Bid to gag US churches for White House race | Christian Institute

Pulpit Freedom Sunday | Fayobserver

1,000 Pastors Plan to Defy U.S. Law, Endorse Presidential Candidate on ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’

Preachers Defend Free Speech and Religious Freedom With ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ (VIDEO)

Pastors Across America are Preparing Political Sermons | Engage Family Blog

Pastors Will Unite Against IRS To Deliver ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’ Political Sermons (poll) | The Blaze

Freeing America’s pulpits from government censorship | Daily Caller

    Daily Caller: n the classic movie “The Sting,” Paul Newman explains to Robert Redford that in the most sophisticated swindles, the victim never even figures out he’s been conned. Well, America’s churches got swindled big time in 1954. They lost their freedom of speech and a significant part of their freedom of religion . . . Now a group of lawyers, The Alliance Defending Freedom, has organized a campaign to force a test case. For the last four years, pastors across America have banded together on Pulpit Freedom Sunday to speak out on elections one Sunday a year, and send their sermons to the IRS. Last year 539 pastors participated and the IRS blinked once again. This year’s PFS will be October 7. Every Pastor who believes his or her pulpit should be free from government censorship should sign up and participate at

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Pastors pledge to defy IRS, preach politics from pulpit ahead of election | Fox News

Colorado Ministry Should Lose Tax Exemption Says Americans United

Freedom in the Pulpit

“Pastors Get Ready to Preach Politics, Challenge IRS Restriction”

What America Needs is Pastors That Will Speak Up!

    Nathan A. Cherry at Engage Family Minute: My desire is to leave behind a country my kids and grand-kids can be proud of. To that end I am committed to standing against people and policies that would strip those rights. I find it confusing, to say the least, when pastors have no desire or interest in speaking on issues that are pertinent to the lives of every person in their congregation. These issues are biblical, moral issues that have been hijacked by society and called “political” in order to silence pastors, Christians, and remove the influence for biblical positions they would encourage . . . If you need more encouragement check out “Five Reasons Your Participation is Vital” by the Alliance Defending Freedom. . . . Pulpit Freedom Sunday is Oct 7th this year. Consider Pastor Baird’s testimony and what you can do to take part.

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Americans United for Separation of Church and State Tries To Scare Churches | Erik Stanley

Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate El Paso Church That Urged Parishioners To Vote Against Obama

El Paso Catholic church bulletin urges Obama defeat

Pastor Kevin Baird: Why I’m Participating In Pulpit Freedom Sunday For A Third Year

Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2012: Five Reasons Your Participation is Vital

Pastors, churches and political involvement

Americans United for Separation of Church and State seeks IRS investigation of the MO Baptist Convention

Preaching politics from the pulpit: Liberty Counsel to send 100,000 “Silence Is Not An Option” packets to pastors

“Politics and the Pulpit”

    Robert John Aruajo at Mirror Of Justice Blog: The July 30th issue of America Magazine will have an article entitled “Politics and the Pulpit—Are some bishops putting the church’s tax exempt status at risk?” written by Nicholas Carfardi a law professor and former dean at Duquesne University School of Law who is also an acquaintance, friend, and colleague of many of us at the Mirror of Justice. Unfortunately, one needs a subscription to read the Nick’s article online, but there is one link [HERE] that provides more information about the views expressed in his article. Today I write to convey my disagreement with Nick and to explain why I think he is wrong in criticizing two bishops who have exercised their teaching office on public policy issues with which Nick and others probably hold opinions different from the bishops.

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Claiming that churches are victim to an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, Alliance Defending Freedom urges pastors to participate in ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’

Wanted: Bold Pastors to Preach Without Fear

Michelle Obama: There is ‘No Place Better’ Than Church to Talk About Political Issues

As Churches Get Political, IRS Stays Quiet

Erik Stanley: IRS Official Warns Pastors to Keep Silent During Elections

DOJ to brief group of black pastors on campaign 2012

NC: Groups send letter to IRS complaining about Baptist pastor’s sermon

Pastor speaks biblical truth, gets legal attention | One News Now

Tax-exempt Status for Churches Debated

IRS Should Investigate Kentucky Church For Opposing Obama Re-Election, Says Americans United

Should Churches Get Tax Breaks?

    Acton Institute Power Blog: “The New York Times’ “Room for Debate” feature highlights religious freedom this week by asking the question: “Should Churches Get Tax Breaks?” The contributors, who span the continuum of opinions on the issue, include Susan Jacoby, Christopher L. Eisgruber and Lawrence Sager, Winnie Varghese, Dan Barker, and Mark Rienzi.”

    Thankfully a commenter, Roger McKinney, makes two of the most critical points: Now socialists want us to believe that if the state doesn’t take your money, it is subsidizing your behavior . . . The original argument for tax free status of churches was that they church is a sovereign in its sphere and one sovereign does not tax another . . .

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Do Timeless Religious Convictions Need to “Adapt” To Fit These Times?

Will Pastors Risk Tax-Free Status to Help Save America?—Calling Black Robe Regiment II

    Kelly O’Connell at Canada Free Press: But today, American Believers languish in a ghetto assembled for anyone suggesting religion should influence public policy. Yet, as our currency reveals, previously such influences were assumed. If our forebears were under the same secularist strictures seen today, the early West would have never escaped mediocrity . . . There are federal sanctions for American pastors preaching on political issues. The Alliance Defense Fund describes IRS rule against political preaching . . . The Alliance Defense Fund is calling for a Pulpit Freedom Sunday where pastors talk specifically about political issues, in rejection of IRS rules. Writes the Christian Science Monitor . . . Ironically, ADF reports no church has ever lost its tax exempt status over the rule, and yet hundreds of thousands of pastors are cowed into silence every week by such fears . . .

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Erik Stanley: Bill Introduced to Repeal the Johnson Amendment

Lynn-sanity Hits Peoria!

Complaint Filed With IRS Over Homily By Catholic Bishop

Erik Stanley: IRS Remains Mum on Pulpit Initiative

Video: Eric Metaxas on Bonhoeffer, the Church and Politics | Acton Institute

IRS allows churches to endorse marriage initiatives, attorney says | Baptist Press

Erik Stanley: Why should churches be tax-exempt? | Baptist Press

Erik Stanley: Should Churches Be Tax Exempt?

Erik Stanley: Are Churches Subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code?

    ADF Attorney Erik Stanley at the Speak Up Movement Church Blog: The upshot of these cases is that even though churches are not required to apply for a tax exemption from the IRS, churches are still subject to the restrictions in section 501(c)(3) of the tax code. That means all churches are required to abide by 501(c)(3). And if you think about this logically, it makes sense. The way the federal tax code works is to begin from the assumption that all organizations are taxable unless they meet an exemption from taxation specified in the tax code. Thus, for a church to be considered exempt from taxation, it must meet a specific exemption under section 501(c) of the tax code. The specific exemption that churches fall under is section 501(c)(3). And this is where the problem arises because the restrictions on churches in 501(c)(3) are unconstitutional. The passage of the Johnson Amendment in 1954 added a restriction to 501(c)(3) that allows the IRS to censor a pastor’s sermon from the pulpit

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Jarrett’s Partisan Rant Should Put IRS Rule in Spotlight

Barry Lynn: “Did Obama Official Go Too Far in Atlanta Church Speech?”

White House Advisor Campaigns From a Church PulpitWhite House Advisor Campaigns From a Church Pulpit

Erik Stanley: Supreme Court Case Offers Protection for Pastors’ Sermons

Jarrett’s partisan pulpit speech may have violated IRS church-state rules

Valerie Jarrett Blasts Republicans from the Pulpit

Partisanship in the pulpit, then and now: Prohibition Johnson put through in 1954 could face court challenges

    National Catholic Reporter (12/28): This quietude of the courts could well change. The conservative Alliance Defense Fund recruited a group of more than 30 pastors to preach explicitly on the moral qualities of the candidates on Sunday, Sept. 28, 2008, which they deemed “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” As Mayer notes, the group “then made a list of the participating pastors and churches public, in effect daring the IRS to investigate them.” The Internal Revenue Service may be reluctant to get into a clash with a church, but at some point, the government must enforce its own laws, and a challenge to the constitutionality of the proscription on partisanship in the pulpits may come before the courts.

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Pastors Double-Dare the IRS | Christianity Today

How free are clergy to discuss politics from pulpit?

Erik Stanley: 60 Days and No Response from the IRS

FFRF contests Calif. pastor’s political endorsements

2011 Pulpit Freedom Sunday a Success | Dakota Voice

Family Policy Council starts campaign to help pastors register ‘pro-life and pro-family’ voters | Florida Independent

Threats target church after stand for Bible | WorldNetDaily

Campaign do’s and don’ts remain the same, but new mood seen in US |

Erik Stanley: Two Common Objections to Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Erik Stanley: “Pulpit Freedom Sunday 2011 – A Success By All Accounts”

Pastors hope for a louder, unrestricted voice in 2012 election

Recall lawyer: Churches helped circulate petitions against El Paso mayor, city reps

I-Team: Origin Of District Attorney’s Investigation Into Tom Brown Revealed

Pulpit Freedom Sunday Clarifies the Need for Clarity | OMB Watch

Legal Battles Continue For El Paso Mayor

Pastors defy IRS in defense of religious liberty | WorldNetDaily

    WorldNetDaily: A headline in the Washington Times – “IRS Has No Business Censoring Pastors – First Amendment Supersedes Tax Regulation” – accompanies attorney Erik Stanley’s article, which includes the following: “To even suggest that any governmental agency or official has the right to punish a pastor because of something he says from the pulpit is not only offensive but unconstitutional. No pastor should ever have to dance around an issue or self-censor his sermon because of an Internal Revenue Service rule. In America, we value everyone’s constitutionally protected right to free speech and free exercise of religion. Nonetheless, there exists just such an IRS rule. It’s known as the Johnson Amendment. Getting rid of it was the motivation behind the Alliance Defense Fund’s fourth annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday, which took place this past Sunday.

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