Mexico Supreme Court Upholds State Constitutions Banning Abortion | Piero Tozzi at LifeNews

Putting The Right Back Into Human Rights | Piero Tozzi at Turtle Bay and Beyond

This Week’s Pro-life Victories In Mexico | Piero Tozzi at Turtle Bay and Beyond

Mexico Supreme Court upholds pro-life amendments

Syrian Christians under attack | Alliance Defending Freedom

Matthew Hoffman and Dr. Piero Tozzi talk about acting movements pro-life and pro-family program in Brazilian radio ANAJURE

    After addressing the meeting as being of RLP in Turkey and also bring a panel with the facts about the Civil Liberties fundamental for the world, (the example of Cuba, Venezuela, Pakistan, Presbyterian missionaries arrested in Senegal, among other news) , the Program Radio ANAJURE in the day received its second journalist correspondent LifeSiteNews, Matthew Hoffman, and Dr. Piero Tozzi (ADF / USA) who discussed errors and successes of the movement pro-life and pro-family in the U.S. and Brazil.

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Monitoring The Monitors | Piero Tozzi at Turtle Bay and Beyond

Video: Brazilian politicians seeking to outlaw ‘homophobic’ speech, warn evangelicals

It all began in Paradise | Manila Standard Today

Court of Human Rights overturns Costa Rica’s ban on IVF | BioNews

Is International Planned Parenthood Abetting Criminal Activity? | Piero A. Tozzi at Turtle Bay and Beyond

The Inter-American Court versus the Rule of Law | Piero A. Tozzi at C-FAM

Bad influences from abroad | Austin Ruse at The Catholic Thing

Inter-American Court: Costa Rica’s IVF restrictions violate the American Convention on Life

It all boils down to the question of Pilate | Polonia Christiana

Episode 7: Religious Liberty | Piero Tozzi on The Naked Constitution Podcast with Adam Freedman

On Cuss Words, Character and Confucius | Piero Tozzi at the Bell Towers

    Piero Tozzi at the Bell Towers: Restoring dignity to the Office of President is not something to be taken lightly – character matters, and the President should be a role model. Integrity radiates from the top: as Confucius noted, the virtuous ruler is like the pole star, setting the standard for those around him. When those in high office act virtuously, people are inspired to virtue. And when that happens, young lads stop cussin’ around the house… Actually Confucius did not say that last bit, but of this much I am confident: there will be no more upending the ottoman in an effort to reach the remote in order to hit the mute button and prevent an assault on tender ears when a President Romney or his minions speak.

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Abortion: USAID is proposing a plan of implants | (translation from Spanish by Google): The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID, for its acronym in Spanish) announced on World Contraception Day partnership with international donors to distribute Jadelle (second generation Norplant) among women poor in developing countries. This contraceptive is not marketed for use in more affluent countries. The product was developed by the Population Council, a group known for its eugenic roots. “The most likely eugenic goals will be attained under another name than that of eugenics” wrote Frederick Osborn, the first president of the Population Council, founded by John D. Rockefeller III in the fifties . . . One of the topics discussed was related to the interaction between domestic legislation and the institutions that protect the life and “soft law” transnationalist, that pro-abortion activists demanding liberalization of practice frequently mentioned. Nikolas Nikas, the Bioethics Defense Fund presented a panel on international law which was attended by Jane Adolphe, Ave Maria University, Stefano Gennarini, the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM Friday Fax editor) and Piero Tozzi, Defending the Freedom Alliance. Another of the speakers was Francisco Javier Borrego Borrego, former member of the European Court of Human Rights

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Warsaw Pro-Life Gathering Strengthens Legislative Efforts to Defend Life | Piero Tozzi at C-FAM

Paul Ryan and the Children of Keynes | Piero Tozzi

    Piero Tozzi at The Bell Towers: Conventional thinking gives Ryan and his party the advantage when it comes to “subsidiarity” – the principle that political and economic decisions are best made at the level closest to those affected by them rather than by a top-down centralized bureaucracy – while crediting the Democrats for their commitment to “solidarity” – acting on behalf of the most poor and marginalized out of an assumed authentic altruism.
    Such conventional thinking is only half right, however, for Ryan – at least when not in junior Randian mode – has the better argument not only with respect to subsidiarity, but solidarity as well. For solidarity cannot be thought of solely in horizontal terms, arms outstretched to the poor who dwell among us – though it certainly does (and should) include that.  It is also vertical, extending into the future and touching the welfare of our children and grandchildren and generations yet to be conceived.


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Report: “Colonizing African Values: How the U.S. Christian Right is Transforming Sexual Politics in Africa”

Sexual Orientation and Human Rights: Piero Tozzi at the World Congress of Families

Piero Tozzi: “Analysis: Madrid Family Confab Mixes Concern with Hope”

Piero Tozzi: Sexual Left Gains, Developing Countries Lose at UN Population Meeting

In-Vitro Fertilization Defended in Court | Inside Costa Rica

ADF comment on brief to defend Costa Rica’s IVF laws

Attorney: Latin American babies under siege | One News Now

Brazil court allows abortion in case of anencephaly | SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

Brazil Condemned for Allowing Abortions on Disabled Babies

    LifeNews: Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel Piero Tozzi responded to the decision to allow, what he calls, Brazil’s Supreme Federal Tribunal’s decision to “decriminalize the killing of pre-born children for eugenic reasons.” “Every innocent life deserves to be protected. Instead, Brazil’s high court has approved of slaughtering the country’s most vulnerable people, the severely disabled. Eugenic abortion further erodes respect not only for human dignity in general, but the dignity of the disabled in particular. Protecting the innocent is a chief duty of the legislature, and the court was wrong to overstep its authority and tear down the protections long ago established by Brazil’s lawmakers–protections that are consistent with the pro-life views of most Brazilians.”

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ADF comment on Brazil high court’s decision to approve “eugenic abortions”

Piero Tozzi: Not “rights” Vs. “freedom” – Reclaiming The Universal Declaration From The Left (and Defending It From The Right)

    Piero Tozzi at Turtle Bay and Beyond: A word of caution is in order before adopting the framework and verbiage proposed by McCarthy in its entirety, however, for he throws out the baby with the bathwater, and his characterization of the “utopian” Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 fails to give a rounded appraisal of that landmark document. Moreover, his underlying premise of “freedoms” vs. “rights” is historically both incorrect and unessential to adopt in order to get to where the author wants to lead us. The concept of “rights,” properly understood, was very much part of the Founding Fathers’ vocabulary — as in the “bill of rights” (!!) and “unalienable rights” based on the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” The tension is thus not between “rights” and “freedoms,” but rather between “negative rights” and “positive” ones — a tension that is reflected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Piero A. Tozzi: In Pushing Homosexual Agenda Globally, Obama Admin Seeks to Co-opt, Marginalize Religion

Piero A. Tozzi: “Obama Wars” Over Contraception Move To U.N. Front, And The Administration Loses A Battle

UN Security Guards Confiscate Pro-Life Literature from Students

Latin America Teeters on Edge of Abortion Abyss | National Catholic Register

Peru: Revaluation of the family inspires human development

Piero A. Tozzi: Clash of Competing Rights Claims Raises Free Speech Concerns

Inter-American Commission Criticized for “Insidious” Push for Sexual Orientation |

International conference declares ‘war’ on culture of death |

Video: Global ‘right to abortion’ rejected at Brazilian pro-life conference

American expert: there are no international laws that guarantee abortion as a right

International Congress for Truth and Life to be held in Brazil in early November

Family and Marriage on Trial: Chilean human-rights case involving lesbian relationship could have far-reaching effect.

Mexico Supreme Court plan to impose abortion as a ‘right’ is ‘frankly confused’

Book Review: “Exiting a Dead End Road: A GPS for Christians in Public Discourse “

    The University Bookman: Directions Back to the Public Square: About a third of the way through the book is an essay by Piero A. Tozzi, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, wherein the decline of universal rights is demonstrated to help the reader see that—minus an acknowledgement of, and adherence to, universal rights—the losses suffered by the Church must also be suffered by society at large. For instance, Tozzi writes about the “restoration” of ’48: a moment wherein both Europe and the world were emerging from the Nuremburg trials and subsequently reaching for “a universe whose rules were governed by natural law.” There was bald revulsion at what the Nazis had done, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) was penned to serve as a restraint on such things in the future. Tozzi is describing a point in time where even the secularists were brought face to face with the heinous outworking of Nietzsche’s “God is dead” paradigm, and even they had to seek a means to constrain behavior by re-asserting universal rights across the board.

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Latin American Nations Pressured by Europe to Weaken Pro-Life Laws

Two-Child Policy in the Philippines?

Mexico: “Human Rights in Shades of Gray”

Chile Wins U.N’s ‘Protect Life Award’

Chile Gets Pro-Life Award; Opposing Abortion, Helping Women

Chile presented with Int’l Protect Life Award by ADF, pro-life organizations at U.N.

The OAS promotes abortion option open in Latin America

Homosexual advocates launch new guide to make homosexual “rights” a reality

Turning Christian speech into “hate speech”

ADF urges UN to protect religious expression

ADF, others urge UN to protect religious expression in civil rights covenant

Piero Tozzi Italian interview on stem cell case

Piero Tozzi: Crying for Argentina . . .

“Coptic Solidarity” founding conference