R.I. Senate committee holds hearing on marriage bills | Washington Blade

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At Planned Parenthood, Crime Does Pay! | Family Research Council

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Tennessee Bill Would Allow College Counselors to Refuse to Treat LGBT Students

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Eastern Michigan U. sued over exhibit funding | 9and10news (AP)

Correcting false claim re: what’s constitutional for public schools

EMU sued over denial of funds for anti-abortion display | Desert Sun

University Calls Pro-Life Display Too Controversial, Faces Lawsuit | LifeNews

Planned Parenthood defrauded Washington State taxpayers of $377 million, lawsuit claims

“Supreme Court Expected to Decide Whether Constitution Requires States to Legalize Gay Marriage” | Christian Post

College Refuses Obama Admin Demand to Drop HHS Mandate Lawsuit | DFW Catholic

“What a Pro-Gay Marriage Ruling Means for Culture” | CBN (includes video)

Argentina’s Bergoglio becomes Pope Francis I | Florida Baptist Witness

Rowan Co. prayer: A fight few people want? Poll shows 82% support commissioners’ move

    Salisbury Post: A fight few people want
    Fayetteville attorney Bryce Neier with Alliance Defending Freedom told commissioners what they wanted to hear. The alliance helped Forsyth County fight a similar suit — unsuccessfully — and he seemed to urge Rowan to fight, too, saying it would be a tough case to litigate but not a hopeless one. No surprise there, either. Private organizations stepped forward to pay the legal bills for Forsyth’s five-year fight. Beyond that, the court decision also required the county to pay the plaintiff’s court bill, which was more than $248,000. But this is not about money, even though it’s objectionable for commissioners to use county money to fight their personal religious battles. The suit is about recognizing that we are a community of many denominations, faiths and creeds. | WSCOCTV: Rowan Co. Commissioners vote to hire attorney
    Includes video and poll currently shows 82% support the move.

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NC: Commissioners respond to lawsuit with prayer, vote to seek legal defense | Salisbury Post (AP)

Despite lawsuit, Rowan County Commissioners open meeting with prayer | Myfox8.com

“2nd VIEW: Group urges prayer for gay marriage cases” | Baptist Press

“Report exposes ‘religious liberty’ anti-gay campaign”

National Rally Staged to Defend Marriage in Nation’s Capital | MO Family Policy Council

    MO Family Policy Council: “The wisest course is for the Supreme Court to resist demands to prematurely end the national debate over the future of marriage,” says Austin Nimocks, who filed one of the pro-Proposition 8 briefs on behalf of the Alliance Defending Freedom. “Californians voted for marriage, and the court should respect their freedom to affirm the fundamental building block of our society.” “Marriage between a man and a woman is a bedrock social institution that diverse cultures and faiths have honored throughout the history of Western Civilization,” Nimocks continues. “The freedom of the people to uphold this vital institution should not be taken away.” . . . The Family Research Council has produced an excellent bulletin insert about the marriage issue which we strongly encourage you to use in your local church to promote awareness and prayer for this event. It can be downloaded by using the following link. You will find it as the first item listed under “Resources” on the web page: Stand for Marriage Bulletin Insert

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Will your church be forced to evict its Boy Scout Troop? | Erik Stanley at Speak Up Movement

Colorado Lawsuit Exposes True Nature Of Planned Parenthood

Judge Overturns Mo. Law On Birth Control Coverage

Make Your Voice Heard for Marriage | Ryan T. Anderson at Heritage Foundation

A student has rights, no matter how small | One News Now

The Foresight of Justice Kennedy | Brett Harvey at Townhall

Book Review: Redeeming the Time | AWR Hawkins at the University Bookman

    AWR Hawkins at The University Bookman: Russell Kirk’s Redeeming the Time was published posthumously in 1996. And as its title suggests, it is a book about thinking and acting in light of moral constraints that demand something of us. In fact, if we boil the book down to its bedrock message, it is a book about morality and order—how the state and the individual flourish when morality and order are wedded but mutate into something unrecognizable when the two are torn apart. This is Kirk’s message: real freedom—not the postmodern “You do your thing, I’ll do mine”—is found at the point where transcendent, moral demands shake hands with self-order and constitutional constraint.

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A ‘Religious Right’ to Not Counsel Gays? | Care2

The Shaky Science Behind George Will’s Column On Same-Sex Marriage | Think Progress

2nd VIEW: Scouts could face ‘flood of litigation’ if policy changes | Baptist Press

New Pope Expected to Hold Firm Against Homosexuality, Abortion | The New American

Forced Abortion That Injured Woman Reveals Much About Planned Parenthood | Life News

    LifeNews: Alliance Defending Freedom Allied Attorney Doug Romero of Denver has filed suit against Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains on behalf of Byer. “A woman’s life is more important than Planned Parenthood’s bottom line,” he says. “What Planned Parenthood did to Ayanna is beyond the pale. They clearly put her through extraordinary cruelty and jeopardized her life. Their actions were intolerable.” “Is this the type of organization American taxpayers should be funding to the tune of $540 million per year?” asks Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton, a former U.S. attorney for the district of Colorado who helped author an Alliance Defending Freedom report to the U.S. House of Representatives on the fraudulent use of public funding by Planned Parenthood affiliates. “American tax dollars should be used responsibly and for the common good. Planned Parenthood is irresponsible and only promotes its own self-interest. That was clearly seen in what they did to Ayanna.”

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Illinois City Prevented From Stopping Mobile Pregnancy Center | Life News

Boy Scouts Renew Debate Over Sex | American Spectator

Stem cells from unborn babies used illegally in cosmetic surgery | One News Now

Boy Scouts To Be Sued If Gays Are Allowed To Join? | Baptist Press on Opposing Views

NE: Lawmakers debate LGBT discrimination bill | KHASTV (includes video)

“Group urges prayer for gay marriage cases” | Baptist Press at Townhall

Groups Ask US To Back Off Demand For Abortion At UN

Pro-lifers: U.N. groups assuming powers they don’t have | One News Now

Tennessee Counseling Bill Would Let Student Psychologists Reject Gay Clients Without Punishment | Huffington Post

Arguments from the Future– A New Modality of Constitutional Argument | Jack Balkin at Balkinization

Federal Court Recognizes Elementary Students’ Free Speech Rights | Citizen Link

Court Rules Fifth Grader Can Invite Classmates to Church Party | Christian Post

Fifth Grader’s Right to Distribute Christmas Invitations at School Upheld | Christian Post

Temporary Restraining Order Against Elgin — Pregnancy Support Services Resume | Christian Newswire

Should Aborted Babies Be Used for Cosmetic Procedures? | Charisma News

Minnesota bill to redefine marriage headed to full House, Senate | MPR

Picture this — high court to decide if Christians can run biblical business | One News Now

US appeals court OKs church invites at Barrett Elementary School | Pocono Record

Religious-based adoption services may be leaving Colorado

US appeals court OKs church invites at Pa. school | WJACTV.com (AP)

Fifth-grader can hand out Christmas party invitations in public school, court rules | The Morning Call

Appeals Court tells PA school district that its policies are unconstitutional

Pro-Life Group Tries to Stop Using Aborted Babies for Cosmetics

Should aborted babies be used for cosmetic procedures? | Alliance Defending Freedom

First Canada Then America: Speaking Against Homosexuality is a Crime | Engage Family Minute

New Mexico Supreme Court hears appeal by photographer in gay bias case | LGBTQ Nation

“State Supreme Court hears gay bias case” | ABQ Journal

    ABQ Journal: Attorney Jordan Lorence’s theme in his oral argument Monday was that earlier courts’ decisions in favor of the couple who challenged Elane Photography’s refusal to photograph the ceremony amounted to “compelled speech” in violation of their First Amendment rights, or the government putting words in someone’s mouth. “The law cannot compel someone to stand on a soapbox,” he said, “in the same way that a court cannot compel someone to use his photographic skills to say something contrary to his beliefs.” . . . Lorence’s Washington, D.C.-based Alliance Defending Freedom represents the studio and has vowed to go to the U.S. Supreme Court if there is an adverse ruling from New Mexico’s highest court . . . Lorence said after the hearing he sensed “some clear division on the court,” including “some skepticism and some openness to what we were saying.” He emphasized the “unique, artistic skills” that he said photographer Elaine Huguenin brings to her work. “This was not just recording like a security video camera, and the other side downplays that considerably,” he said.

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“Appeal By Photographer In Gay Bias Case Is Heard” | AP

Phoenix Human-Relations Ordinance Causes Catholic Concern | NC Register

Phoenix mayor, council open the women’s bathroom door for men | Joe LaRue at American Thinker

NM Supreme Court to hear appeal by photographer | KFOXTV.com (AP)

Boy Scouts must stand firm for their principles: Organization loses its relevance if it caves on ‘morally straight’ | Dave Cortman at Washington Times