NAACP sues The Radiance Foundation to censor black citizen journalist’s free speech

Bill to allow birth certificate gender change wins initial OK in Colorado House committee

UGA lifts campus restrictions on student speech

Christian grandma-florist fined $1,001, ordered to work same-sex weddings but refuses, says she won’t betray Jesus

Barronelle Stutzman ordered to pay fine

Christian florist ordered to service same-sex weddings, pay $1,000 fine to State Attorney General

Wash. florist fined, ordered to serve same-sex weddings

Court hits florist with big fines, penalties in same-sex wedding case

City of Atlanta can’t defend the firing of Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran says ADF

Atlanta’s desperate defense of Christian discrimination falls short

Ex-Atlanta Fire Chief Cochran didn’t get written permission to write religious book, says city lawyers

New York City ban on worship services in schools left intact by Supreme Court

New York City to change rules to allow churches to rent schools

Supreme Court lets ban on churches in NYC schools stand

Supreme Court won’t force NYC to allow after-hours worship in public schools

Supreme Court allows NY schools’ worship ban to stand; churches look to mayor

Bills aim to block D.C. laws opponents say violate religious liberty

Lobby doesn’t stop Indiana Governor from signing state RFRA

“No, Indiana did not just pass a law discriminating against gay people. Here’s why.”

Just what’s so ‘controversial’ about the Indiana religious freedom bill passed this week?

Justices reject N.Y. church’s bid to use public school space

Atlanta officials ask court to dismiss lawsuit filed by chief fired over Christian book

Woman who cut baby out of mother’s womb should be charged with murder

ADF grateful for ruling on ‘fit’ parent

Senators introduce effort to void D.C. bills that force religious groups to violate beliefs

Canada Supreme Court: Catholic schools have a right to teach church views

A First Amendment SCOTUS case could bring much-needed clarification as to what constitutes ‘Government Speech’

Obama Administration: “Provide abortions or get out”

If you were a fan of “God’s Not Dead” you won’t want to miss “Do You Believe?”

Top Court rules Quebec infringed on high school’s religious freedom

Catholic-owned company in Colorado wins permanent injunction on mandate

Bible colleges shouldn’t need a state seal

UGA students’ freedom no longer stuck in the ‘speech zone’

Illinois Supreme Court: non-parents cannot pretend to be parents to obtain custody of children

Appeals Court upholds district’s refusal to air ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad

ADF says abortion giant strong-armed CA hospital

Catholic-owned company wins case against Colorado health department over insurance coverage

Canadian Supreme Court: Gov. can’t force Catholic schools to teach contrary to its beliefs

New (limited) poll shows over two-thirds of sampled voters want to institute federal law banning discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity

Congress moves to zap D.C. anti-Christian bills

Congress may ‘veto’ DC bills requiring pro-life organizations to hire abortion advocates

Sen. Ted Cruz seeks to upend D.C. laws on contraception coverage, same-sex marriage

Canadian Supreme Court: Govt can’t force Catholic school to teach contrary to its beliefs

Undercover tapes show Planned Parenthood aborting girls based on their sex

Congress to consider ‘veto’ of DC bills coercing organizations against their missions

Planned Parenthood threatens lawsuit to keep abortions in California hospital

Was hospital bullied into abortion deal by Planned Parenthood?

Catholic-owned company wins permanent injunction against HHS mandate

Poll did not ask about religious exemptions

Planned Parenthood bullied Calif. city into abortion agreement

Groups call for Senate to pass pro-life anti-trafficking bill

Planned Parenthood and NARAL claim pro-life women don’t exist

Hercules business wins case against HHS mandate

Evangelical organization performs test case against Turkey

Hercules defeats Obama admin. abortion-pill mandate

Turkey accused at ECtHR for church construction ban

Grimmark met UN rapporteur

Lawyers for BSU, pro-life student group set for mediation

God, GeorgiaTech, and going legal: A reflection on my First Amendment lawsuit nine years later

U. of Georgia abandons free speech zones

Law permitting assisted suicide in Belgium enters new controversy

Iowa’s telemed case: Leaning toward Planned Parenthood?