No ‘right to die’ at hands of doctors in New Mexico

Univ. of South Alabama restricts ‘controversial speech’

ADF to Calif. agency: You cannot force employers to cover abortions

Baltimore attempting to drag pro-life groups into court

Supreme Court puts hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

Iowa court upholds ban on ‘webcam’ abortions

La. decision brings ADF victories against abortion-pill mandate to 20 wins, 0 losses

Va. clerk asks Supreme Court to put hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

ADF to Navy: Don’t surrender to atheist group’s push to purge Bibles

Va. clerk to ask Supreme Court to put hold on 4th Circuit’s marriage decision

ADF: Planned Parenthood must report sexual assault of children

City of Madison officially rescinds censorship zones

ADF: US Supreme Court should uphold Oklahomans’ freedom to affirm marriage

Misuse of Minn. tax dollars for elective abortions allowed to continue

Court strikes down Kansas soccer complex’s free speech ban

Clerk asks 4th Circuit to hold its decision on marriage

ADF having record year defending freedom at America’s universities

4th Circuit strikes down Va. marriage amendment, clerk considering appeal

IRS promises atheists it will intrude on churches, America deserves details

Court order freezes NH censorship zone law

Press conference Thursday to call for investigation of Planned Parenthood Arizona

ADF congressional report exposes Planned Parenthood’s ongoing taxpayer abuse

Obama admin: We’ll do business with you if your theology agrees with ours

10th Circuit strikes down Okla. marriage amendment, clerk considering appeal

Colo. cake artist appeals govt. ‘re-education’ order

Unjust anti-religious-freedom bill fails in US Senate

ADF: US Supreme Court should strike down vague Colo. law used to criminalize speech

Final Victory: UNCW won’t appeal ruling in favor of professor denied promotion for his views

NC asks US Supreme Court to affirm right to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

ADF to court: City can’t discriminate against referral service for women in need

New Senate bill would make HHS bureaucrats more powerful than federal law

NH anti-speech zone law temporarily suspended

Swedish midwife denied employment for being pro-life

ADF files suit against NH anti-speech zone similar to one US Supreme Court struck down

US Supreme Court ruling prompts city of Madison to abandon anti-speech zones

Fla. health center denies nursing job to pro-life woman

Appeal filed over ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad barred from jumbotron

US Supreme Court rules against Obama admin.’s abortion pill mandate

Boise State demands unconstitutional warning signs for pro-life events

US Supreme Court rules against Obama administration’s abortion pill mandate

US Supreme Court rules against Obama admin.’s abortion pill mandate

US Supreme Court unanimous in striking down Mass. anti-speech buffer zone

US Supreme Court strikes down Mass. anti-speech buffer zone

Court strikes down Austin, Texas anti-pregnancy care law

DC bill could coerce pro-life organizations against their mission

Ariz. church threatened with unjust foreclosure raises $68,000 to keep doors open

Pa. clerk asks 3rd Circuit to put hold on marriage ruling

Supreme Court: 1st Amend. protects speech on matters of public concern outside workplace

Md. county pays $375,000 for anti-pregnancy care law

ADF asks US Supreme Court to review NYC’s anti-pregnancy care law

Supreme Court: Americans have right to speak up for free speech

Family to lose health plan, pay for abortions under Obamacare

NC county seeks to resume prayers in light of US Supreme Court decision

ADF asks court to uphold Colo. marriage laws

Md. City Council targets pro-life groups with demands for private files

University sticks taxpayers with $700,000 bill for retaliating against conservative professor

ADF asks court to uphold Ariz. marriage laws

Obama’s administration’s attacks on religious freedom increasing

ADF lawsuit results in speech policy changes at 23 Va. college campuses

Taxpayers ask Minn. Supreme Court to reinstate abortion funding challenge

Colo. cake artist considering appeal of Civil Rights Commission decision

Artistic expression at stake in Colo. cake artist case

ADF letter prompts Minn. school to allow Bible verse in graduation speech

2nd Circuit upholds ‘In God We Trust’ on US currency

Court guts renewed lawsuit against Oahu churches

ADF commends Wis. school for apology after showing children same-sex marriage propaganda video

ADF to Hawaii court: Dismiss renewed attack on churches

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England allowed to continue to flout state law

First round freedom win for Iowa, Mich. Christian colleges against HHS mandate

ADF to America: Public prayer is OK, secularist threats empty

ADF to S.D. school: Ignore empty ACLU threats

Cameron Univ. official: University policy trumps First Amendment

Ky. school principal’s bathroom decision ignores student privacy rights