Attorney asks to defend gender, race abortion ban | AZ Daily Sun

University at Buffalo Charges Pro-Life Group $650 for Free Speech

Legal Organization Files Federal Lawsuit Against UB for Charging Student Group Security Fee for Abortion Debate | University Herald

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Calif. marriage challenge fails | Windy City Media

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Justice Kennedy Denies An Emergency Petition To Halt The Resumption Of Same-Sex Marriages In California

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A look at the ruling on prayer at public meetings | Public Opinion Online

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Judge Stays On Washington Gay Wedding Flowers Case | Edge Boston (AP)

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High court lets same-sex marriages in California continue | KETK (CNN)

Overturning of Prop. 8 affects individuals, states | UCLA Daily Bruin

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Supreme Court Denies Prop 8 Backers’ Plea to Halt Calif. Same-Sex Marriages | Christian Post

Prop 8 backers ask SCOTUS to halt California marriages | Salon

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“Huge crowd, ecstatic vibe at SF Gay Pride Parade” | San Francisco Chronicle

“Proposition 8 backers petition Supreme Court to block gay marriages in California” | NBC

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Court victories boost gay pride parades | Elizabeth Weise at (USA Today)

“Gay marriage opponents strike back, ask court to intervene” | David Crary and Lisa Leff (AP) at Bakersfield Now

    David Crary and Lisa Leff at Bakersfield Now (AP): Attorneys with the Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom claim in the petition that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals acted prematurely and unfairly on Friday when it allowed gay marriage to resume. The court lifted a hold it had placed on same-sex unions while a lawsuit challenging the ban made its way to and through the Supreme Court. “The Ninth Circuit’s June 28, 2013 Order purporting to dissolve the stay…is the latest in a long line of judicial irregularities that have unfairly thwarted Petitioners’ defense of California’s marriage amendment,” the paperwork states. “Failing to correct the appellate court’s actions threatens to undermine the public’s confidence in its legal system.” Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Austin Nimocks said the Supreme Court’s consideration of the case is not done yet because his clients still have 22 days to ask the justices to reconsider the 5-4 decision announced Wednesday.

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