Gideons within rights giving copies of Bible to students

Republicans file brief against marriage equality in New Mexico | Watermark Online

Christians aren’t exempt from campus speech protections | World Magazine

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Four Christian universities in Oklahoma challenge federal contraceptive coverage requirement | The Oklahoman

Oklahoma universities file lawsuit against the abortion pill mandate | Live Action News

USDA, Vermont pregnancy center settle religious liberty case | One News Now

Annual See You at the Pole Event Champions Students’ Freedom to Pray | Caffeinated Thoughts

‘We Must Obey God’: Oklahoma Christian Universities Challenge Obamacare’s Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Seminar at UN to push for pro-life, pro-family development efforts | B.C. Catholic

    BC Catholic: A U.S. religious liberty group and a Mexican development organization are holding a seminar at the United Nations to advocate the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in a way that respects human life and the family. “At this crucial time in history when the sanctity of life and the human family are assaulted at every turn, there is an urgent need to address delegates of the United Nation and make them aware of the importance of protecting the dignity and freedom of every human being,” Alan Sears, the president, CEO, and general counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom, said Sept. 18. “Every innocent life deserves to be protected,” he added. [more]

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Catholic Business Loses Contraception Mandate Appeal | CBN

Symposium: Desperate measures in Town of Greece | Eric Rassbach at SCOTUS Blog

USA, New Mexico: Briefs Filed in Marriage Equality Case | Gayapolis

Factions line up for fight over same-sex marriage in N.M. | ABQ Journal

N.M. GOP lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage in court filing | LGBTQ Nation (AP)

Freedom and Power from the Pulpit Sept. 24 |

High court asked to hear Hobby Lobby case | ABP

“Groups file briefs in gay marriage fight” | KRQE (video)

“GOP lawmakers submit legal arguments to NM court in opposition to gay marriage” | The Republic (AP)

4 Okla. Universities Challenge Obama’s Birth Control Mandate | Christian Post

The Battle For Life Continues, Regardless Of Outcomes | FRC Blog

“Are Gay-Rights Laws Trampling on Freedom of Religion?” | The Atlantic

“GOP lawmakers oppose gay marriage in court filing” | KOAT

Religious freedom denied by New Mexico Supreme Court | Washington Times

Two Decades – And Looking Forward | Alan E. Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom

    Alan Sears at Alliance Defending Freedom: What began as one attorney is now a global alliance involving hundreds of other like-minded ministries and legal organizations, as well as nearly 2,300 Christian attorneys who work alongside us in every U.S. state and many countries overseas. (Between them, these attorneys have contributed more than 824,772 pro bono hours – worth more than $158 million – to defending the freedom of people like you and your family.) Altogether, by God’s grace, we’ve had a critical part in more than 450 legal matters, including 40 at the U.S. Supreme Court – a success rate of over 80 percent.

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“GOP lawmakers oppose gay marriage in court filing” | Daily-Times (AP)

Development goals must respect life and family, UN told | CNA

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Headed for the high court. | World Mag. Daily Dispatches

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HHS Mandate Lawsuits Headed to U.S. Supreme Court | Aleteia

Christian Universities Sue Challenging Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

Religious freedom denied by New Mexico Supreme Court

What Does It Really Mean To “Establish” Religion? | Brett Harvey

Pro-Life Event At UN General Assembly | Turtle Bay and Beyond (UN Web TV)

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Sloppy Sixth Circuit Ruling Rejects Challenge to HHS Mandate | Ed Whelan at NRO

Obama Admin Stopped From Forcing Family Business to Obey HHS Abortion Mandate

Colo. Business Wins Birth Control Mandate Exemption | CBN (includes video)

Boy Scouts or an alternative? Churches deliberate while ramifications studied | Fla. Baptist Witness

‘It’s a fairness issue’: A 9-year legal struggle involving LGBT rights might finally come to a conclusion | Okla. Gazette

State-Sponsored Kidnapping and Jail for Homeschoolers in Germany | HSLDA