Lawsuit helped school’s ‘change of heart’

Nazareth Area School District settles lawsuit over banned Valentine’s Day cards with religious notes

Pennsylvania school district changes policy in Valentine’s Day card free speech case

Pennsylvania school changes policy on ‘Valentine’s Day card’ free speech

Anti-Chick-fil-A principal gets a friendly reminder

Letter to NC schools: Law protects religious rights of all

Gilbert church receives a sign from (close to) heaven

Should an image of Jesus Christ bearing sin’s tattoos be allowed in schools?

Supreme Court will hear church’s challenge to Gilbert’s sign ordinance

Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case

School district revises policy after student banned from distributing Christian flyers

Jesus Bible verse banned by school in Nazareth, USA | The Christian Institute

Nazareth Area lawsuit over Valentine’s Day cards brings questions of free speech rights

School districts challenged for expelling the First Amendment | The New American

Education ADF sues school that stopped child from sharing religious Valentines | OneNewsNow

Bible study after school ban overturned as NY Superintendent reverses decision | Christian Post

ADF sues school district to allow religious notes in valentines | Newsmax

Lawsuit filed after teacher throws away child’s Valentine’s Day message | Christian Today

School fails to silence pro-life message | OneNewsNow

Nazareth area school district policy on Valentine’s Day cards needs to be revoked, attorney says | The Express-Times

Parents claim school banned son’s God-themed Valentine’s Day cards – and now they’re suing | The Blaze

Nazareth rejects Jesus, gets sued | WND

Parents sue Nazareth Area School District over son’s Valentine’s Day card for classmates | WFMZ

No honor in his hometown: Jesus not welcome in Nazareth school

SC elementary school fights for right to hold graduation at university chapel | OneNewsNow

Pro-life groups face opposition in American high schools | National Catholic Register

CT high school Students for Life group wins free speech battle | Breitbart

High school banning pro-life group’s fetal models caves, restores free speech | LifeNews

Victory: CT high school restores pro-life student free speech | ChristianNewsWire

Why are atheists up in arms over fifth-grade graduation? | Charisma News

ADF: Atheist group’s objections to SC school’s graduation ceremony unfounded

US: University U-turn over pro-life display

University of Alabama apologizes for removing pro-life display | Christian News

University of Alabama apologizes to pro-life group for removing display | Christian Post

U. of Ala. apologizes for removing “offensive” pro-life display

Ferguson Center director issues apology to pro-life group | Crimson White

Alabama student group asks official to apologize for removal of pro-life poster | University Herald

Students for Life Group of the Year faces discrimination | Live Action News

Atheists: Stop feeding starving children or else! | Charisma News

University of Alabama takes down pro-life display, calling it “offensive” | LifeSiteNews

University of Alabama secretly censors pro-life display | National Review

Atheists work to block charity from feeding starving kids | Charisma

Atheists to school district: Stop helping starving children! | Patheos

University of Alabama removes “offensive” pro-life display | LifeNews

University of Alabama removes “offensive” pro-life display | WORLD

U. of Ala. removes “offensive” pro-life display

Atheist group demands school stop allowing students to help starving children

Texas man’s Tattooed Jesus ad sparks first amendment legal battle | The Blaze

“Jesus Tattoo” ad barred from school jumbotron

“Jesus Tattoo” ad barred from jumbotron

PA: Ruling on student speech spurs policy review | Valley News Dispatch

Religious Freedom Sunday: Opportunity to be reminded of students’ rights | One News Now

12 songs approved by Uncle Sam: VA blasted for censoring Christmas music | One News Now

Legal group demands Augusta VA welcome all caroling | Augusta Chronicle

School: Lil’ Wayne is fine, but Jesus is not | Todd Starnes at Fox News

Student Sues School District For Allegedly Banning ‘see You At The Pole’ Fliers That Included Bible Verses | The Blaze

Lawsuit Filed Against Kansas School for Banning ‘See You at the Pole’ Fliers With Bible Verses | Christian Post

Kansas School Bans, Destroys Student Fliers Containing Bible Verses | (Charisma)

Seventh grader files lawsuit after school staff destroys prayer flyers |

Kansas school bans fliers with Bible verses, OKs poster with drug reference |

Kansas School Bans ‘See You at the Pole’ Flier With Bible Verses | Charisma News

Christmas music returns to New Jersey school | One News Now

New Jersey School Lifts Controversial Ban on Christmas Carols | Christian Post

New Jersey School Bans Christian Christmas Music | Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal firm specializing in religious liberty cases, fired off a letter to the New Jersey grinches – reminding them that it’s perfectly constitutional to sing “Joy to the World.” “Schools should not have to think twice about whether they can allow students to perform Christmas carols,” said Legal Counsel Matthew Sharp. “Courts have unanimously upheld their inclusion in school productions–even when songs deal with Christian themes that are naturally a part of the holiday.” The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that “every federal court to examine the issue has determined that including Christmas carols and other religious music in school choir programs fully complies with the First Amendment.”

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N.J. School District Banning Christmas Carols at Elementary Schools Put on Notice by Religious Freedom Advocacy Group | Christian Post

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