Supreme Court, don’t make churches homeless

Pride and Perjury

Secularist to lead Alabama city council meeting in its first atheist ‘prayer’

In election season, churches reminded of campaign do’s and don’ts

ACLU wants to file brief in Mississippi same-sex divorce case

In 20-year battle, church asks again for freedom to worship

Church-state separation allows rules on employee morality, lawyers say

Supreme Court set to hear church’s “Sign Language” case

ADF to top human rights court: Christian convert faces risk of persecution in Iran

Putting it in writing

Advocates for and against redefinition of marriage file briefs with Supreme Court

Students flock to school flag poles to pray for America

See You at the Pole: Millions of students to fearlessly pray

Family of 6 says they’ll go uninsured before paying Obamacare’s ‘abortion fee’

ADF asks US Supreme Court to uphold freedom of churches to meet in NYC public schools

A “Groundhog Day” repeat for the GOP

Millions of students expected to pray at school

On Supreme Court docket: beards, church signs, and, yes, Middle East peace

Three ways Obamacare forces Americans to fund big abortion

Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ event places focus on students’ freedom to pray

California mandates that 2 Catholic universities include abortion coverage in their employee health insurance plans

Erik Stanley talks on Caffeinated Thoughts Radio about the IRS and investigating churches (audio)

List of ‘extremist’ Christians leads to death threats

    Newsbusters: Among those on the list were Independent candidate for governor of Massachusetts Pastor Scott Lively, Christian radio host and Townhall columnist Michael Brown, Liberty University Law School dean and talk radio host Mat Staver, Christian conservative blogger Matt Barber, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, Concerned Women for America’s Janice Shaw Crouse, Benjamin Bull of the conservative Christian law group, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Jordan Sekulow of another conservative Christian litigation group, American Center for Law and Justice among many other smaller Christian and conservative groups and professors. – See more at:

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IRS still secretive about plans to monitor church sermons

At Supreme Court, kicking the tires on a same-sex marriage case “fit for history”

Colorado taxpayers forced to send $10 million to Planned Parenthood abortion biz

Christian groups horrified after discovering Americans deceived into paying for abortions through Obamacare

Alliance Defending Freedom appeals illegal funding of abortions with CO taxpayer dollars

Eleven free speech controversies at American universities

Supreme moment: Four Georgia lawyers to argue at high court

The HRC is inciting fear and hate

Christian legal groups defend Chick-fil-A against principal who banned sale of sandwiches

ADF appeals illegal funding of abortions with Colo. taxpayer dollars

Group calls on Penn State to reverse decision on Bibles

ADF provides First Amendment lesson to anti-Chick-fil-A school principal

ADF: Catholic diocese free to require ministry workers to follow Church teaching

Europe court condemns Hungary’s church law again

ADF hopes Penn States follows U.S. Navy over Bible removal

Christians angered after report shows Americans paying for abortions through Obamacare

Prayers and Preparation – More of Mike Adams’ speech

Gov. Phil Bryant intervenes in same-sex divorce case in DeSoto County

A call to enlist pastors in defense of religious freedom

GAO Report: Obamacare does pay for abortions

IRS stonewalls coming clean on secret deal to investigate churches

Growing secularization seen as weakening place of religion in U.S.

Gilbert church fights court’s decision on sign regulations

Miss. governor intervenes in same-sex divorce case

Man challenges Belgium’s euthanasia law after mom’s death

Tom Mortier sues Belgium, euthanasia laws after mother killed and family not informed

Thomas F. Farr discusses religious freedom with Warren Smith for World News Group (audio)

    World Mag: Thomas F. Farr is director of the Religious Freedom Project at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University and a visiting associate professor of religion and international affairs at Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. A former American diplomat and leading authority on international religious freedom, Farr has published widely, including a 2008 book, World of Faith and Freedom: Why International Religious Liberty is Vital to American National Security (Oxford University Press).

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The IRS’ response about church tax monitoring that has a conservative legal firm up in arms

Deluge of criticism after abortion funding revealed in health care law

LLDF, ADF: School’s abortion coverage violates federal law

Belgian murderer and rapist ‘allowed to die’ by court in landmark ruling

An ‘existential’ issue for American liberty

IRS denies info about deal with atheist group to monitor content of sermons

IRS stonewalls coming clean on secret deal to investigate churches

ADF to US Supreme Court: End govt speech discrimination against churches

GAO: Americans paying for abortion through Obamacare

    “This report exposes what we’ve known all along: that Obamacare was designed to force Americans to pay for abortions. Federal law protects Americans from paying for others’ abortions, but Obamacare architects built a purposely deceptive accounting scheme into the massive law that makes people in all 50 states fund abortion. We were told that we had to pass the bill to find out what was in it. Now we know one other thing that’s in it: corporate welfare for the administration’s abortion industry cronies. Instead of deceiving the American people, the administration needs to follow federal law and deliver on the transparency we were promised.” – Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Casey Mattox

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The Wilberforce Academy experience: raising the next generation of Christian leaders

Depressed mum euthanised – son takes legal action

Hindu extremists resolve to kill Christians they beat in Bihar, India

Penn State University pulling Gideon Bibles from guest rooms following complaint

Pastor in Bhutan sentenced to prison for accepting funds for ministry – later released