“Genetic Sexual Attraction Victims Are Big Trouble for Gay Marriage Advocates”

    Carolyn Castiglia writes at Babble.com: In 2008, when California first sanctioned gay marriage, many people argued that “the California Supreme Court’s legal reasoning could be applied to polygamous and incestuous marriages.” Glen Lavy of the right-wing Alliance Defense Fund wrote in the LA Times, “Although some proponents of same-sex “marriage” have been trying to distance themselves from polygamy, it is, and long has been, defended by powerful voices like the American Civil Liberties Union.” . . . No one wants to see incest supported by society, but victims of GSA need some level of sympathy. After all, if your child was conceived using a donor embryo and he or she wishes to meet her biological parents someday, there’s a 50% chance they’ll experience some level of obsession or Genetic Sexual Attraction, too.

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ADF honors allied attorneys for selfless service

Former Co-Chair of Obama National LGBT Leadership Council: We don’t want tolerance, we want acceptance

    “So, why do I constantly see arguments in the LGBT press extolling tolerance of us from the larger community or suggestions that we should be tolerated? What I want, and I hope the community at large wants, is acceptance. That’s right, approval and respect of my sexual orientation. Acceptance says a lot more about what we want to achieve as a movement. We want our enemies and detractors to accept that we exist, accept that our sexual orientation is not changeable, accept that we have loving relationships and accept that we too are normal . . . ”

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Pennsylvania pro-life sidewalk counselors get settlement after abortion arrests

About Glen Lavy

    Glen Lavy serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he oversees the coordination of allied attorneys trained through the Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Academy. Prior to joining Alliance Defending Freedom, Lavy was engaged in an active legal practice that included a variety of complex litigation matters such as securities fraud, antitrust, and tax law. He has practiced law since 1990 and is admitted to the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court, along with multiple other federal and district courts across the country, as well as the Court of Federal Claims and U.S. Tax Court.

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Baptist Bible College: “Glen Lavy in the Spotlight: Faith in Action”

    In October, Baptist Bible College carried this spotlight interview with Glen Lavy. It begins:

    A practicing attorney for nearly 20 years, Glen joined the Alliance Defense Fund in 2001. He has served there for nine years as Senior Vice President of the Marriage Litigation Center and as Senior Counsel and Senior Vice President of Allied Coordination and Funding. He is responsible for leading a marriage litigation team opposing same-sex marriage and defending marriage and values in dozens of Alliance Defense Fund cases. A 1986 graduate, Glen attended Harvard Law School after leaving BBC. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking, running, reading, and hiking. He also teaches a Sunday school class for young married couples. He lives with his wife and their three children in Scottsdale, AZ.

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“Abortion rights” before the European Court of Human Rights

Making the “right to abortion” mandatory in Europe (Translation)

Case challenging rights of unborn in Ireland could be “Roe v. Wade of Europe”

Lawsuit challenging Ireland’s constitutional amendment protecting innocent life could have global impact

Christian legal group hits $100 million mark in pro bono work

ADF attorney available to media after testimony over proposed ‘gender identity’ ordinance

Extremist attacks on Christians spur ADF funding for legal defense project in India

Pro Bono Report: Recession-Proof?

    David Bario writes at the American Lawyer on Law.com: “For others, particularly on the right, the advent of the Obama era may signal a pro bono renaissance. ‘When people think a president supports their values, they have a tendency to take a seat on the sidelines,’ says Glen Lavy, senior counsel at the Alliance Defense Fund, a nonprofit that promotes conservative Christian causes. Last month the group held its annual litigation academy, a free week of training in exchange for a commitment from participating lawyers to devote 450 pro bono hours to one of its causes. Usually the course doesn’t fill up until nearly summer. This year, Lavy says, all 100 seats were booked by February.”

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More than reaching the bar: ADF-allied attorneys honored for dedicated service

Texas Supreme Court rules unanimously in favor of prison ministry

California high court perpetuated license problem in Prop. 8 decision

Has the Cal. Supreme Court set the stage to undermine the will of the people on marriage?

“Is New York’s New Archbishop Anti-Gay?”

    Scott Murphy writing at Catholic.net: “In September of 2005, the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division, 1st Department, said in its 4-1 ruling that the government has a ‘strong interest in fostering heterosexual marriage.’ The court went on to explain, ‘We find it even more troubling that the [Manhattan] court, upon determining the statute [in favor of traditional marriage] to be unconstitutional, proceeded to rewrite it and purportedly create a new constitutional right.’

    Following this decision, Glen Lavy of the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona legal defense group that opposes same-sex ‘marriage,’ insightfully pointed out that, ‘marriage laws are not primarily about adult needs for official recognition and support, but about the well-being of children and society.’”

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ADF: “U.S. Supreme Court upholds FCC enforcement of indecency regulations”

A Real Compromise on the Same-Sex Marriage Debate: An Invitation to Rauch and Blankenhorn

    . . . unions recognized by the federal government would be available to any two adults who commit to sharing domestic responsibilities, whether or not their relationship is sexual. Available only to people otherwise ineligible to marry each other . . .

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Wyoming House defeats marriage amendment

Cal. AG’s filings may help Prop. 8 defense

No stay on Proposition 8, marriage defenders allowed into lawsuit

Gutting the democratic process in California

CA: Repeal of same-sex “marriage” ban may appear on 2010 ballot

Glen Lavy: California reaction shows the pretense of tolerance is over

Glen Lavy: Don’t tinker with matrimony

“Thousands” protest Cal. marriage amendment

“Lawsuit Against Gay Marriage Ban Irks Christians”

Back to court … again: Californians voted for traditional marriage Tuesday, but opponents file lawsuits

“Contempt for the will of the people”: Same-sex marriage proponents won’t concede election, ask court to nullify Proposition 8

Pretense of tolerance is over: Prop. 8 opponents attempt to defy voters

California’s Prop. 8 Passes; Will ‘Legal Chaos’ Ensue?

ADF strongly condemns religious bigotry of anti-Proposition 8 ad

“Gay married couples face legal limbo if Prop. 8 passes”

Glen Lavy: “Yes: Lawlessness in name of tolerance”

Glen Lavy: Rejecting Marriage Amendment challenge was Cal. court’s only rational option

Glen Lavy: Same-sex “Marriage” the Same as Interracial Marriage? Hardly.

ADF attorneys file response to attack on Calif. marriage amendment

41% in GOP say marriage important to their vote, up from 39% in 2004

Congressional transgender hearings

AP: “Gay rights advocates seek to stop marriage measure”

ADF: Equality California “desperate to evade democracy”

Glen Lavy: In Kosovo, Some Meddling Midwives Threaten a New Birth of Freedom

Glen Lavy v. Director of Equality California on Marriage

Will FCC be allowed to police ‘fleeting expletives’?

ADF defends FCC indecency regulations at U.S. Supreme Court

Marriage: Some county clerks resist marriage ruling

“Some California Gay Couples Delay Weddings Due To Ballot Measure”

Will California marriage redefinition impact Arizona?

Glen Lavy on the Frank Pastore Show: 16+ states lined up to defend marriage the last time homosexuals lined up for Cal. “marriage” licenses

Digest of coverage of the Cal. Supreme Court’s refusal to stay its marriage ruling

ADF: 4-to-3 decision in Calif. a vote for nationwide legal chaos

ADF: Ballot initiative for Calif. marriage amendment not “speculation”

Panel discussion on California marriage decision Thursday includes ADF attorney

May 29th: ADF attorney Glen Lavy to appear in FRC panel to discuss Cal. marriage

Domestic partners can wed without dissolution

Why regulate marriage at all? Glen Lavy of ADF v. Lambda Legal Attorney

ADF asks Calif. justices to hold marriage order until amendment vote

Glen Lavy v. Lambda Legal Attorney on LA Times: “As California goes on gay marriage …”

“Gay marriage: Where to now?” Glen Lavy of ADF v. Jon W. Davidson of Lambda Legal

Glen Lavy: Voters need to speak again on marriage

Glen Lavy: “A state marriage amendment is needed”

Marriage jeopardized after Calif. high court decision unless voters approve amendment

California Supreme Court marriage decision to be released Thursday

EU, UN “experts” push anti-family, anti-life policies in Kosovo

US and European NGOs Arrive in Kosovo: ADF Attorney on the Team

Glen Lavy discusses the Cal. marriage litigation on the Inga Barks show

9th Circuit upholds Wash. Ten Commandments display

Pro-marriage lawyers optimistic about CA supreme court arguments

California’s top court split on marriage

Chris Stovall: Backgrounder on the California Marriage Cases