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Congress to consider ‘veto’ of DC bills coercing organizations against their missions

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New developments concerning fired Atlanta fire chief

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Canadian Supreme Court opens very narrow door to doctor-prescribed death

ADF to Congress: DC must abandon bills coercing organizations against their missions

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Canadian court upholds religious freedom of law students

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Obama admin. agrees to pay $570K to Conestoga Wood Specialties’ attorneys

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ADF to defend free speech at US Supreme Court Monday

Glendale, Ariz. postpones passing harmful ordinance

Va. school district policy respects all children’s privacy, safety needs

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4th Circuit upholds ruling against common-sense NC ultrasound law

American people tricked into paying for elective abortions

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ADF recommends policy to protect student privacy in restrooms, locker rooms

10th Circuit to hear Christian universities’ challenge to abortion-pill mandate

DC Council delays vote on bill forcing religious non-profits to pay for abortions

Court to consider whether Pittsburgh can enforce censorship zones

ADF: DC gov’t shouldn’t force pro-life employers to pay for elective abortions

ADF to 13,000+ school districts: First Amendment protects Christmas expression

Fla. church won’t be zoned out of its property

‘Webcam’ abortions put Planned Parenthood profits ahead of women’s health

Colo. Supreme Court rejects attack on governor’s prayer proclamation

ADF to 11th Circuit: Uphold freedom of Fla. to affirm marriage as one man, one woman

Conn. family won’t be forced to pay Obamacare elective abortion surcharge

Freedom to pray restored in NC county

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3rd Circuit to hear Christian college’s case against abortion-pill mandate

Ohio school district stands up to atheist group’s unfounded threats

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ADF to 5th Circuit: Uphold freedom of La. to affirm marriage as one man, one woman

6th Circuit affirms freedom of states to define marriage as one-man, one-woman

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Court to consider U. of Ga. limitation on most speech to less than 1 percent of campus

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Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved