Council tells churches they must conduct same-sex marriages

The worst countries to be religious

Same-sex marriage driving Tory voters away, new poll finds

Belgium euthanasia doctor visits Nazi death camp, why? You’ll be as shocked as us

Families frustrated over Nigeria’s search for kidnapped girls

Teen shares her story of survival in attack from Boko Haram

Beijing urged to respect religious freedom amid ‘anti-church’ crackdown

Sudan: Woman facing death sentence on grounds of her religion must be released

Allow abortion–or you’re guilty of torture (so says the U.N.)

Baby born at legal abortion limit now thriving

Judge rules 13-year-old can abort her 30-week-old unborn baby

American’s wife faces Sudan death penalty after pregnancy

‘Price Tag’ Israeli extremists target Christians

Fate of India’s Dalits in new government’s hands

Vatican calls for release of kidnapped Nigerian girls

Gunmen kill Pakistan lawyer defending blasphemy case

150 Christian leaders join Congressmen in pledging support for Middle Eastern churches

Cardinal Wuerl joins church leaders in making pledge of solidarity for persecuted Christians

Pro-life leaders meet for first “Rome Life Forum”

Muslim Nursi texts, Old Testament, and Jehovah’s Witness texts “banned” in Azerbaijan

Christians ‘crucified again’ for refusing Islam

Doctors under fire for religious objections to abortion, contraception

Canadian legal societies refuse to recognize Christian law school grads

Major ministry kicked out of Evangelical Alliance UK over homosexuality stance

Across the West, attacks on religious freedom accelerate

U.S. pro-life groups inspire movement in Europe

MPs call for police inquiry into docs who broke abortion law

‘Human shield’ fails to save megachurch from demolition in China’s largest Christian city

Another defeat for gay marriage in Northern Ireland

Nigerian Christians call for prayers for 187 girls held captive by terrorists

Ontario law society votes against accrediting graduates of Religious B.C. university

Kenya president signs polygamy bill into law

Churches in China being demolished

Stormont rejects gay marriage for third time

Are there reasons women shouldn’t be allowed to abort? A question for abortion advocates

Same-sex marriage blogged from debate in Northern Ireland

Chinese Christians step up and hold their ground in face of threat of church demolition

European Court of Human Rights issues landmark ruling protecting church authority

Cambridge church begins to perform same-sex “marriages”

Andy Crouch: Religious freedom is at a greater global risk than ever before

Law Grads from Trinity Western University will not be allowed to practice in Ontario

Attorney General affirms United Kingdom is a Christian nation

Three women are claiming to be “married” and are expecting a child

Catholic teacher’s union to march in pride parade, Cardinal critical

Archbishop of Wales hints that the Church might need to redefine marriage

Baptist jailed through Easter in Kazakhstan to be released

    Due out of prison in Sergeyevka in North Kazakhstan Region at lunchtime tomorrow (23 April) is Denis Yenenko. The 31-year-old Baptist, who is married with three young children, will have completed a six-day prison term – which included his Easter. He was imprisoned to punish him for refusing to pay an earlier fine to punish him for exercising the right to freedom of religion or belief, according to court documents seen by Forum 18 News Service.

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Alan Sears’ opening remarks at ADF’s Catholic Media Symposium in Rome

U.K. is a Christian nation, right?

Christianity flourishes in China, despite persecution

Catholic schools asked to be more inclusive of non-religious students

Nursery worker fired after standing up for Biblical view of sexuality

Malta will not legalize abortion

Pro-life protests near schools concern Vancouver parents

Malta President signs Civil Unions Bill

Australia: Christian Youth Camps loses appeal against “gay discrimination” ruling

Azerbaijan strengthens control over religious organizations

The Middle East war on Christians

    Wall Street Journal: “The Middle East may be the birthplace of three monotheistic religions, but some Arab nations appear bent on making it the burial ground for one of them. For 2,000 years, Christian communities dotted the region, enriching the Arab world with literature, culture and commerce. At the turn of the 20th century, Christians made up 26% of the Middle East’s population. Today, that figure has dwindled to less than 10%. Intolerant and extremist governments are driving away the Christian communities that have lived in the Middle East since their faith was born.”

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Edinburgh churches quit Church of Scotland over gay ordination

The Romeike home-school conundrum

Norway PM advocates for same-sex “marriage” in churches

IVF mix-up leaves woman pregnant with couple’s twins

European Union debates initiative on embryo protection

“Finland launches new range of erotic gay stamps”

Bible Society of Malaysia moves to Kuala Lumpur to sidestep “Allah” ban

India court recognizes transgender people as third gender

The Council of Europe amends resolution on the protection of minors against “new religious movements”

Malta legalizes same-sex civil unions, adoptions

Lawyers challenge B.C. approval of Trinity Western law school