7 BigLaw Firms to Work for if You Want the Big Bucks

Eugenics Still Alive and Well in 2012| Mike Norton at the American Thinker

Clinton to Step Down Probably ‘Days’ After Inauguration

Three Florida State Supreme Court Justices Could Leave the Bench

    FedSoc Blog: On Monday, November 5, SLF, on behalf of another Florida citizen and taxpayer, filed an original action in the Florida Supreme Court asking the Court to issue a writ of quo warranto regarding the actions of Secretary of State Ken Detzner in determining the Justices “qualified” to be placed on the ballot. The argument is not one of conduct, but instead contends that none of the three justices lawfully qualified for the retention election and that the secretary of state failed to properly carry out his constitutional and administrative duties in the matter.

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ABA Recognizes LGBT Lawyers with Stonewall Awards

Supreme Court Weighing Genetic Privacy

Republican Tim Fox wins race for Montana Attorney General

“Democracy and Gay Marriage: Voters are changing as the culture shifts”

Senate, House Dems face tough election fundamentals in 2014

In Law School Talk, Eric Holder Assesses His Future Plans

Presidential Preferences of George Mason Law Students

Voters retain all AZ judges

Win Offers President Time to Shape Court | Jess Bravin at WSJ

“States’ Votes for Gay Marriage Are Timely, With Justices Ready to Weigh Cases” | Adam Liptak at NYT

    Adam Liptak at NYT: The victories for same-sex marriage on Tuesday, the first ones achieved at the ballot box rather than through courts or legislatures, are evidence of a remarkable shift in public opinion. They are also exceptionally timely data points for the Supreme Court . . . The justices tend to say they are not influenced by public opinion. But they do sometimes take account of state-by-state trends, and the latest developments will not escape their notice . . . “It bolsters our case,” said Brian S. Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage. “It’s very difficult to say you need a federal resolution of this question if states are resolving it for themselves.”

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President Barack Obama’s victory is good news for two judicial nominees in Oklahoma

Ohio Supreme Court: 2 incumbent justices sent packing by voters

Obama Victory Could Spell End Of Conservative Supreme Court

Washington: McCloud wins state Supreme Court seat; foils Sanders’ comeback bid

Alabama: Roy Moore wins chief justice race

3 Florida justices win retention bids

Scalia on Restoring Constitution: ‘I Don’t Know That I’m Optimistic’ (includes video)

Ballot Votes to Watch

“Iowa vote seen as gay marriage test”

Wash. bar pushing marriage redefinition with fees of objectors | Alliance Defending Freedom

WA: 42 attorneys object to state bar association’s support of Ref. 74, the bar responds

    Seattle Times: In a letter responding to the members, the board’s president said the organization has consistently found that issues like Ref. 74 do affect the practice of law and the administration of justice. It said Keller does not prohibit the bar from taking positions on any issue, but rather forbids it from using mandatory member fees to support such positions. It offered the attorneys the option of deducting from their dues an amount ranging from 98 cents to $6.40 . . . Bellevue attorney Chris Evans, who wrote the letter on behalf of the others, called the board’s endorsement “mission creep.” | The Washington State Bar Response Letter

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Moore, Vance battle for Alabama chief justice

IN: Opposition Mounts To Retaining State Supreme Court Justice

U.S. Supreme Court: Pro-Life Demonstrator Was Prevailing Party for Attorney Fee Award

Nevada Judge Seeks Go-ahead In Abortion Case

The Sound New Social Science Judges Should Heed | Matthew J. Franck at National Review

    Matthew J. Franck at National Review: Regnerus’s research exploded the “no differences” thesis to which advocates of same-sex marriage have clung–that is, the thesis that children do just as well being raised by parents in such relationships as they do being raised by their own biological, married parents who stay together for the long haul. Furious at his dissent from their unwarranted “consensus,” Regnerus’s critics lashed out at him with everything from reasonable (but misplaced) criticisms of his research to vicious attacks on him as a person. One of the more temperate critics of Regnerus has been David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values . . .

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“Romney’s Gay-Marriage Boost in Iowa: Social conservatives turning out to remove a judge may deliver the state to Romney.”

ACLU of Indiana Challenges Marion County Judicial Election System

Circuit Split Watch: Former Federal Judge Seeks Restitution for Child Porn Victims

At D.C. Pro Bono Celebration, New York Judge Defends Bar Admission Rule

Iowa joins Texas in warning international observers of arrest

FBI investigating Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway

What Nov. 6 means for the Supreme Court | Erwin Chemerinsky at LA Times

Republicans target three Florida Supreme Court justices

Michigan’s Supreme Showdown: Unions try to depose conservative justices at the ballot box.

Irked at Loss in Commandeering Cases, John Paul Stevens Proposes Constitutional Change

Judges who redefine marriage will answer to the ‘We the People’ | Alan Sears at the Washington Times

Speaker: Supreme Court decisions push U.S. toward secularism | TribLive

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Pelander fights effort to oust him

TX: 3 seats up for grabs on state’s highest civil court

Groups battle over how to pick judges in Missouri

Federalist Papers Mark 225 Years Of Prominence

Christian Political Group Urges Votes Against Illinois Judge Because of Decision Against Catholic Charities

SCOTUS for law students: Handling stay applications

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Take Up Oklahoma Personhood Initiative Case

AZ: Group seeks election ouster of Supreme Court justice

AZ: Evangelical group plays key role in ballot propositions

Iowa: Judge Calls Mistrial On 1 Claim in Law Prof. Bias Trial

St. Thomas’ new dean recognizes the challenges

    National Law Journal: The University of St. Thomas School of Law has named Robert Vischer as its new dean, effective on January 1. Vischer, now associate dean for academic affairs, has taught at the Roman Catholic-affiliated law school since 2005. He replaces Thomas Mengler, who stepped down in May to assume the deanship at St. Mary’sUniversity School of Law. Professor Neil Hamilton has been serving as interim dean.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia warns against ‘living’ Constitution

Texas AG Tells International Election Monitors to Butt Out

Judicial elections threaten justice

If courts overstep, citizens must act: Are we supposed to do nothing when judges rewrite the law?

5th Circuit upholds Federal ban on handgun sales to people under 21

“2 Men Acquitted Under New Us Gay Hate Crime Law”

Jurors Deliberate For 3rd Day In Law School Trial

Justice Ginsburg Backtracks From Racist Abortion Comments

Scholarship highlight: How the Justices move the law | Richard Hasen at SCOTUS Blog

    Richard Hasen at SCOTUS Blog: I leave to others the question whether the Roberts Court empirically engages in more (stealth) overruling than earlier groups of Supreme Court Justices did and, even if it does so, whether a higher overruling rate is grounds for condemnation. Instead, the more modest aim of my Essay in the Emory Law Journal is to catalog additional tools that Supreme Court Justices can use beyond
    express and stealth overruling to move the law. I also explain why Justices might choose to use one, rather than another, of these tools to move the law.

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Why It Matters: 1 New Justice Could Change A Lot

Judgepedia: State by State coverage of judicial elections

    The writers and researchers of Judgepedia.org have dedicated the most recent edition of the weekly JP Election Brief to coverage of the 31 state Supreme Court races that will be decided in November. States included in the report are Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota,Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas,Washington and West Virginia. Also covered are the judicial retention elections in Florida and Iowa – two races that, despite being retention elections, are of particular import.

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Next president could decide Roe’s future | Florida Baptist Witness

“Iowa Court Official Accused Of Gay Marriage Fraud”

The Third Year of Law School and a Comment on Credentialing, Education, and Grades in Higher Education

Many Strict Election Laws Blocked Or Delayed

Yet Another Debate that Ignores Judicial Nominations

Law prof denied job because of pro-life, pro-family activism: lawsuit