“Pecan farms, lunch counters, and wedding photography”

Church responds to NYC’s ban on worship services in public schools

Churches wait for SCOTUS to attend to use of school facilities

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The night before Christmas when astronauts read from the Bible as they orbited the moon

Christmas censorship and the Apollo moon program

Supreme Court could weigh in on same sex marriage bans by next June

NYC school worship ban headed for high court?

Supreme Court, don’t make churches homeless

In 20-year battle, church asks again for freedom to worship

The Wilberforce Academy experience: raising the next generation of Christian leaders

Summer Reading 2014, by Jordan Lorence

The intuitive guide to religious liberty law

Diocese of La Crosse announces keynote speaker

Elmbrook and religion as ‘hazardous waste’

Lawsuit asks Minnesota to abide by ’95 court decision

Did Justice Kennedy ‘Schuette Down’ the Same-Sex “Marriage” ‘Inevitability’ Narrative?

Constitutional rights of NYC churches | OneNewsNow

ADF appeals decision against churches meeting in NYC public schools

Jerry Newcombe: What would the Framers think of evicting churches from NYC schools? | The Christian Post

Jordan Lorence: Opposing government coercion is true “price of citizenship”

“Supreme Court refuses to hear New Mexico photographer’s gay bias case” | Gospel Herald

What would the Framers think of evicting churches from NYC schools? | Jerry Newcombe at Townhall

“Supreme Court declines New Mexico sex discrimination case” | The New American

Appeals court ruling: ban on worship in NYC schools constitutional | The Jewish Voice

Supreme Court declines appeal of Christian photographer ordered to shoot same-sex ceremonies | Christian News Network

Supreme Court delivers setback for frees speech and religious liberty | Acton Institute

Second Circuit keeps doors locked for NYC church | Patriot Post

Ryan T. Anderson: Elane Photography case shows why we must fight against gov’t coercion

“High court won’t hear photog’s gay wedding appeal” | CBN News

Supreme Court declines appeal of Christian photographer | Christian News

    Christian News: “‘Only unjust laws separate what people say from what they believe,’ commented ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence following word that the case had been declined. ‘The First Amendment protects our freedom to speak or not speak on any issue without fear of punishment. We had hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would use this case to affirm this basic constitutional principle; however, the court will likely have several more opportunities to do just that in other cases of ours that are working their way through the court system.’”

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