Washington high court justices Owens, Gonzalez retain seats

American Bar Association Condemns Religious Profiling

Two tapped for NM Supreme Court vacancy

Tough Choices For Law Schools Amid Jobs Crisis

    AP: The University of Virginia, a top-ranked law school, hired 17 percent of its 377 graduates in 2011. The school has a 95 percent rate of fulltime employment in positions requiring bar admission. Subtract those graduates whose salaries are being paid by their alma mater, and it drops to 78 percent. “It’s a Ponzi scheme, in almost a literal sense,” said Paul Campos, who teaches at the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder. “You’re taking money from current students and paying it to unemployed graduates.”

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Federal judge rules State Supreme Court can’t intervene in Louisiana Chief Justice dispute

    NOLA.com: Federal District Court Judge Susie Morgan ruled Monday that the state Supreme Court, per se, cannot intervene in a case being brought by Supreme Court Justice Bernette Johnson and the original plaintiffs in the Chisum voting rights lawsuit. Johnson and the Chisum plaintiffs are attempting to keep the Supreme Court from pursuing a process to determine whether Johnson is entitled to be the court’s next chief justice, a matter they feel is already settled in Johnson’s favor.

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The myth of New Jersey’s ‘balanced’ court

    NJ.com: But Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said recently he would hold hearings for Christie’s next two nominees only “as long as one’s a Democrat” and “as long as the need for partisan balance is recognized and continued.” While “partisan balance” sounds like a noble aspiration, in practice this unwritten rule has more often than not served to entrench a 4-3 Democratic majority. Over the 65-year history of the modern Supreme Court, Republicans have held a sustained four-member majority only twice.

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Tipping the Scales: Roberts the Revolutionary?

Iowa Gov: Citizens have right to express views in Supreme Court Justice retention vote

Why Do Federal Judges Retire? More Income Is Top Answer

9th Circuit Conference Back On

Clint Bolick: The seismic non-issue in the presidential campaign: Supreme Court nominations

Senate GOP, Again, Blocks D.C. Circuit Nominee

Justice Department: California should not let illegal immigrant practice law

Charles Freid: “The June surprises: Balls, strikes, and the fog of war”

Senate Confirms Judge for Michigan District; Committee Okays Three Others

“Courts mull whether illegal immigrants can be licensed to practice law”

TN: Little-noticed order reverses ban against judges’ political donations

Young on the Roberts Court and federal preemption

Congress Relinquishes Its Power To Approve Some Presidential Appointments

Iowa GOP chairman calls for ouster of Supreme Court Justice Wiggins over marriage redefinition

Devine beats Medina in GOP race for Texas Supreme Court

National Journal’s Most Influential Women

GOP kills move to confirm Oklahoman to appeals court post

Nearly unanimous NJ legislature and governor: Voters to decide question of judicial benefits despite Supreme Court

    NJ.com: The bipartisan action was a swift and decisive smackdown of last week’s state Supreme Court decision saying a law requiring higher payments was unconstitutional for Superior Court judges and Supreme Court justices. Only three of the 93 Assembly and Senate members who came to Trenton on Monday voted no.

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Federal Court finds Obama appointees interfered with New Black Panther prosecution

More Law Schools Haggle on Scholarships

Florida AG Pam Bondi mentioned as being on Romney VP short list

Okla. Sen. Coburn considers voting against GOP to confirm Oklahoma nominee

Senate could vote on judicial nominee Monday

TX: Endorsements point to sharp differences in state Supreme Court hopefuls

N.J. lawmakers look to bypass court’s judge pension ruling in special session

NYT: A Poor Excuse to Block Judges

Judge In Zombie Muhammad Case Reprimanded: Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board confirms ‘private rebuke’

Filling the Eleventh Circuit vacancies

Republicans hit Justice Department on voter ID

Deal appoints 2 new judges to Ga. Court of Appeals

Middle position on Medicare appeals

U.S. Senate Confirms Shipp to District Court of NJ

Report: Judge in Illinois marriage case “is a lesbian”

Justice Department Investigates Pennsylvania Voter ID Law

Ottawa County Patriots hosts judicial forum Tuesday

David J. Hacker: Alliance Defending Freedom Clients Honored for Their Activism

District Court Dismisses Lawsuit Brought By Former Students Against Cooley Law for Misleading Job Stats

Scalia Offers Up 57 Varieties for Interpreting Legal Texts

Election of Supreme importance to Court’s future

Christie’s likely choice for high court has a way with Democrats and Republicans alike

NPR: Obama’s Judicial Nominees Face Slowed Confirmation Process

Law schools reduce classes as applications drop in wake of fewer legal jobs

Paul Clement, prolific in high court arguments, reviews latest term

For Cruz, Supreme Court Work at Heart of Campaign

Political notebook: Judges retreat from lawsuit over judge selection

MN: Lawyer group backs marriage amendment

Oklahoma legal leaders urge Sens. Tom Coburn and Jim Inhofe to seek vote on state’s judicial nominee

Calif. AG endorses illegal immigrant’s bid for law license

Starting salaries continue to slide as big firm opportunities dry up

Rule of law provides equal protection: Trouble mounts when government breaks its own edicts

    Andrew P. Napolitano at the Washington Times: We live in perilous times. The president acts above the rule of law and fights his own wars. Congress acts below the rule of law by letting the president do whatever he can get away with. And this summer, the Supreme Court rewrote the rule of law. What do we do about it?

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Scalia says no ‘falling out’ with Roberts

Scholarly Impact of Law School Faculties in 2012: Applying Leiter Scores to Rank the Top Third

As Partisan Rancor Persists, Senate Votes to Confirm New Jersey Judicial Nominee

Christie set to nominate former federal, state prosecutor to N.J. Supreme Court

Thomson Reuters Lines Up Against Minnesota Marriage Amendment

9th Circuit Cancels 2013 Judges’ Conference

Iowa Supreme Court character after upheaval coming into focus

    Quad City Times: Bob Vander Plaats, who led the campaign to oust the three judges in 2010, said the unanimity of the court doesn’t bother him . . . He added that the organization hasn’t yet decided if the organization is going to mount a campaign against Wiggins, who is up for retention in November. “We don’t get all hung up on who is a liberal judge and who is a conservative judge,” Vander Plaats said. “We want judges who follow the Constitution.”

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Republicans Turn Against John Roberts, U.S. Supreme Court

Lawyers’ Committee Supports Louisiana Judge’s Claim to Become Chief Justice

ABA: Law schools getting the message on practical skills

5th Circuit reinstates stiff sanctions against lawyer in porn copyright troll suit

Is Hiring New Grads In House the Wave of the Future?

    Findlaw: Law firms have long been the training ground for new attorneys while in-house positions are generally for associates with several years of experience. The rationale is that new graduates don’t have the practical skills to dive into legal practice. In-house counsel don’t have time to provide training on both how to be corporate counsel AND how to practice corporate law. But that problem might be solved as more law schools focus on practical coursework.

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Ed. Law Challenges Loom After Health-Care Ruling

Alliance Defense Fund Changes Name to Alliance Defending Freedom | Christian Post