Catherine Glenn Foster: Conn. lawmakers again consider letting doctors assist with suicide

Family Research Council, Chaplain Alliance blast Air Force Academy for erasing cadet’s Bible verse | Christian Post

Trial against UNC-Wilmington begins as Dr. Mike Adams fights for his First Amendment rights | The Global Dispatch

Pro-family groups working together in New Mexico to fight doctor-assisted suicide | OneNewsNow

NC university to go on trial for alleged retaliation against Christian professor | Christian Post

Bible verse removal mobilizes conservative legal groups to prepare for battle with Air Force Academy | The Blaze

Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition offers legal aid to Bible verse cadets | ChristianNewsWire

Bible verse cadets call out Air Force Academy for violating constitutional rights | Charisma News

Canadian teachers fight government’s religious gag order | WORLD

Case of German home-school family cause for celebration and concern | National Catholic Register

A big blow for abortion advocates | American Thinker

What’s going on at Air Force Academy? God’s word vs. Pentagon’s word

Stanford Graduate Student Council denies funding for event including Ryan T. Anderson, Kellie Fiedorek

Pro-life high school club claims its rights were violated | WFSB

Canadian Catholic school being pressured to teach all religions are equal | Christian Post

Canadian legal brief backs Catholic school’s religious liberty | EWTN/CNA

Ex-city councilor: Ten Commandments statue not religious | Albuquerque Journal

High school blocks pro-life student group from handing out flyers

Students for Life fights 1st Amendment battle in CT high school | Breitbart

Pro-life group wins settlement with Oklahoma State University | Campus Reform

Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites | WND

Madison suspends anti-free speech ordinance after ADF lawsuit | OneNewsNow

Casey Mattox: Missouri down to just one abortion business after Planned Parenthood closes | LifeNews

Trial begins over Ten Commandments monument | AP

Maryland pregnancy care center wins decision against “NARAL-driven attacks” | LifeSiteNews

Church signs assigned more restrictions | OneNewsNow

    OneNewsNow: “Alliance Defending Freedom attorney David Cortman tells OneNewsNow no law should force churches to the bottom of the barrel. ‘The town of Gilbert cannot apply stricter rules to church signs when it doesn’t apply them to ideological, political and other non-commercial signs,’ he assert, ‘because the Ninth Circuit’s decision conflicts with the decisions of other circuits, we hope the Supreme Court will agree to step in.’”

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Mary Eberstadt: Progressivism’s war on winners

Federal Judge issues permanent injunction against ordinance targeting free speech rights of pro-life pregnancy resource center | National Right to Life

Branford High Students for Life club’s censorship claim draws national attention | New Haven Register

Conn. high school blocks pro-life student group from handing out information | Christian Post

Trial begins on Ten Commandments monument in Bloomfield, NM | Albuquerque Journal

Unmuzzling the bully pulpit | AMAC

OSU settles with student group, SGA violates Senate rules | The Daily O’Collegian

Required signs in pregnancy counseling centers held unconstitutional

Court says government can’t force counselors’ speech | WND

ADF reminds schools that they should “accommodate religion”

When is refusing service legal and when is it discrimination? | Inside Tucson Business

Midwife fired for refusing to do abortions | WND

Arizona school district may violate state law to allow Planned Parenthood sex-ed class | LifeNews

Woman in Sweden denied work as midwife for refusing to perform abortions

Oklahoma State U. and pro-life student group reach settlement | Chronicle of Higher Education

Okla. University ends free-speech showdown with “Cowboys for Life” | Charisma

OSU, pro-life group reach settlement | Associated Press

Oklahoma State settles lawsuit with campus pro-life group | FIRE

German home-school family can stay in U.S. indefinitely | Washington Times

Remember this? New Mexico Gov. denied haircut due to marriage stance | Townhall

University settles with pro-life student group over alleged crackdown on abortion display | The Blaze

“Will the Supreme Court tackle businesses that refuse to serve homosexuals?” | AllGov

“The forces behind the religious freedom movement that exploded last week” | TPM

Oklahoma State to pay $25,000 settlement to pro-life students over free speech suit

ACLU tracking religious liberty efforts in other states’ legislatures | The Arizona Republic

First Amendment freedoms threatened by IRS proposal, say Newman Society, religious groups | Cardinal Newman Society

OSU settles with pro-life student group in civil rights lawsuit | Tulsa World

Medical facility “buffer-zone” law in court | Washington Times

Elane Photography religious liberty case heads to Supreme Court | Washington Post

“Brewer does the right thing” | Wisconsin Journal Times editorial

    Wisconsin Journal Times editorial: “Joseph La Rue and Kerri Kupec of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which helped develop SB1062, wrote the following in a commentary last week for the Arizona Republic: ‘Elaine, however, did not refuse the women because they identify as homosexual. She declined to photograph the ceremony only because she didn’t want to promote a message at odds with her sincerely held religious beliefs about marriage.’”

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Ariz. business owner, children receive vile death threats over SB 1062 support

Tony Perkins: Brewer ditches facts to save face

Arizona veto likely to chill other religious freedom bills | Washington Times

Kerri Kupec: Brewer veto a “sad day for freedom” | Newsmax

“Arizona bill: ‘Anti-gay’ or something softer?” | Washington Post

Arizona veto resonates in other state fights | WSJ

“Religious Liberty or Anti-Gay Discrimination? Debate Heats Up” | NBC

Conservatives blame manipulation, fear for Jan Brewer veto of SB 1062

Arizona religious freedom bill becomes test case | WSJ

Madison bans leafleting in hundreds of bubble zones across city, pro-life group sues | LifeSiteNews

Arizona bill being “twisted,” say law profs | WND

    WorldNetDaily: “Nearly a dozen leading law professors from Harvard, Stanford, George Mason, Notre Dame and other top institutions across America have endorsed the controversial legislation in Arizona that would strengthen the state’s religious-rights standards. . . . The letter was compiled and released by the Alliance Defending Freedom.”

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“Gay marriage debate hits critical mass with judge tossing Texas ban” | Denver Post

“Notice of appeal in Va. gay marriage ruling filed” | AP

Madison, Wisconsin sued over “bubble zone” denying pro-lifers free speech

“Gov. Brewer vetoes Arizona anti-gay bill” | USA Today