Steve Aden: Playing God with children’s lives in Britain

ADF: La. abortionists fail in attempt to sidestep safety laws

Abortion Biz Closes in Knoxville, Tennessee; Can’t Comply With Law

Nellie Gray Is Gone, But Her Work Continues | Steven Aden

AZ Moves to Protect Mothers, Abortion Lobby Cries Foul | Steve Aden

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Judge continues to block Mississippi abortion law

Mississippi Not Abortion Free Yet, Judge Let’s Clinic Stay Open Again

ADF: Hearing today in lawsuit over Miss. bill that protects women’s health

ObamaCare decision does not stop fight against abortion pill mandate

Steve Aden on World Magazine Podcast: The World and Everything In It

Rally for Religious Liberty Will Be Held Saturday at the Hawaii Capitol

Court Puts Religious Freedom on Life Support

Steve Aden: The President and Planned Parenthood Go To School

Steven H. Aden: More and More People Choosing Life

Last Abortion Clinic in Mississippi Struggling to Stay Open

Steven Aden: Americans Who Weren’t Aborted Increasingly Oppose Abortion

GOP foiled as funds flow to Planned Parenthood | Washington Times

Steven Aden: Is it Cannibalism Yet?

“Bowl-a-Thon” Raises Over $400K for Abortions | The New American

Texas Judge Grants Emergency Stay Against Planned Parenthood | Christian Post

ADF comment on decision that lets TX exclude Planned Parenthood from health program

Steve Aden: Bowling Strikes For Abortion Rights

ADF attorney available to media at embryonic stem cell research hearing Monday

Steve Aden: Is Planned Parenthood a Secondhand Dispenser of Federal Funds?

$1 billion at stake if anti-abortion law passes, state officials warn | Nashua Telegraph

Steve Aden: Post-Abortion Baby Parts Now a Booming Business

WA court upholds religious conscience rights of pharmacists | Oregon Faith Report

Steve Aden: Geneva College fights back to protect conscience rights

Steve Aden: Planned Parenthood Poised to Get Even Richer Thanks to ObamaCare

Planned Parenthood fraud charges: Taxpayers funding abortions | Washington Times

Steven Aden: Mandates, Planned Parenthood, and the Battle for Conscience Over Subservience

Supreme Court Told ObamaCare Makes Americans Fund Abortions |

Komen V.P. Resigns Over Planned Parenthood Coercion | The New American

Planned Parenthood Still In Cross Hairs | New Hampshire Public Radio

‘Waste, abuse, and potential fraud’ |

Komen exec quits charity over dispute | USA Today

Policing Planned Parenthood | Washington Times

ADF: Planned Parenthood abuses, American taxpayer loses

Steven Aden: Roe v. Wade: Killing Dreams Since January 1973

Steven Aden: Planned Parenthood Now Exporting Genocide | Townhall

Steven Aden: Texas Gives Women a Choice, Planned Parenthood Goes Apoplectic | Townhall

Steven Aden: Planned Parenthood Made Me Rich, and All I Got Was a Nagging Conscience

Steve Aden: The Rich Get Richer (If You Are Talking About Planned Parenthood)

Steven Aden: Abortion in a Bottle for all Girls 17 and up

Steven Aden: Planned Parenthood’s Recipe for Holiday Cheer Includes Abortion

Bill would ban sex and race-selection abortions | Baptist Press

Congressman Introduces Bill to Ban Sex- and Race-based Abortions | The New American

So. Dakota’s ‘informed consent’ still under scrutiny

LA abortionists fighting health, safety standards

Law Telling Women of Abortion-Suicide Link Back in Court | LifeNews

ADF: Will 5th Circuit uphold dismissal of challenge to La. abortion clinic regulations?

Steven Aden: A Planned Parenthood Christmas

Lawmaker Wants Gender, Race-Based Abortions Banned | CBN

Hearing to Focus on Sex-Selection, Race-Based Abortion Ban | LifeNews

ADF attorney to testify before Congress in favor of bill banning sex- and race-based abortions

Steven Aden: My iPhone won’t help me kill my baby

Congressional Bill Bans Sex-Selection, Race-Based Abortions | The Alliance Defense Fund, a pro-life law firm, worked with Franks’ staff on a previous version of the measure. “No one should be allowed to decide that an innocent life is worthless, least of all because a child isn’t of the preferred sex or race,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Steven Aden told “There is nothing constitutionally protected or medically necessary about an abortion that takes place because a child is not the preferred sex or race. And there is nothing in the law or the Constitution that prohibits America from joining other civilized nations in prohibiting such barbaric procedures,” he said. “ADF commends Rep. Franks for his leadership in affirming the rule of law’s protection for every American, regardless of race or gender, beginning in the womb,” said Aden in 2009 when it was previously introduced.

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