Culture Digest: California’s Brown vetoes egg donor bill | Baptist Press at Townhall

Fixing the 501(c)(3) Political Campaign Prohibition Mess | Christian Post

    Christian Post: Some churches deliberately engage in activities that violate the prohibition, but rarely face consequences. Since 2008, pastors across the United States (approximately 1,600 last year) have participated annually in “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” an initiative orchestrated by Alliance Defending Freedom in which pastors deliver sermons evaluating candidates for public office in light of Scripture. Some support or oppose candidates by name and send transcripts of their sermons to the IRS with a request to be audited. They hope to spark litigation on the constitutionality of the law, but the IRS has not taken up the challenge.

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Should politics return to the pulpit? | Orlando Sentinel

Free to ‘exercise’ religion, too | Matthew S. Bowman at

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Air Force Republishes Chaplain’s ‘No Atheists in Foxholes’ Article to Base Website | Christian Post

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Report argues for lifting ban on politics from the pulpit

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Obama Admin Won’t Enforce HHS Mandate Against Christian-Owned Rifle Scope Company

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Court: Preacher’s challenge against ‘vague’ policies can move forward

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Step By Step, ‘Small’ Cases Regain Legal Ground for the Gospel | Alan Sears at Charisma News

Mom’s School Prayers Stir Legal Fight in N.H. | Concord Monitor

    Concord Monitor: The Alliance Defending Freedom will provide legal services to Lizarda Urena of Concord to challenge the Concord School District’s decision to disallow her from praying on school property . . . Matthew Sharp, general counsel for the Alliance Defending Freedom, said yesterday the group has not filed a lawsuit and is still determining how to move forward. The group provides all legal services pro bono.
    “We think the facts in this one really matter,” Sharp said. “She was (praying) passively. I think she was providing a great example there of just a mother that is passionate about wanting what’s best for her kids.” Sharp argues that Urena’s speech is protected under the First Amendment and that the Freedom from Religion Foundation’s assertion that her praying violates the separation of church and state is “blatantly false.” “It’s the private speech of a parent, not the endorsed speech of the school,” he said.

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Florida university gets ‘red light’ for new speech code policy | One News Now

New Hampshire district tells mom she can no longer pray on school’s steps | Fox News (AP)

Arizona Health Dept. Numbers Show Hopeful Drop in Abortions | The New American

Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum Make Rounds with Conservatives in Iowa | U.S. News and World Report

    U.S. News and World Report: The summit, which coincides with another common stomping ground for presidential wannabes in the Iowa State Fair, also brings leaders of influential conservative causes together with the aspiring politicians. Representatives of the National Organization for Marriage, which has led the effort to prevent legalization of same-sex marriage, the Alliance Defending Freedom, which advocates for more religious displays in public spaces, and the Concerned Women of America, a women’s group that supports abortion restrictions, are all scheduled to speak.

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General Accounting Office to audit Planned Parenthood for taxpayer fraud

School prayer pits mom against NH school district | Dayton Daily News (AP)

Businesses Struggle With ‘Contraception Mandate’ As Lawsuits Play Out

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