Court rules in favor of public school district sued by teachers for contracting with Christian school

In the Windy City, a fresh breeze of justice

6th Circuit: Tenn. school district can contract with Christian academy to run non-religious program

In court, city will learn to respect church

Court ruling allows Empire State officials to leave life off their plate

Judge turns sarcastic – rips Chicago’s attack on ministry

Chicago loses big battle in 10-year case against inner-city Christian ministry

DMV rejection of license plate found reasonable

Court rules New York can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive,’ bans Choose Life license plates in New York

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Court: ‘Choose Life’ slogan ‘patently offensive’

Federal court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive’

Appeals Court rules New York may ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates for fear of road rage

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Embryonic stem cells sold on black market for plastic surgery

NY can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates as DMV program upheld

2nd Circuit rejects ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Hungarian court condemns black market sales of aborted fetal parts for cosmetic use

Court finds people guilty of harvesting cells from aborted babies for use in cosmetics

Hungarian court strongly rules against black market of aborted babies

Both sides confident of win in Tree of Life appeal

Sixth Circuit hears Tree of Life appeal

ADF to 6th Circuit: Ohio city’s zoning code should not punish Christian school

Obama admin faces questions over ‘secret’ grant it made to Planned Parenthood

NH pro-life group asks Supreme Court to stop HHS stonewalling protecting Planned Parenthood

Lethal injections: a prescription for state religious freedom laws

Federal court in Tenn. upholds prayer before public meetings

The Geneva College Case: Edelweiss and rights of conscience today–Guest Essayist: Kevin Theriot

Appeals court to hear Tree of Life arguments

Christian college asks court: Please don’t let Obama admin force us to obey HHS mandate

ADF to 3rd Circuit: US Supreme Court decision protects Geneva College from violating its beliefs

Kentucky has religious freedom law similar to one causing furor ahead of Final Four in Indiana

Indiana religious freedom discussion rekindles debate in Ky.

Canada Supreme Court: Catholic schools have a right to teach church views

Top Court rules Quebec infringed on high school’s religious freedom

Canadian Supreme Court: Gov. can’t force Catholic schools to teach contrary to its beliefs

Canadian Supreme Court: Govt can’t force Catholic school to teach contrary to its beliefs

‘You will print my t-shirt!’ Business owner will tell judge today why he can’t

Lawsuit against national pro-life group dies at the Sixth Circuit Court

ADF to Ky. court: Uphold printers’ freedom to print or not print

Kentucky print shop owner fights compelled speech and reeducation order

Judge throws out Ohio Rep Steve Driehaus defamation appeals against pro-life group

Court rules for pro-life group’s free speech rights against pro-abortion Congressman

Appeals court rejects former congressman’s lawsuit against pro-life group

Time for SCOTUS to stop ‘gov’t scheme’ from promoting abortion

Appeals court rules against Geneva College in Obamacare abortion drug case

Contraception, Round Two: A new wave of lawsuits tests insurance mandate

Pharmacists forced to pay legal bill after activists tried to make them sell abortion pills

Exemption from HHS mandate reversed for Christian college, Catholic dioceses

ADF attorneys may appeal ruling forcing Christian college to provide access to abortion pills

High Price for Pro-Life Family: The Stormans family needs your help

Canadian Supreme Court opens very narrow door to doctor-prescribed death

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Churches wait for SCOTUS to attend to use of school facilities

NYC continues fight to keep churches from meeting in public schools