Longtime Faculty Member Diane Wood is New Chief Judge of Seventh Circuit

Blacks lack presence on federal appellate court | Leslie Proll of the NAACP

“Justice Kennedy Offers Views on Shutdown, Congress and Gay Marriage”

The Chief Justice looks for a compromise on contribution caps? This morning’s argument in Plain English

The Oklahoman Endorses Move Away from Missouri Plan

U.S. Supreme Court appears wary of broad campaign finance ruling

U.S. Justice Kennedy visits Penn law school

Court returns to campaign finance reform: Today’s oral argument in Plain English

Shutdown Delays Judicial Confirmation Process

Duke panel will dissect abortion legislation

Speaking of the Scalia Interview… Three Originalists on the Harvard Faculty?

Thomas More Society celebrates 15 years on the front line of the culture wars | Chicago Tribune

Supreme Court can rescue another freedom in a campaign cash case | George F. Will at Wash. Post

Number of Female Harvard Law Review Editors Nearly Doubled in First Gender-Based Affirmative Action Cycle

Supreme Court Declines to Decide When Online Speech Becomes an Illegal Threat

WA: Judge Admonished For Publicly Refusing To Perform Same-Sex Marriages

In new term, Supreme Court may steer to right on key social issues

11 Supreme Court Cases That Could Change The U.S. In The Coming Year

Kagan: Confirmation Process ‘Sort Of Broken’

Kennedy: Too Many Disputes Left For Court, Should Not Be in Functioning Democracy

Gallup: Americans Still Divided on Approval of U.S. Supreme Court

SCOTUS open for business at least through Oct. 11

Scalia talks faith, urges Christians to remain courageous

Supreme Court To Hold Arguments Despite Shutdown

A reflective Justice Breyer: Longtime jurist explains inner workings of Supreme Court

    Harvard Gazette: There are roughly 8,000 cases pointed toward the court each year, said Breyer, who broke down some of the court’s internal workings. Four law clerks for each justice review the cases and write detailed memos about each petition. The justices then review those memos and choose which ones to hear in a process that requires four votes to grant a writ of certiorari, or judicial review. The final list typically includes about 80 cases.

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Analysis: Delaware’s corporate courts on brink of big change

Court remains open to visitors

“Justice Scalia says has not expressed view on gay marriage”

NC Republicans Vow To Fight US DOJ Over Voter Laws

Weinstein’s Wild Whining

The Supreme Court’s Key Role in Polarizing American Politics

Republicans Tap New Talent to Argue Key Campaign Case

New questions raised about South Carolina federal court nominee

Sen. Mike Lee: Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling a “Lawless Act”

Is the FISA Court constitutional?

    Andrew Napolitano at Fox News: What we learned makes it self-evident that the FISA Court itself is unconstitutional. The Constitution establishes a limited federal government, which includes a limited federal judiciary. Because the Framers feared that federal judges might act as super-legislatures and go about declaring unconstitutional whatever legislation or presidential actions displeased them, they wrote into Article III of the Constitution the absolute prerequisite of the existence of a case or controversy before the jurisdiction of any federal court could be invoked.

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Windsor and the Problem with Rights of Recognition

“Utahn lauded as 10th Circuit appeals court pick”

Real Judicial Restraint

The Obama Administration and (Future) Feeder Judges

KY Court Says Spousal Privilege Does Not Apply Vt. Civil Union

Obama nominates three to federal judgeships

    Boston Globe: Addressing long-term vacancies in federal courthouses in Massachusetts, the White House is set to nominate three lawyers for judgeships, including the nomination of Hampden District Attorney Mark G. Mastroianni to a US District Court post in Springfield. The White House is also recommending attorney Indira Talwani to sit on the US District Court in Boston, and has tapped Harvard Law School professor David Jeremiah Barron for appointment to the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

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Senate Democrats Not Hearing from Ted Cruz’s Grassroots Army Yet

“Rubio Withdraws Support for Gay Black Judge’s Nomination to the Federal Bench”

‘Senate confirms lesbian attorney for judgeship”

OH: “Clermont lawmaker: Impeach judge in same-sex marriage case”

2013 Supreme Court Roundup | Michael McConnell at First Things

    Michael McConnell at First Things: The United States Supreme Court has two personalities. In the vast majority of cases on its docket, those involving criminal law, business regulation, statutory interpretation, freedom of speech, procedure, jurisdiction, and other technical but important legal questions, the Supreme Court acts like a court of law—a good one. The justices achieve a remarkable degree of consensus and craft opinions that are clear, persuasive, and well grounded in text, history, and precedent. This is true even in hard cases, where there are good arguments on both sides. No one will agree with every decision, but no fair-minded observer could doubt that decisions are based on conscientious legal reasoning.

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“Senate unanimously confirms first openly gay federal circuit judge”

Ninth Circuit Holds Annual Law Clerk Orientation

Supreme Court may strike new blow to campaign funding laws

In secret, Fisa court contradicted US supreme court on constitutional rights

About 2,000 petitions await Supreme Court’s return

Obama Makes Another Judicial Nomination Push

Abortion Nation: America is only 1 of 4 countries to allow abortions post-viability.

NJ ‘Joking Judge’ Resigns After Losing Ruling

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas visits University of Portland

NJ’s High Court Rules Against ‘Joking Judge’

Senate Panel OKs Obama Judge Who Said Abortion Frees Women From “Conscription Into Maternity”

Everyday heroes etched in Supreme Court history

“The untold risks of the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decisions” | Tom Goldstein at SCOTUS Blog

Law firm incubators help both grads and needy clients, Fred Rooney says

    ABA Journal: Rooney used the position to start filling a gaping hole in the law–access for all to legal services–and created a program to train lawyers serving poor and moderate-income clients to become not just good advocates but smart businesspeople too. “We started a network where we had full-time staff to provide to graduates developing small and solo firms the kinds of services they’d get if they were at a large firm,” he says. “It was the beginning of a movement in the United States to support graduates.”

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Associate Salaries Essentially Flat Since 2007

“Senate Confirms Lesbian as Judge of U.S. Court of Federal Claims”

The Low-Tech U.S. Supreme Court

FISA judge: no company has challenged phone records orders

“Gay bias in jury selection: Appeals court to consider issue in fight between drug giants”

Justice Antonin Scalia says constitution not meant to answer moral questions

IRS workers turn to elite D.C. lawyers for defense

Scalia Chides ‘Activist’ Colleagues on Eve of Constitution Day