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Gilbert school board votes to rip abortion page out of textbook

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Ave Maria School of Law granted preliminary injunction from HHS mandate

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Remember the First Amendment

Hearing in Forsyth Co. prayer case set for Nov. 20

Gilbert school board votes to rip abortion page out of textbook

Arizona school board votes to remove pages from biology textbook

Gilbert schools to edit ‘abortion’ section of textbook

Gilbert school board votes to remove pages from text

Gilbert Public Schools board votes to redact textbooks for abortion content, cite possible violation of state law

Catholic law school protected from abortion-contraception mandate

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Administration defeated in another Obamacare fight

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ADF: Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

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Houston withdraws subpoenas from pastors

Houston mayor tries to calm uproar over subpoenas

Houston mayor withdraws pastor subpoenas after national uproar

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Houston mayor drops bid to subpoena pastors’ sermons

City of Houston withdraws subpoenas entirely

Houston mayor to pastors: On second thought, let’s forget about those subpoenas

Annise Parker withdraws efforts to subpoena Houston pastors’ sermons

Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

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