California forces churches to fund abortions

Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

Victory: Court rules in favor of Ave Maria School of Law against HHS mandate

Catholic law school not forced to comply with abortion pill mandate

DC bill would force pro-life groups to cover elective abortion in health insurance

Washington D.C. city council tries to force pro-life groups to pay for abortions

Three views: Do the Common Core education standards endanger religious freedom?

Defending churches: ADF challenges government assaults on religious freedom

Churches sue California over abortion coverage mandate

US civil rights commissioner to Houston mayor: Withdraw subpoenas of pastors

Muzzling cultural dissent, at home and abroad

ADF offers guidance to NC, Ariz., Idaho, Nev. officials responsible for issuing marriage licenses

City of Coeur d’Alene confirms for-profit wedding chapel violates ordinance

In America: Houston officials subpoena sermon notes, private communications from local pastors

So, the Hitching Post updated its website. And your point is?

Govt tells Christian ministers: Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, fines

Houston still doesn’t get it with ‘revised’ subpoenas

    ADF Media: “The city of Houston still doesn’t get it. It thinks that by changing nothing in its subpoenas other than to remove the word ‘sermons’ that it has solved the problem. That solves nothing. Even though the pastors are not parties in this lawsuit, the subpoenas still demand from them 17 different categories of information – information that encompasses speeches made by the pastors and private communications with their church members. As we have stated many times, the problem is the subpoenas themselves; they must be rescinded entirely. The city must respect the First Amendment and abandon its illegitimate mission to invade the private communications of pastors for the purpose of strong-arming them into silence in a lawsuit that concerns nothing more than the authenticity of citizen petitions.” -Erik Stanley

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Putting it in writing

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City unjustly zones out Fla. church; trial begins Wednesday

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No ‘accommodation’: new abortion-pill mandate scheme still violates religious freedom

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