Pennsylvania school district changes policy in Valentine’s Day card free speech case

Idaho couple facing fines, jail time for not hosting same-sex weddings may be saved by state law

‘Action alert’ storm over Hitching Post hits CdA

Natural marriage in Idaho: Give it arrest!

Idaho pastors file lawsuit, fear they could be forced to perform gay marriages

City threatens to arrest pastors who refuse to perform same-sex weddings

Idaho ministers face jail for refusing same-sex marriage ceremonies

Idaho ministers face fines, jail time for refusing to perform same-sex marriages

Idaho pastors claim city threatens fine, jail time if they refuse same-sex marriage

Two Christian ministers refuse to perform same-sex marriages in Idaho, sue their city over new law

The other side of “marriage equality”

Idaho city’s ordinance tells pastors to perform same-sex marriages or go to jail

Idaho pastors face jail time, thousands in fines for not performing same-sex weddings

Idaho city to Christian pastors: Perform same-sex weddings or face jail

Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, city tells pastors

City threatens to arrest ministers who refuse to perform same-sex weddings

Minister who runs wedding chapel sues after facing jail, fines for rejecting same-sex marriages

Bibles will be popping up in public schools across America today

Focus on the Family makes Thursday ‘Bring Your Bible to School’ day

Religious symbols in classroom stir dispute in Peoria schools

Flowing Wells latest to add gender identity to non-discrimination policy

Students flock to school flag poles to pray for America

See You at the Pole: Millions of students to fearlessly pray

Millions of students expected to pray at school

Colorado baker appeals gvmt ‘re-education’ order

‘Dehumanizing’ or human freedom? Baker’s case headed to appeals court

Christian baker ordered to bake cakes for same-sex ‘weddings’ files appeal

Court rules for same-sex marriage in Oklahoma case

Baker appeals order to re-educate employees on same-sex weddings

Same-sex marriage stirs backlash as businesses assert religion

Planned Parenthood curriculum promotes risky behavior

Supreme Court punts on Establishment Clause case

Baker takes a stand for religious freedom (video)

U-turn over Bible ban at US high school

Tis the season for censoring school speeches

School district apologizes for imposing homosexual propaganda film on students

Wisconsin school district apologizes for showing students one-sided video that promotes same-sex marriage

On campuses, the continuing struggle against ignorance – and arrogance

Massachusetts high court upholds ‘Under God’ in Pledge of Allegiance as constitutional

School district revises policy after student banned from distributing Christian flyers

School districts challenged for expelling the First Amendment | The New American

Todd Starnes: Jesus card not welcome in Nazareth school | Christian Post

Lawsuit filed: Jesus not welcome in Nazareth, Pa. school | Fox News

ADF: Mich. school district on solid ground to allow Easter egg hunt fliers

Jesus gets no honor (or love) in Nazareth school | Charisma News

Fort Wayne, Indiana says pregnancy center “too controversial” for city bus ad | LifeNews

ADF sues Indiana city for excluding pro-life ad on public transit | OneNewsNow

Ind. referral service for women in need too “controversial” for city buses

No honor in his hometown: Jesus not welcome in Nazareth school

Christian counselors forced to choose faith or job | WND

ADF: Atheist group’s objections to SC school’s graduation ceremony unfounded

Church signs assigned more restrictions | OneNewsNow

    OneNewsNow: “Alliance Defending Freedom attorney David Cortman tells OneNewsNow no law should force churches to the bottom of the barrel. ‘The town of Gilbert cannot apply stricter rules to church signs when it doesn’t apply them to ideological, political and other non-commercial signs,’ he assert, ‘because the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with the decisions of other circuits, we hope the Supreme Court will agree to step in.’”

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ADF: Supreme Court should end govt speech discrimination against churches

ADF: Wrong to censor “tattooed Jesus” at football games

Atheists work to block charity from feeding starving kids | Charisma

Atheists to school district: Stop helping starving children! | Patheos

Tattooed Jesus fights religious discrimination | WORLD

Atheist group demands school stop allowing students to help starving children

School targets Jesus tattoo | WND

Texas man sues school district for refusing to display ad of Jesus covered in tattoos | Christian Post

In lawsuits we trust: Atheists sue, again, over national motto | OneNewsNow

New details in “Tattooed Jesus” lawsuit against LISD | KCBD