Cardinal Burke stresses Catholic media’s “supreme importance” | Catholic News Agency

Upcoming election in India brings fear, insecurity for Christians amid unrelenting persecution | ASSIST

Judge keeps AZ rules intact limiting use of abortion-inducing drugs | AP

Sectarian prayer at town council meeting? Supreme Court may decide this week | The Independent

Christian student barred from preaching on community college campus files suit | Christian News

Defendants: Gay-marriage ruling could allow other unions | The Virginian-Pilot

Religious freedom group puts billboard in the middle of military’s “So help me God” controversy | BizPac Review

Newman Society, Catholic colleges challenge federal labor board in possible landmark case | Newman Society

Judge stops man’s estranged wife from starving him to death

After Chick-Fil-A success, Mike Huckabee pushes “Hobby Lobby Day” | Charisma News

Backers of Virginia’s marriage laws file briefs in appeal

Matt Bowman: How the coercion coalition is imposing the new “freedom” in America

Appeals court upholds Texas pro-life law Wendy Davis opposed that closed abortion clinics | LifeNews

Pope Francis and President Obama discuss religious freedom, poverty alleviation | Acton Institute

Hobby Lobby case sparks Twitter hashtag war between politicians, groups | Christian Post

Feds admit abortion mandate in SCOTUS | Baptist Press

FRC plans “Hobby Lobby Day” March 29 | NewsBusters

Billboard confronts Air Force censorship of religion | WND

After not being promoted, UNC-W professor wins lawsuit | The Daily Tar Heel

Fired college employee gets help from ADF before Supreme Court review | OneNewsNow

David Cortman: Abortion pill mandate, Hobby Lobby and why the Supreme Court should honor faith

Pro-Hobby Lobby side hopeful after Supreme Court arguments | Baptist Press

    Baptist Press: “Matt Bowman, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, told BP his organization is hopeful the high court will continue to give religious liberty the ‘high level of deference’ it has had in the past. ‘I’m hopeful. I’m a Christian, and I’m hopeful,’ said Bowman, whose organization has represented Conestoga Wood.”

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Stanford marriage conference protested by LGBT students | Catholic San Francisco

Hobby Lobby has its day in court | National Catholic Register

“God’s Not Dead” producer answers critics who say film is too over the top

Hobby Lobby lawyer: Case is about government choosing winners and losers | The Blaze

Great new Movie: “God’s not Dead” | WND

    Jerry Newcombe at WND: “At the end of ‘God’s Not Dead,’ during the credits, there is a scroll with brief names of legal case after case, where Christian students stood up to the prevailing indoctrination toward atheism or toward a politically correct view on traditional morality and fought back. The legal group representing these courageous students was the ADF, the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Phoenix-based group that was founded in the early 1990s by a handful of Christian leaders, including the late D. James Kennedy, my long-time pastor.”

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Christian student sues TNCC, asserting college violated his rights | Daily Press

Access to birth control is not an issue in the Hobby Lobby case, lawyer says | Christian Post

Judge issues order to prevent Texas man from being starved to death | Charisma News

Inside court with the Supremes: Religious freedom’s hearing | NRO interview with Matt Bowman

Companies to challenge Supreme Court about birth control coverage | KSL

Abortion doctor with ties to Eric Holder gets four years for fraud |

Joseph La Rue: Understanding the impact of state religious freedom laws

Protestors rally as Supreme Court hears case on Obamacare and religion | NBC

Justices to hear Hobby Lobby case on Obamacare birth control rule

    Fox 31: ‘The question in this case is whether all Americans will have religious freedom and will be able to live and do business according to their faith,’ said Matt Bowman, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. ‘Or whether the federal government can pick and choose what faith is, who are the faithful, and where and when they can exercise that faith.’”

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Company owners refuse to “sacrifice our obedience to God” | WND

Religious freedom on trial: U.S. Supreme Court hears Hobby Lobby case today | OneNewsNow

Tony Perkins: At university, charges of religious profiling

Meet the major legal players in the Conestoga Wood Specialties Supreme Court case | Lancaster Online

UNC professor wins lawsuit against school over denial of promotion | University Herald

Jury rules for Christian professor in case against university | The New American

Global symposium aims to educate media on religious liberty | Catholic News Agency

Hobby Lobby case goes before the Supreme Court | U.S. News & World Report

Supreme showdown in religious freedom battle | WND

Business and religion collide in Conestoga Wood case | Lancaster Online

Justices hear Hobby Lobby case arguments | The Edmond Sun

Hobby Lobby counsel: “Justices seemed deeply skeptical of the government’s arguments” | Daily Caller

Conestoga is silent party in Obamacare case, but convictions are clear | Forbes

Affordable Care Act and birth control: Can corporations assert religious rights? | Christian Science Monitor

Women’s health advocates say Conestoga Wood Specialties case is a matter of health care, not just religious, liberty | LancasterOnline

ADF: Government has no mandate to meddle in a family’s business

Christian prof. wins lawsuit against NC university over free speech rights | Christian Post

Hobby Lobby’s battle against Obama admin’s HHS mandate heads to Supreme Court | LifeNews

Jury finds university discriminated against Christian professor in denying promotion | Christian News

Christian professor wins case against college | WORLD

CT high school Students for Life group wins free speech battle | Breitbart

University stung by jury verdict over religious retaliation | WND

Justices to hear Hobby Lobby case on Obamacare birth control rule | CNN

David French: A federal jury speaks, and academic freedom wins | National Review

Legal victory for conservative Christian prof at UNC | OneNewsNow

Conservative prof who was denied promotion wins First Amendment lawsuit | The Daily Caller

Matt Bowman: Religion is your business | National Review

“Justices may decide if vendors can snub gay weddings” | USA Today

Matt Bowman: If a company can be African American, can’t it be religious?

Ex-atheist professor to push for Christian rights watchdog at university after winning lawsuit | The Raw Story

Jury rules North Carolina university violated conservative professor’s free speech rights | ACLJ

High school banning pro-life group’s fetal models caves, restores free speech | LifeNews

Student sues Va. college system over preaching issue | Virginian-Pilot