‘Intolerance in Indonesia is becoming mainstream’

Gender balance at issue with Supreme Court vacancy

“IOC ‘fully Satisfied’ Over Russia’s Anti-gay Law”

Irish Catholic hospital to comply with abortion legislation

Lao Officials Threaten Christians in Three Villages with Expulsion

Fourth Circuit: Virginia’s college newspaper alcohol advertising ban violates First Amendment

Christians now suffering mass martyrdom, says Archbishop of Canterbury

U.S. pastor marks 1 year in Iranian prison

UK: Christian street preacher arrested for second time in a week

End ‘heinous’ sex-selection abortion now: Catholic Women’s League to Canadian Prime Minister

UK: Doctor sacked for e-mailing Christian prayer to colleagues loses appeal

Egyptian minister postpones dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood

UN Worried About Philippines’ Humanitarian Crisis

Swiss region bans full-face Muslim veil

Austria: Catholic Church Fined For Phone Texting

Why it matters that Jews are standing on the Temple Mount

New Google Website Simplifies Comparative Constitutional Analysis

Russian Court In Controversial Decision Bans Salafist Translation of Qur’an

First ever Slovak March for Life shatters expectations, draws huge crowd of 80,000

Canada: Pro-abort hooligans trash pro-life grandmother’s car, scrawl ‘Too bad you weren’t aborted’

German homeschooling family reunited – as long as they promise to attend state schools

Italian ‘anti-homophobia’ bill passes lower house

Italy: “Gay activists launch complaint against teacher who included homosexuality on list of possible sins”

Pakistan Christians fear more persecution following church attack

Did You Know 200 Million Girls are “Missing” Thanks to Abortion, Infanticide?

Iran: Prayer vigils mark milestone for jailed pastor

Kenya: Gunman executed non-Muslims – after asking them to name Prophet Mohammed’s mother

Ontario Legislature Rejects Quebec Limits On Religious Dress

Pakistani Christians Protest Deadly Church Bombing

8 Killed As Muslim Rebels Attack Philippine Town

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood Group

Latest on Kenyan Mall Shooting

Scores Are Killed by Suicide Bomb Attack at Historic Church in Pakistan

Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew Speaks Out Strongly! No to Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Buddhist radicals attack Christian church in Sri Lanka

Pope urges Catholic doctors to refuse abortions

U.S. House OKs religious liberty envoy

Sudanese Woman Faces Ordeal as Convert from Islam

Pro-Life Event At UN General Assembly | Turtle Bay and Beyond (UN Web TV)

Thought Policy Proposal Welcomed At European Parliament’s “Civil Liberties” Committee

Christian street preacher arrested in Scotland

B&B Christians suffer hate in name of tolerance, says writer

Assad regime says conflict has reached stalemate, plans to call for ceasefire

Gendercide in the Caucasus

Scotland: Church attacked for pro-marriage message – to itself

What About Jailed American Pastor, Supporters Ask, As Iran Frees Political Prisoners

Nigeria: Catholic Bishops Reject Anti-Life Laws

Pakistani Muslim Cites ‘Blasphemy’ in Slaughter of Christian Rival in Business

China: When will five-fold state-backed religious monopoly end?

    Forum 18: In a system established by China’s communist rulers in the 1950s, five state-backed religious headquarter bodies have an official monopoly over all legal religious activity in the country. Only Buddhist, Catholic (independent of the Vatican), Daoist, Islamic and Protestant Christian groups under these headquarter bodies can gain legal status. Yet while this monopoly is gradually being eroded, Forum 18 News Service notes that other religious communities wonder if, when and how the Chinese government will open up to allow any religious community that wants it to gain legal status.

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Pope Blasts Abortion After Decrying Focus On Rules

Vote for Me Or Else: Islamists’ Latest Excuse to Kill Minorities

Lost in Translation: The Failure of the International Reproductive Rights Norm

“Putin takes on critics of Kremlin homophobia”

NI gay adoption case goes to UK Supreme Court

UK: Christians put B&B up for sale after death threats

With Mideast Christians in Peril, Administration’s Opposition to Special Envoy Post Called ‘Indefensible’

“Thailand May Lead Most of Asian-Pacific on Same-Sex Partners” | WSJ

Sweden: “Christian faith could ‘haunt’ minister: expert”

“Putin Says No Discrimination Of Gays In Russia”

Human Rights Violations in North Korea are “Large-Scale” and “Shocking”

Al-qaida Gunmen Seize Town In Northern Syria

More than 100,000 displaced by fighting in southern Philippines

Seminar at UN to push for pro-life, pro-family development efforts

Tasmanian Archbishop says no to women altar servers, gov’t minister says unlawful discrimination

    ABC.Net.AU: But Tasmania’s Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is suggesting the Archbishop’s position on women as alter servers may not comply with the Act . . . “There’s a defence that says a religious institution can discriminate on the basis of gender if it’s required by the doctrines of the religion,” Ms Banks said. “It gets down to the question of is it consistent with the doctrines of the religion to exclude people on the basis of gender. If it’s not then the exception wouldn’t apply.”

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Bishops Condemn Foreign Efforts To Legalize Abortion And Same-sex Marriage In Nigeria

Zanzibar: priest’s condition remains serious after acid attack

“Homophobia In Nigeria: The Dangers, The Law And The Reality [VIDEO]” | Int. Bus. Times

France moves to ban child beauty pageants

Australia: ‘Zoe’s law’ stalemate: women fearing abortion consequences fail to sway MP

Calls For Debate On Muslim Veil Mount In Britain

Many Countries Impose Restrictions On Muslim Veils

European bishops warned of growing restrictions on religion

UK: Senior MP says Christians forced to hide their faith