Judge keeps AZ rules intact limiting use of abortion-inducing drugs | AP

Multiple losses for Planned Parenthood in Ariz, Ala., Kan.

Appeals court upholds Texas pro-life law Wendy Davis opposed that closed abortion clinics | LifeNews

5th Circuit upholds Texas law protecting women from cut-and-run abortionists

ADF to W.Va. governor: Bill protecting babies from pain is sound

Casey Mattox: Missouri down to just one abortion business after Planned Parenthood closes | LifeNews

Supreme Court: AZ can’t strip Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funding

Supreme Court kills AZ law defunding Planned Parenthood | LifeSiteNews

AZ may not deny Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood, Supreme Court agrees | Christian Post

Supreme Court forces AZ residents to fund Planned Parenthood, abortions

Supreme Court ruling sides with Planned Parenthood | Arizona Daily Star

U.S. Supreme Court won’t revive Arizona abortion law | AP

US Supreme Court declines to hear lawsuit over taxpayer funding of abortions in Ariz.

Voter-approved bill, thwarted by Planned Parenthood, awaits court decision | OneNewsNow

Should parents be notified before child’s abortion? | Christian Post

Alaska Supreme Court to consider whether parents need to know when child seeks abortion

ACA mandate cases proceed in high court as for-profit firms, government file briefs | Bloomberg BNA

Abortion: Ultrasounds face off with webcams | Baptist Press

Steve Aden: Pro-life movement has been successful despite the Obama Administration

    Steve Aden at LifeNews: “Last week on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands of marchers soldiered together in near-zero wind chill temperatures to send an annual message of silent witness to the President, the Congress and especially the Supreme Court: that abortion is a great moral wrong, and will never be a “civil right;” and that we will continue to march, advocate, educate, counsel, legislate and litigate until every innocent life is protected in American law and culture.”

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NC judge throws out “Woman’s Right to Know Act” | Baptist Press

Supreme Court abortion case could impact NC

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Decision on Mass. case could end protest buffers in Pittsburgh | TribLive

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ADF attorney eyewitnessed ‘buffer law’ arguments before Supremes

SCOTUS hears abortion protest case today | The American Spectator

Do abortion clinic buffer zones protect public safety or restrict free speech? | Aden debate on PBS NewsHour

Justices weigh abortion ‘bubble zone’ law | CBN

U.S. Supreme Court takes up abortion protest case | Reuters

Supreme Court to decide if pro-life people have free speech at abortion clinics | LifeNews

U.S. Supreme Court takes up abortion protest case | CNews

High court won’t hear Ariz. abortion ban challenge | CBN

Abortion rights: Supreme Court leaves rejection of Arizona law in place (+video) | Christian Science Monitor

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Health Care Cases To Watch In 2014 | Law360.com

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10 best pro-life moments of 2013 | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

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Not “Stupid,” Just Duped | Steven H. Aden at Bell Towers

Taxpayers Shouldn’t Be Forced to Fund Abortion, ADF Declares in Arizona Debate | Christian Post

Arizona Asks Supreme Court to Uphold Pro-Life Law Stopping Tax-Funded Abortions

“Arizona Won’t Stop Trying To Defund Planned Parenthood” | Think Progress

Ariz. to US Supreme Court: Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund abortion | LifeSiteNews

Arizona again asks Supreme Court to look at abortion law | AZ Republic

Ariz. to US Supreme Court: Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund abortion

Scare tactics used to inhibit passing abortion law | One News Now

Roe v. Wade Was an “Abuse of Discretion,” Exercise in Raw Judicial Power | Steven Aden at LifeNews

Arizona law riding legal roller coaster in courts | One News Now

Arizona Takes Battle to Uphold Five-Month Abortion Ban to Supreme Court | Life News

USDA, Vermont pregnancy center settle religious liberty case | One News Now

Arizona loses bid to cut Planned Parenthood funds | San Francisco Chronicle

Court: Planned Parenthood can’t be cut from Medicaid | Howard Fischer Capitol Media on AZ Daily Sun

Doctors Support Oklahoma Law Protecting Women From Dangerous Abortion Drug | Life News

Culture Digest: California’s Brown vetoes egg donor bill | Baptist Press at Townhall

Will the GAO Really Investigate Planned Parenthood? | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

Planned Parenthood: $4 Billion in Tax Funding as 20% of Its Affiliates Committed Fraud | LifeNews

Winning Key Victories In The Legal Struggle To Preserve Life In America | Alan Sears

Arizona Health Dept. Numbers Show Hopeful Drop in Abortions | The New American

Federal Judge Rules City Can’t Thwart Mobile Ultrasound’s Efforts to ‘Save Lives of Unborn Children’ | Christian News Network

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Liberal California senator tries again with ‘Global Democracy’ bill | One News Now

Texas Planned Parenthood must reimburse $1.4 million in Medicaid fraud, calls charges ‘baseless’ | LifeSiteNews

Global Democracy Promotion Act not democratic | Alliance Defending Freedom