More PP fraud revealed to Congress | One News Now

Megachurch Denied Property Tax Exemption For Gym And Bookstore/Cafe | Forbes

    Peter J. Reilly at Forbes: The church was represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom. Erik Stanley of ADF had commented earlier in the litigation: “Tax exemptions for churches are vitally important because it doesn’t make sense to penalize organizations that help serve the community and don’t exist for profit–and that’s certainly true with this church,” Stanley explained. “The taxing authorities in this case determined that the facilities were not integral to a religious purpose of the church, but the government is ill-equipped to determine what is and what isn’t a legitimate religious use. That’s why it shouldn’t be delving into church affairs. Doing so violates the constitutionally protected rights of the church.”

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Obama Administration Hears from Thousands Against Its Mandate | Heritage Foundation

The Pursuit of Happiness, the Pursuit of Virtue, and the Right of Conscience | Bradley Abramson at Townhall

Americans Continue to Oppose Obamacare’s HHS Mandate | Heritage Foundation

Arkansas Senate Votes Again, Approves State Funding Ban for Planned Parenthood | RH Reality Check

The Legal Battle to End Taxpayer Support for Planned Parenthood Abortions | Alan Sears at Christian Post

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Defrauded Government of Millions

Judge rules FDA must issue death after life | Catherine Glenn Foster at American Thinker

“Washington Attorney General Sues Florist For Anti-Gay Discrimination” | Think Progress

Calif. Tax Bill Seeks To Punish Boy Scouts’ For Gay Ban, Targets Group’s ‘unfortunate Discriminatory And Outdated Practices’ | The Blaze

“California bill would eliminate tax breaks to punish Boy Scouts for excluding gays” | Washington Post (AP)

“Gay senator from Ca. wants to punish Boy Scouts by taking away tax-exemptions” | Examiner

Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor | Logan Daily

California Poised to Strip Boy Scouts of Tax-Exempt Status

Calif. pro-LGBT bill targets youth orgs, threatens tax-exempt status | One News Now

Austin schools to offer insurance benefits to domestic partners | Austin American Statesman via

Army Reserve presentation calls Christians ‘extremists’ | SBD Scout on MSN

Baby body parts left in woman after botched abortion results in lawsuit |

Event aims to give abortion industry workers chance to walk out | The B.C. Catholic

Suit: Planned Parenthood Guilty Of $377m In Fraud | Townhall

Countercultural warriors | World Magazine

    World Magazine: Now that the future of marriage is center stage, Kellie Fiedorek hopes that the Supreme Court does not offer a radical ruling that cuts short the debate. A lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom, Fiedorek, 29, sat in the courtroom as the justices heard the arguments. She’s been to seven states this year testifying before legislatures about the ways redefining marriage would interfere with religious freedom. She’s learned that many citizens have never had to think about the meaning of marriage and why it matters. Now that people are alert, social conservatives have the opportunity to make their case to a young generation that has both rallied for life and dealt with the aftereffects of divorce. “I think that, as more young people engage in the issue, we will see more of them eager to defend marriage, recognizing how important it is to parents and children,” Fiedorek said.

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Indiana Looks to Close Taxpayer-Funded Abortion Loophole

“Op-ed: ‘Powerless’ claim of gay-marriage advocates is a sham” | Kellie Fiedorek at Washington Examiner

Colorado’s Citizens Provide $10 Million in Funds to Planned Parenthood Between 2009-2012

    Red State: Michael J. Norton, a senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, told Media Trackers that abortion clinics, “should not be able to play by a different set of rules than everyone else.” Norton went on to say that, “All women deserve to be protected, but the abortion industry has long fought to make sure that it doesn’t have to maintain the same safety and sanitary standards as other medical centers.” The case of Ayanna Byer’s botched abortion, and subsequent trip to the emergency room, came as no surprise to Norton, who noted that PPRM treated her “life and health with utter disregard.” Ayanna Byer is currently suing Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains for malpractice. Byer is being represented by Doug Romero, another attorney affiliated with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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“Marriage” Mayhem: Religious Freedom Being Trampled in the Scuffle

Colorado Forces Taxpayers to Send $10 Million to Planned Parenthood

No Abortion Workers = No Abortions

In Gilbert, Arizona, Churches Ride On The Back Of The Free Speech Bus | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

The Ongoing Fight For Schoolchildren’s Religious Freedom | Alan Sears

Why the Double Standard for Abortionists?

Event aims for abortion industry ‘exodus’ | DFW Catholic

“Gay marriage not a civil rights issue, Alliance Defending Freedom argues” | Politico

Prayer at town meetings — SUPCO asked to weigh in | One News Now

Christians And Religious Liberty In America On Easter Sunday, 2013 | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Media biased against traditional marriage, says advocate | Washington Post

Easter Sunrise Services At Mojave Veterans Memorial Cross | Rees Lloyd at News with Views

Attorney: Commission has right, duty to defend itself against lawsuit

    Salisbury Post: . . . How much longer will citizens across this country duck their heads in the sand when faced with ACLU lawsuits that threaten to erode the rights given to us by the U.S. Constitution? It’s natural to have fear. But I imagine many of the Rowan citizens have faced fear in their lives and did not surrender to those fears. There is no guarantee what the outcome will be in your case. But one thing is for sure — if you give up, then the battle is already lost. The ACLU is not always right. Sometimes doing the right thing involves pain and sacrifice. I never wade into litigation lightly. Your county is being sued. You have a right to defend against the lawsuit. The commissioners are charged with the duty to do just that. They are fulfilling that duty. Bryce D. Neier is a Fayetteville attorney and volunteer with the Alliance Defending Freedom. He notes the article above is “my private response and comment. It is not endorsed by any particular attorney involved in this case nor any county official. I am responsible for its contents.”

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Parents sue over state’s refusal to provide tuition assistance | HutchNews (AP)

UNCW professor “looking forward” to having his day in court |

“Kennedy gay marriage: Justice Kennedy swing vote, but should court let voters decide?” | ABC 15

Stepping Across the Line to Support Marriage | Caleb Dalton at Townhall

Critics: Trashing Doma Sets Dangerous Precedent: Would let ‘president pick and choose’ laws he wants enforced | WND

Anti-Abortion Lobbyists Pressure Arizona To Use Medicaid Expansion To Defund Planned Parenthood | Think Progress

Abortion enters Arizona debate on Medicaid expansion

What is Planned Parenthood Hiding? | Catherine Glenn Foster

Student Government denies group funds: Students for Life exhibit ‘too controversial’ to support; lawsuit filed | The Eastern Echo

“Prop 8 Lawyer: Court Should Uphold Gay Marriage Ban” | WSJ Video

Attorneys Debate Constitutionality, Legal Standing on Prop 8 Case | PBS Video

Columbus parents sue over state tuition assistance | KFBB (AP)

Court moves forward with pledge case | Sentinel and Enterprise

NM mayor misinterpreting marriage law | One News Now

‘The Supreme Court is not a legislature,’ Prop 8 defendant says | MSNBC

Attorney: Freedoms on ‘collision course’ if DOMA or Prop. 8 struck down | One News Now

Prop 8 Case: Roberts As Swing Vote Again? | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

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Arguments on Same-Sex Marriage Lasted 1 Hour, 20 Minutes

“Red symbol for marriage equality goes viral” | WTKR

This Week: Landmark Marriage Cases Being Heard At Supreme Court | Alan Sears

Anti-Israel Group at Brooklyn College Orders Police to Remove Jewish Students from “BDS” Event | Jordan Lorence at Speak Up Movement

Austin schools to offer insurance benefits to domestic partners

Holy Week and Holy War (Part 1) | Chuck Norris at Townhall

“Justices appear hesitant as they hear arguments over same-sex marriage” | CNN

“Supreme Court gay marriage decision live video stream: High court to decide on Calif. Proposition 8″ | WPTV

Online chat: Same-sex marriage before U.S. Supreme Court | Byron Babione on Mainline Media News

The Marriage Debate: Let Democracy Work . . . | Austin R. Nimocks at Wall Street Journal