, which includes the following: “To even suggest that any governmental agency or official has the right to punish a pastor because of something he says from the pulpit is not only offensive but unconstitutional. No pastor should ever have to dance around an issue or self-censor his sermon because of an Internal Revenue Service rule. In America, we value everyone’s constitutionally protected right to free speech and free exercise of religion. Nonetheless, there exists just such an IRS rule. It’s known as the Johnson Amendment. Getting rid of it was the motivation behind the Alliance Defense Fund’s fourth annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday, which took place this past Sunday.

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Politics and the Pulpit | Open Salon

“To Protect Freedom, ADF Needs IRS to Punish Pastors” | Christianity Today

“Pastors Defy IRS, Take Politics to the Pulpit” | CBN News

“Flouting the Law, Pastors Will Take On Politics” |

“Pastors plan civil disobedience act October 2nd by preaching politics from the pulpit” | God Discussion

Pastors fight IRS ban on endorsing candidates | The Tennessean

The secret is out: Churches have always been tax exempt! |

“500 Pastors to Bait IRS Today on ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’” | Tax Prof Blog

“Why pastors shouldn’t play politics from pulpit” | Alaska Dispatch

“More Pastors Sign on to Preach Politics From Pulpit” | Christian Post

Erik Stanley: “IRS has no business telling pastors how to choose their words: 1st Amendment comes before tax regulations”

Erik Stanley: Pulpit Freedom for Nearly 500 American Pastors – Dakota Voice

Pastors Gearing up for Pulpit Freedom Sunday Oct. 2, 2011

Church challenged re: ‘politicking’

Minn. Pastor Cautiously Maneuvers IRS Guidelines to Support Bachmann

Erik Stanley: For Free Speech, Give Up Your Tax Exempt Status

Reclaiming Texas For Christ

    Pamela Kimble at Cross Timbers Gazette: On October 20th, Reclaiming Texas For Christ will hold their second annual FREE conference for pastors, lay leaders, and everyday citizens who are concerned about the crumbling of this nation’s spiritual foundation. An impressive array of speakers will headline this year’s conference. In this FREE afternoon conference, attendees will hear from Timothy Barton of nationally recognized WallBuilders, Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Erik Stanley of the Alliance Defense Fund, Pastor Geoffrey Cohen of Gateway Church, Dan Panetti of Prestonwood Church, and talk show host Kerby Anderson of Point of View Ministries.

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Pastors think gov’t should butt out

VA: Calvary Day School Denied, Lawsuit Continues

    Fredericksburg, VA Patch: The Fredericksburg City Council unanimously voted to deny a special use permit to Calvary Christian Center to operate a day school for mentally disabled children on their premises . . . We’re disappointed in the outcome of the vote,” said Eric Stanley, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, a conservative Christian non-profit advocacy group which advocates for religious rights. ADF lawyers are representing Calvary Christian Center in both federal court and at the local level as the church tries to establish the day school. “We were hopeful that the city would agree that that was a resolution of the federal lawsuit and all the other issues, but obviously the city wants to litigate this matter and that’s what we’ll do.” [more . . .]

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Erik Stanley: What is Pulpit Freedom Sunday All About?

Prop 8 Lawyers Push To Remove IRS Rules Prohibiting Churches From Campaigning

Tax law vs. the first amendment: should politicking from the pulpit be allowed?

Attorney: Gov’t should stay out of church affairs

Erik Stanley: When Biblical becomes Political

Nashville megachurch wants all its facilities tax-exempt

Erik Stanley: “A Page of History is Worth a Volume of Logic: The History of Politics from the Pulpit”

Jim Garlow: “August 31st Webinar: Meet the Most Courageous Pastor in America”

Erik Stanley: “Patriot Pastors: Bold and Unafraid”

Webinar: Media Training for Pastors/Christian Leaders this Wednesday, Aug. 24