Religious Expression in Public Flares During Christmas Season | Sunshine State News

    Lisa Beth Folch at Sunshine State News: Those who oppose the religious side of Christmas say it violates separation of church and state. This is one of the many fallacies put to rest by Alliance Defending Freedom, which has stepped in to clarify many misconceptions about the constitutionality of celebrating Christmas in a public arena. Roughly 13,000 letters were sent to school districts all over the nation, including in Florida, explaining the Constitution and debunking typical myths. For example, they said OK to sing traditional Christmas carols and say, “Merry Christmas,” even at school . . . Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told Sunshine State News, “In the past few weeks, Alliance Defending Freedom sent letters to three schools that had banned religious Christmas carols from their music programs. Each school quickly reversed its decision. As these three victories demonstrate, we often find that once schools are educated about the law in this area they are more than willing to stand up against the fear and misinformation spread by groups like the ACLU.” [more]

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    Baptist Press: The Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal ministry that “advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith”, has made available a memo explaining students’ First Amendment rights to participate in the event. “Christian students should not be prevented from peacefully expressing their beliefs outside of class time. They don’t abandon their constitutional freedoms at the schoolhouse gate,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco said in a release announcing the memo’s availability. “The First Amendment protects freedom of speech for all students, regardless of the students’ religious or political beliefs.” . . . he First Amendment protects students’ freedom to engage in the event’s prayer and worship, ADF Legal Counsel Matt Sharp said in the release. “Public school officials who say otherwise are misinformed,” he said. “We hope our legal memo clarifies the freedom of students to hold and participate in this event.” To view the ADF memo, visit:

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    WorldNetDaily: ADF said even though counseling referrals are a common and accepted professional practice, the university instead chose to expel Ward “when she sought to avoid violating her religious beliefs by referring a potential client to another counselor.” Senior Legal Counsel Jeremy Tedesco, who argued before the court in October of last year, said public universities “shouldn’t force students to violate their religious beliefs to get a degree.” “The 6th Circuit rightly understood this and ruled appropriately, so the university has done the right thing in settling this case,” he said. “When Julea sought to refer a potential client to another qualified counselor – a common, professional practice that is endorsed by her profession’s code of ethics – EMU denied the referral. Then it attacked and questioned her religious beliefs, ultimately expelling her from the program. We are pleased that Julea and her constitutionally protected rights have been vindicated.”

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