Why RFRA? Because all Americans have rights of conscience

Anti-religion group launches campaign against college basketball chaplains

ADF: Sports team chaplains aren’t unconstitutional

UGA students’ freedom no longer stuck in the ‘speech zone’

U. of Georgia abandons free speech zones

University of Georgia revises ‘free speech zone’ and ‘speech permit’ policies

Reserve command: Release on mission trip will stay up

Restricted free-speech zones unacceptable on college campus

Court to consider U. of Ga. limitation on most speech to less than 1 percent of campus

First Amendment turned on its head over religious speech

College orders student to ‘dumb down’ religious show

College won’t perform Christian play unless it’s dumbed down, says student

Drama students prohibited from performing because of ‘offensive’ Christian message

‘Dumb down’ drama’s ‘offensive religious message’ or else, says college adviser

Eleven free speech controversies at American universities

ADF hopes Penn States follows U.S. Navy over Bible removal

Penn State University pulling Gideon Bibles from guest rooms following complaint

Yes, the Bible is constitutional, attorneys assure Penn State

Professor receives justice after years of battling discrimination

Conservative UNC prof wins promotion, back pay in academic-freedom fight

A conservative professor’s long quest for justice ends in victory

It’s over: University settles First Amendment lawsuit with professor after seven years

Conservative professor granted promotion after seven-year battle

A conservative professor’s long quest for justice ends in victory

After denying promotion to conservative prof, UNC must pay his $700k legal tab

Court tells VA community colleges to loosen free-speech rules

Costs mount for NC school in discrimination case

University must pay $700,000 legal bill for retaliating against Christian prof

UNCW criminology professor wins case, UNCW to pay $700,000+ in legal fees

Judge rules UNCW must pay professor $700,000 for legal fees

University sticks taxpayers with $700,000 bill for retaliating against conservative professor

Va. Christian student wins free speech lawsuit; 23 college campuses agree to change policy

Biblical viewpoint grounds for discrimination? UNCW thinks so

University appeals bias ruling for conservative prof

UNC’s Nichol not the only professor fighting academic freedom battle

    News Observer: “Like Nichol, Mike Adams, who writes a column for the conservative website Townhall.com, does not mince words. Writing with sarcasm and barbed humor, he attacks feminists, advocates of gun control and other liberal targets. He does not hesitate to write pointedly about administrators at UNCW. Certain that the university denied his promotion because he had expressed unpopular views, Adams sued UNCW in 2007. His lawsuit, supported by the Alliance Defending Freedom, argued that when he was an atheist and a liberal, his department praised and promoted him, but when his views changed, he lost favor and was denied promotion in retaliation for his columns. He has been conducting this lawsuit for seven years.”

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