Federal court upholds Nevada’s authority to protect marriage | Comment by Jim Campbell

Commission sides with gay group against Hands On Originals | Lexington Herald-Leader

Same-Sex marriage will change culture | Christian Civic League

“Same-Sex Marriage Will Change Culture” | Virtue Online

    Virtue Online: Same-sex marriage is on the ballot this fall in Maryland, Minnesota, Washington State and Maine. Polls show support for it now in all four states, though it is narrowing in Maine. “When people hear their legislature is considering a law like this and they think, ‘What’s the harm?’ They need to realize that there is a direct threat to religious liberty – to business owners, employees, religious entities,” said Jim Campbell of the Alliance Defense Fund. Maggie Gallagher, President of National Organization for Marriage, is blunt: “Christian adoption agencies will be driven out of the public square, which has already happened in Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and Illinois. There will be fewer parents for troubled children.

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NEK Inn Settles Discrimination Lawsuit | Jim Campbell on Vermont NPR

“Vt. Inn, 2 Women Settle Gay Marriage Lawsuit” | AP

All eyes on another Arizona lawsuit — this time domestic partner benefits | Jim Campbell

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ADF comment regarding President Obama’s position on marriage

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OH: Suit challenges marriage ban repeal’s petition text

Christian Ministry Censured for Failing to Host Same-Sex Ritual | Missouri Family Policy Council

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“Rel. liberty takes hit in new gay ‘marriage’ suits” | Baptist Press

    Michael Foust at Baptist Press: Jim Campbell, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund — which is representing the Methodist group — said the cases prove that there is harm to religious liberty when states legalize gay “marriage” or civil unions or pass broad legislation incorporating sexual orientation into non-discrimination laws. “When people hear that their legislature is considering a law like this and they think, ‘What’s the harm?’ they need to realize that there is this direct threat to religious liberty — to business owners, employees, religious entities and people who attend all those religious entities,” Campbell told Baptist Press. “These four cases are a good demonstration of that. People who are concerned about religious liberty should be concerned about these legal developments.”

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“Ex-CDC counselor in legal fight over gay woman”

“Ex-CDC counselor in legal fight over gay woman”

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