Pope Says Only Dialogue Can End Syria Strife

AP Sources: Intelligence On Weapons No ‘slam Dunk’

Chinese Woman Victimized by Forced Abortion at Nine Months of Pregnancy

Full Churches in Damascus as Melkite Patriarch Pleads Against Strikes Against Syria

Organ trafficker gouges out Chinese boy’s eyes for corneas to sell on black market

Canada to Give U.S.$1.2 Million for Religious Freedom in Nigeria, Central Asia

New Law in Bolivia Aims to Control Churches, Impose Beliefs, Protestant Leaders Say

Ontario: Woman files complaint when she can’t get haircut at men’s barbershop

Uzbek authorities trying to seize Baptist land

Kazakh Baptists fined for worship meetings

Moscow Patriarchate: acting as “international executioners,” the US is sacrificing Muslims and Christians in Syria

U.S.-Iranian Pastor’s Prison Term Upheld amid Crackdown on Christians in Iran

“Thank the Catholic church for terrifying abortion restrictions in Latin America” | The Guardian

A Veteran Saudi Power Player Works To Build Support to Topple Assad

    Wall Street Journal: Prince Bandar—for two decades one of the most influential deal makers in Washington as Saudi ambassador but who had largely disappeared from public view—is now reprising his role as a geopolitical operator. This time it is to advance the Saudi kingdom’s top foreign-policy goal, defeating Syrian President Assad and his Iranian and Hezbollah allies . . . The conflict there has become a proxy war for Middle East factions, and Saudi Arabia’s efforts in Syria are just one sign of its broader effort to expand its regional influence. The Saudis also have been outspoken supporters of the Egyptian military in its drive to squelch the Muslim Brotherhood, backing that up with big chunks of cash.

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Christian woman explains why she faces hanging in Pakistan for the crime of ‘blasphemy’ | Asia Bibi at NY Post

Prayer Plaza in Jerusalem for Both Sexes Ignites Uproar

Muslim Mob Injures Church Leaders, Choir Members in Nigeria

Iranian Court Rejects American Pastor’s Appeal

USCIRF Issues New Report On Religious Freedom In Burma

Quebec Values Charter Proposal Will Ban Sikh, Muslim and Jewish Religious Head Coverings For Public Employees

Egyptian Military Enlists Clerics To Justify Violence Against Morsi Supporters

“Barbara Boxer to Vladimir Putin: Repeal anti-gay laws”

Bishop backs rebellion over Guides godless oath

Nigeria: National Christian leader calls Islamic extremist assaults ‘genocide.’

‘Islam destroys democracy in France’

Christian Editor: Political Islam Unpopular in Egypt | Voice of America

Coptic Christians March on Washington: ‘We Support the Egyptian Army’

Quebec bans religion from the public square

Number of children who have fled Syria reaches a million, says U.N.

Kazakhstan: Nationwide Fines And Raids On Meetings Continue

A Coptic Monument to Survival, Destroyed | WSJ

USCIRF Commissioners Say CPC Redesignation Is Needed

Are There ‘Good Guys’ in the Egyptian Conflict?

Web-based apps pose tricky problem for Saudi monitors

US Coptic Christians chant ‘Obama, don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere’

Ireland’s first legal abortion carried out in Dublin

Scholar: Attacks on Egypt Churches ‘Worst in 700 Years;’ Western Media Hiding Truth?

Canadian Medical Association votes against becoming pro-euthanasia

UK: Christian Girl Guide leaders risk explusion for refusing to drop God from promise

Canada: Atheist wins case against Gideons in schools

Thailand considers redefining marriage

Christians, Other Egyptians Protest Perceived Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Bias of White House, Media, CAIR

One-third of women conceive naturally after IVF

Proposed Amendments To Egypt’s Constitution Given To President

Egypt: Authorities fail to intervene in attacks on churches

UN Conference Pressures Nations in Latin America, Caribbean to Legalize Abortion

Egypt: Attacking the ‘Enemies of Islam’ | Andrew McCarthy at NRO

UK: Ofcom fines Islamic channel for broadcast of ‘acceptable to murder’ comments

USCIRF Warns About Religious Violence In Nigeria

Israel: Catholic Monastery Defaced In Apparent Political Act

Obama’s Brother Linked To Muslim Brotherhood

23 percent of German men say “zero” is the ideal family size.

Egyptian Bishops: This Is Not Christians vs Muslims Violence, Terrorists at Fault

Egypt: Burning churches | Rich Lowry at NY Post

“Islam’s ability to empower is a magnet to black British youths” | The Guardian

Australia’s Dr. Death Launches Voluntary Euthanasia Party for Next Election

Russian Minister: Homosexual relations like drug abuse, we want to protect our children

Secular parent wins battle against Gideon Bibles in schools

Islamic Extremists in Somalia Abduct Christian Mother of Two Young Children

Insight – Egypt seen as graveyard of Islamist ambitions for power

Hindu Extremists Attack Pastor’s Mother in India

Egyptian Christians return to worship in church destroyed by Muslim Brotherhood

Islamist mob parades nuns in Cairo as prisoners of war after six hours looting church school and replacing cross with banner resembling Al Qaeda flag

Report Shows Huge IVF Failure: 3.8 Million Embryos Produce Just 122,000 Babies

63 Egyptian Christian Churches Looted, Torched or Attacked

Did Morsi Really Win the Egyptian Presidency?

Report: UK Family Living Standards Dropping

Scotland: School children to be fed ‘gay’-promoting lessons

Imam in Pakistan Acquitted of Desecrating Koran, Framing Christian Girl for ‘Blasphemy’

Nigerian terrorists target the U.S.

M, F or Blank: ‘Third Gender’ Official in Germany from November

Persecution Egyptian Christian: Demonstrators not representative of Muslims there