New Zealand: Labour’s Euthanasia Bill – A Very Real Threat to the Elderly

‘Heads should roll’: Pro-life leaders react to U.S. Bishops agency’s funding of abortion giant PSI

Islamic And Secular Laws Clash In Nigeria’s Senate

Global Democracy Promotion Act not democratic | Alliance Defending Freedom

Myanmar’s Radical Monk Blames Bombing On Muslims

Christian Girls Being Snatched by Islamist Traffickers

Study: 2.6 Billion of World Population Expected to Be Christian by 2020

Repeat abortions reach record high in latest stats

PM ‘misleads’ over web porn crackdown

More Than 1,000 Show Up For Haiti Anti-gay Protest

Dozens of Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria

“International Olympic Committee warns Russia after anti-gay law”

Egypt: Coptic leader suspends public audiences, fearful of violence

British Appeals Court Upholds Asylum Denial; Returning Boy To Be Circumcised and Rasied As Muslim Does Not Violate His Rights

Why religious freedom is inseparable from progress in the Middle East

    Andrew Doran at Washington Post: Christians, the largest religious minority in the Middle East, are now departing from their ancestral homelands in record numbers. The causes are many, but are principally related to the rise of extremism, persecution and the perception that Middle Eastern Christians ought to be associated with the West – despite the fact that most Western Christians are either unaware of their existence or feel no cultural bonds with them. It is a trend that Western policymakers should find troubling. Religious uniformity is the goal of the extremists, who wish to remake the Muslim world in the image of Saudi Arabia. With each Christian who is killed or driven out, they are a step closer.

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Pakistani Christian violently attacked for protecting his daughters

Uzbekistan: Pensioners owning Koran and Bibles fined over two years pension

    Forum 18: After coordinated police raids on four Protestant-owned homes in a village near Uzbekistan’s capital Tashkent, two pensioners in their sixties and two other local Protestants had Christian and other literature seized from their homes, Forum 18 News Service has learnt. In late June, the four home-owners were fined a combined total of 230 times Uzbekistan’s official minimum monthly wage for having the Koran, Bibles, as well as other works including a non-religious book by American author Dale Carnegie.

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‘Madrassas are emptying’ for final US fighting season in Afghanistan

UK: Judges stumped over whether Scientology can be ruled religion

“Book a Vacation at a Divorce Hotel and End Your Marriage in Luxury” | Daily Beast

Kenyan Men Panic Over Rights for Women in Marriage Bill | AllAfrica (Reuters)

Publication Of A Study On “abortion And The European Convention On Human Rights”

UK: Challenge issues to Archbishop over Lords vote on marriage redefinition

UK MPs: Abortions being carried out for cleft palates

Researchers Acknowledge Abortion-Preterm Birth Link

Countries Reject Declaration of Homosexual Rights at OSCE

U.S. Ambassador to Egypt: “Muslim Brotherhood’s Lackey”

The Egyptian coup and the fate of political Islam | Imam Zaid Shakir at Aljazeera

Britain throws book at preacher for reading Bible verses | Washington Times Editorial

Argentine Jews Demand Justice From Iran In Bombing

“Gay marriage: Britain, France in surprise contrast” | Boston Globe (AP)

Committee Of Ministers Of The Council Of Europe: No Consensus On Abortion

UK: 90% of Down’s syndrome babies are aborted

Can Islam Embrace Religious Freedom? Can Religious Freedom Undermine Islamist Terrorism? Is the U.S. State Department Witless?

Malaysia: papal envoy voices regrets for uproar over using ‘Allah’

Orissa: Catholic nun gang raped

Attacks increase against Egyptian Christians (includes video)

Egypt: Charity head appeals for peace after sudden increase in attacks on Christians

Conference of European Churches moving to Brussels, closer to EU offices

Cold Canadian Front: Threats to religious liberty in Canada show what may be in store for the United States | World Mag

    J.C. Derrick at World Magazine: The Christian leaders I spoke with know that religious freedom in Canada is still far better than in many countries around the world, but they’re also aware of the slow ebb of infringement upon liberties once enjoyed. Several stressed the need for Christians to affirm what they support, instead of stating what they are against, to help alleviate the tension. But Benjamin Bull, chief counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom Global, told me that alone won’t stem the tide: “They sound very much like the cautious Jews in Germany in 1935, who said, ‘Let’s just keep our heads down and be good citizens and all of this will blow over.’ I’m not equating the Holocaust to what’s happening, but it’s extraordinarily dangerous not to confront [the growing threat].” [more]

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Queen Elizabeth II gives royal approval to marriage redefinition

UK: Religion vs sex: sex wins again

Echr: Respect For The Church’s Freedom Justifies The Non-recognition By The State Of A Priests’ Union

‘Freedom of choice’?: Radicals push for forced abortion of pregnant 11-yr-old Chilean rape victim

Pro-Life Victory: Philippines Supreme Court Suspends RH Law Implementation

Children Causing Climate Change?

UK: “First gay marriages to take place next summer after legislation clears House of Lords”

Turkish and Arab political Islam ‘differ in secularism’

UK new curriculum revised to include Islam history

Egypt’s Brotherhood Rallies as U.S. Envoy Urges Dialogue

Abu Islam imprisoned for three years for insulting Christianity

Curbs on Abortion Spread Across East Europe | IPS

UK: House of Lords approve marriage redefinition without a vote

Icon Of China’s Anti-labor-camp Lobby Wins Appeal

Thousands of Islamists march for ousted Egyptian leader

Egypt’s Preferable Tyranny | George F. Will at Human Events

Canada’s birthrate falls for 3rd year in a row, to 1.61

UK: Most babies born out of marriage by 2016, trend suggests

Ireland votes to allow abortion for first time | Reuters

UK Police Investigate Explosion Near Mosque

Egypt: Christian families tell of losing their daughters

Polish Parliament Shuns Religious Animal Slaughter | AP

Turkey: Constitutional Court justifies more freedom of religion or belief restrictions

    Forum 18: Yet surprisingly little attention has been paid to an 18 April decision of the Constitutional Court (Anayasa Mahkemesi – AYM) concerning the constitutionality of the controversial 2012 Education Reform Law. The decision goes much wider than simply the field of education in schools: it establishes new jurisprudence on “Turkish secularism” (laiklik). This has important implications for the protection of the right to freedom of religion or belief in Turkey.

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Uzbekistan: Teaching Islam to children a crime, raids and large fines continue

Bishop warns: Egypt’s amended constitution is even more Islamist than the previous one

EU Survey Fails to Show Increased Violence Against Homosexuals

European Council Investigates France Over Abuse of Marriage Supporters

The U.N.’s Human-Rights Abusing Council | WSJ video

Raped 11-year-old stirs an abortion debate in Chile

Egyptian Catholic Bishops: ‘Ousting of Morsi…a Joyous Day for Us Christians’

Russian Supreme Court upholds ban on Muslim headscarves in Stavropol schools (updated)

Tibetan parliament slams Chinese firing on prayer meet

“British Appeals Court Holds Christian B&B Owner Illegally Discriminated Against Gay Couple”

Assad Applauds Fall Of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood