Atheists fail to beat 1-woman prayer vigil | WND

Atheists Exempt From Reciting Pledge of Allegiance Still Seek to Stop it at Schools | Christian Post

Atheists Not Required to Recite Pledge Seek to Stop It Anyway | Charisma News

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Christian Legal Group Fights ACLU’s Attempt to End Student Prayer at Public School Football Games

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ACLU Trying to Ban Gideons From Kentucky Schools | The New American

Religious literature distribution stands on court rulings | One News Now

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In Gilbert, Arizona, Churches Ride On The Back Of The Free Speech Bus | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

Correcting false claim re: what’s constitutional for public schools

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9th Circuit upholds Gilbert sign ordinance in feud with church

The Julea Ward Settlement: A Win for Religious Liberty | Jeremy Tedesco at Townhall

Christmas lighting ceremony in Prescott under attack

A resounding, and lasting, victory for religious liberty on college campuses | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

Student expelled over beliefs wins settlement | Baptist Press

University Pays Up For Expelling Christian: Female student booted for not promoting homosexuality | WND

    WorldNetDaily: ADF said even though counseling referrals are a common and accepted professional practice, the university instead chose to expel Ward “when she sought to avoid violating her religious beliefs by referring a potential client to another counselor.” Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco, who argued before the court in October of last year, said public universities “shouldn’t force students to violate their religious beliefs to get a degree.” “The 6th Circuit rightly understood this and ruled appropriately, so the university has done the right thing in settling this case,” he said. “When Julea sought to refer a potential client to another qualified counselor – a common, professional practice that is endorsed by her profession’s code of ethics – EMU denied the referral. Then it attacked and questioned her religious beliefs, ultimately expelling her from the program. We are pleased that Julea and her constitutionally protected rights have been vindicated.”

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“EMU resolves case of Julea Ward, former student kicked out of program for declining to counsel gay client” |

“ADF: Transgender Issue Putting Youngsters At Risk” | One News Now

Self-Appointed Bully Police Resort To Name-Calling In Critiquing Alliance Defending Freedom’s Policy Yardstick | Jeremy Tedesco

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

Christian organizations’ ‘Yardstick’ evaluates anti-bullying policies for pro-LGBT bias

“Christian Groups Measure Gay Factor at Schools With ‘Anti-Bullying Policy Yardstick’”

Easter Egg Hunts and Religious Freedom

Think Progress: “Hate Groups Still Preach That Students Can Be ‘Indoctrinated Into Homosexual Behavior’”

GLSEN kicked out of elementary school classrooms

Parental rights challenged in Utah

ACLU threatens Utah parents’ right to protect children from same-sex propaganda

“‘You Don’t Have to Counsel the Sinful’ Bill Advances in Michigan”

House passes bill named for student kicked out of EMU program for refusing to counsel “gay” client

Settlement: Mo. Students Can Post Pro-Life Displays in School

Lawsuit Prompts Missouri School to Allow Pro-Life Posters | LifeNews

Settlement reached in Missouri lawsuit about anti-abortion posters | AP

Settlement in Mo. suit over anti-abortion posters

Proverbial shutdown averted

SC: Graduation prayer leads to lawsuit

School says ‘no’ to 3rd-grader’s religious speech

North Carolina student wins recognition of college Christian group after discrimination claim

TX: Family sues NISD over third grader’s invitations

UNCG a ‘great example’ for other universities

North Carolina University Reverses Ruling on Group’s Religious Status | Citizen Link

Christian Legal Society V. Martinez Decision Upends Campus Religious Groups

Easter invitations at heart of lawsuit

AZ: Good news for Good News Club

School District Reverses Ban On Religious Fliers | WND

Ariz. Christian Student Club Wins; Can Distribute Religious Fliers

Michael Brown: Can a Muslim Lead the Christian Campus Club? | Townhall

    Michael Brown at Townhall: The university had been sued by the Alliance Defense Fund when, “The school refused to recognize the campus Christian Legal Society chapter, Hastings Christian Fellowship (HCF), because it [would] not agree to a non-discrimination policy that would require the group to admit homosexuals and non-Christians as members and officers . . . Last month, the Supreme Court turned down an appeal brought by the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Christian groups challenging the policy at California state universities which did not allow them to restrict “membership in their groups to people who agree with their Christian values and beliefs.” Unfortunately, as noted by ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco, “one of the key points in the whole case is that every other group on campus is allowed to restrict their membership and their officers to people who agree with the values the group was formed to advocate on campus.”

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School Bans Bible Club Invitations | Citizen Link

Court sides with SDSU on campus groups: Justices refuse to hear appeal from clubs claiming policy violated religious freedom | U~T San Diego

School’s change of heart isn’t enough

Chuck Colson: Campus Crackdown on Religious Freedom

ADF comment on UNC-Greensboro’s response to Christian club’s lawsuit

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N.C. University Rules Campus Club Not Christian Enough