Numerous briefs defend marriage against judicial activism

Broad support for marriage laws reflected in numerous briefs at Supreme Court

Arkansas governor signs bill protecting freedom from government coercion

Kentucky has religious freedom law similar to one causing furor ahead of Final Four in Indiana

Indiana religious freedom discussion rekindles debate in Ky.

‘You will print my t-shirt!’ Business owner will tell judge today why he can’t

ADF to Ky. court: Uphold printers’ freedom to print or not print

Kentucky print shop owner fights compelled speech and reeducation order

ADF comment on 8th Circuit, Alabama Supreme Court marriage decisions

ADF joins battle in Missouri to define marriage as ‘one man and one woman’

Center for Arizona Policy, others say now is a key moment for marriage

Same-sex marriage primed for review as U.S. high court gathers

Same-sex couples await US Supreme court ruling

Same-sex marriage dynamic in U.S. shifted dramatically in 2014

Christian printer was punished after refusing to print pride shirts – and now he’s fighting back

T-shirt printer appeals discrimination ruling

Hands On Originals appeals ruling on refusal to print pride festival T-shirts

This small business owner is convinced that justice will prevail

Lexington business appeals discrimination charge

T-shirt company appeals discrimination ruling

Christian printer fights back against discrimination charge for refusal to print pride t-shirts

T-shirt case latest in culture war over ‘equality’ vs. freedom of religion

Legal views of same-sex marriage evolve

Why this business owner stands up for a Christian printer’s rights, despite strong disagreement

KY Commission orders Christian company to print ideological t-shirts

Christian company refused to print t-shirts for ideological reasons, vows to fight discrimination ruling

Christian businessman told to leave faith at home and take diversity training

This guy cited his Christian faith in refusing to make t-shirts – and now his company is being punished

Commission forces Christian company to print t-shirts it opposes

US conservatives fight for religious freedom

Commission says Christian business owners should leave religion at home

Same-sex marriage opponents set to continue court battle

Same-sex marriage opponents in U.S. pick new battleground of religious freedom

Judge wants to force a printer to make t-shirts against his conscience

Hands On Originals discriminated against homosexual organization, hearing officer rules

Judge wants to force a printer to make pro-same-sex marriage t-shirts

Same-sex marriage supporters, opponents alike eager for Supreme Court ruling

Advocates for and against redefinition of marriage file briefs with Supreme Court

At Supreme Court, kicking the tires on a same-sex marriage case “fit for history”

Oklahoma, too, asks justices to review marriage ruling

Victories propel same-sex marriage movement

Despite rapid march of same-sex marriage in only a year, opponents vow not to give up

Tactics endure after 10 years of same-sex marriage

The World and Everything In It: 10th Circuit oral arguments in Okla. marriage amendment case

“Procedural tiff could foul Oklahoma lesbian couples’ marriage quest” | Denver Post

Appeals judges question right to sue in Oklahoma marriage case (audio)

ADF: 10th Circuit should uphold right of Oklahomans to affirm marriage

“Next step for marriage equality” | National Law Journal

First gay marriage cases reach appeals court level | CBN News

Oklahoma case: Protect traditional marriage at ballot box, lose it in courts | OneNewsNow

County clerk asks 10th Circuit to uphold Okla. marriage amendment

“Gay-marriage foes scramble after recent court setbacks” | AP

“Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, says Virginia Attorney General” | WSJ

“Briefs on gay marriage ruling likely in few months” | AP

Judge strikes Oklahoma marriage amendment; 2004 ballot garnered 76% voter approval | Baptist Press

New Mexico County Clerks Resign After State Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ |

“Gay marriage now legal in New Mexico” | Cindy Carcamo at LA Times

    Cindy Carcamo at LA Times: Jim Campbell, an attorney who represented former state lawmakers who filed a brief asking the court to reject same-sex marriage, criticized the ruling. “The government’s purpose for recognizing marriage is to bring together one man and one woman as husband and wife to be a father and a mother to any children their union produces,” said Campbell, who is legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, which opposes gay marriage. “The New Mexico Supreme Court ignored that time-tested understanding of marriage and replaced it with the recently conceived notion that marriage means special government recognition for close relationships.”

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