Planned Parenthood statement prompts offer of Bible donation

Va. Christian student wins free speech lawsuit; 23 college campuses agree to change policy

Ohio city passes law to stop Stand True from chalking pro-life messages during Strawberry Festival

Biblical viewpoint grounds for discrimination? UNCW thinks so

Lawsuit results in speech policy changes at VA community colleges

Most courts in agreement re: Obamacare mandate

Ariz. closes church for unpaid taxes despite exemption

ADF: Open letter to Planned Parenthood

Strange bedfellows support religious freedom

    National Review: A broad coalition from across the political spectrum has filed amicus briefs in support of Mr. Holt: the U.S. government, Alliance Defending Freedom, the ACLU, Prison Fellowship Ministries (originally founded by Evangelical Chuck Colson), Islamic law scholars, Christian Legal Society, Jewish organizations, the Catholic bishops, the Southern Baptist Convention’s International Mission Board, the Anti-Defamation League, and even Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

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Obama’s administration’s attacks on religious freedom increasing

First Amendment under siege on campus

Offended by the cross? Too bad.

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ADF lawsuit results in speech policy changes at 23 Va. college campuses

In Colorado, a case of unjust desserts

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Baker forced into sensitivity training after refusing to make same-sex wedding cake

Student wins lawsuit against college after being ordered to stop preaching in school courtyard

No you can’t keep your plan and yes you have to pay for other people’s abortions

Hawaii churches sued by atheists over public school rentals; lawsuit partially dismissed

Pastors encouraged to ‘push the envelope’ in pulpit

Baker bullied, monitored, forced to attend sensitivity training, won’t back down over gay wedding cakes

Arizona lawyer will speak on nondiscrimination ordinance Friday

Victory! College student can preach on campus

Arizona County shutting church down for money Arizona says it doesn’t owe

Student sues university over ‘Mother God’ flyers

Bakery will stop making wedding cakes after losing discrimination appeal

Baker forced to make gay wedding cakes, undergo sensitivity training after losing lawsuit

Atherton to discuss transgender bathroom policy

Taxpayers ask Minn. Supreme Court to reinstate abortion funding challenge

Colorado baker must make cakes for gay weddings, panel rules

Commission upholds order that Christian baker must make cakes for ‘gay weddings’

Church raises funds, but not enough, to fend off foreclosure

Education lacks free speech tolerance

U-turn over Bible ban at US high school

Tis the season for censoring school speeches

Religion in America: accommodation, not coercion

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Christian man loses battle with school district over tattooed Jesus billboard

School district apologizes for showing pro-homosexual film

Colo. cake artist considering appeal of Civil Rights Commission decision

In higher education, low tolerance for free speech

Civil rights commission says Lakewood baker discriminated against gay couple

Hearing in Colorado baker’s refusal to serve gay people

‘Illegal Tax Bill’ could shut down Arizona church

Federal judge rules in favor of Lubbock ISD in Jesus Tattoo lawsuit

The New Yorker urges “serious look” at pro-marriage legal arguments

Artistic expression at stake in Colo. cake artist case

Churches beat atheists

Wisconsin school district ‘apologizes’ for showing pro-same-sex marriage video

Eight scary things abortion activists have said

In higher education, low tolerance for free speech

History and recent developments in same-sex marriage litigation

Victories propel same-sex marriage movement

Atheists lose latest legal fight over ‘In God We Trust’

University appeals bias ruling for conservative prof

Court rules against atheist who sought to remove ‘In God We Trust’ from U.S. currency

Court dismisses most of atheist lawsuit against Hawaiian churches

Administrators declare university policy trumps U.S. Constitution