Up to 90% of Italian gynecologists refuse to abort babies as abortion rate continues to drop

Two Small Children among Four Christians Slain in Plateau State, Nigeria

Many Things Rotten in Denmark

Islamists Protest Coup In Egypt As Clashes Kill 1

Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued In Child Porn Bust

“Russian Newspaper May Face Gay-propaganda Case”

Islamists Protest Coup In Egypt As Curfew Ends

Kazakhstan: At least 146 fines in 2013 – and counting

OSCE Hate Crime Report Shows: Hate Crimes Against Christians a Serious Problem in Western Europe

British Medical Association Rejects Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide in Scotland

Christianity Spreading at Remarkable Rate Among Middle, Upper Castes and Youth in Emerging ‘New India’

Christian shot dead in Mogadishu, Somalia for spreading ‘wrong religion’

New book reveals devastating impact of ‘abortion’ on women

Scotland: MSP makes second push to legalise assisted suicide

Day of Prayer, Fasting Set for Christian Homeschooling Family Fighting Deportation

Southern Alberta school board mulling decision to drop Lord’s Prayer

Lesbian couple to sue NHS after hospital ‘refuses them IVF’

Germany is at it again, this time with homeschoolers | Daily Caller

Norway’s Government Will Propose New Law On Ritual Circumcision

US Classifies Christian Persecutor Boko Haram as Terrorist Group | Charisma News

Jewish Leaders Criticize Bush 43′s Decision To Speak At Messianic Jewish Fundraiser

Belgium: Debate Continues on Bill to Legalize Euthanasia for Disabled Children

UK: Plans for new injunctions to stop “annoying” behaviour

UK: Secularists want Christian coronation oath scrapped

German judge bars homeschooling family from leaving country

City of Florence approves cemetery for unborn victims of abortion, attacked by leftists

New European Group Launched to Combat Growing Threat of Euthanasia

Woman Challenges Ireland’s Abortion Ban At UN

US designates Boko Haram as terrorist group | Alliance Defending Freedom

Britain’s atheist megachurch going global – and it’s coming to Australia

Killing of Christian Leader in Nepal Appears Religiously Motivated

Morsi: No Stability In Egypt Unless Coup Reversed

Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart stands by confessional despite abuse recommendations | ABC.net.au Video

Jordan vetoes Israeli request to allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount

Secularists: Dump Church from Remembrance Day

Pair of Islamic converts joined ‘Muslim patrol’ to impose Sharia Law in London

Overseas Christians report Islamic bullying

Scotland: New push to force sex ed on Christian schools

China, Russia in running for top UN human rights body

Buddhists In Myanmar Protest Oic’s Upcoming Visit

Iran: Khamenei controls vast financial empire built on property seizures

Head of Town in Mexico Sends Mob to Beat, Abduct Christians

80 executed in N. Korea, some for possessing Bibles

Nigerian doctor laments growing plague of human trafficking

Fearing Assassination, Christian Accused of ‘Blasphemy’ in Pakistan Turns Himself In

Croatia To Vote On Marriage

Islamists Protest In Egypt Over Detained Women

UK MPs debate persecution of Christians in the Middle East

UK: Falconer’s Bill is ‘blank cheque’ for assisted suicide

Boko Haram Violence Cripples Christianity in Areas of Nigeria’s Borno State

Euthanizing the Unhappy: The Urgent Need for Love | Jennifer Roback Morse at Public Discourse

Britain Looking At Issuing Shariah-Compliant Bonds; London Stock Exchange Islamic Index | Religion Clause Blog

EU Court: Homosexuality Can Be Grounds For Asylum

UK Report: Hundreds of healthy babies aborted after misdiagnoses

Cameron announces Sharia law finance plans for UK

American Pastor Saeed Transferred to Brutal Iranian Prison, Life in Danger

Judges can sidestep religion, but they can’t avoid morality

Scotland: Bid to remove religious voice from education

Youth leader killed in Tanzania church attack

Egypt Court Upholds Ruling To Ban Brotherhood

Iran: Christian “whipped with extreme violence” for drinking communion wine

UK: Veils in court: proposed consultation on judicial guidance

Ireland schedules 2015 referendum on marriage

Conservative Party rejects sex selection, euthanasia at Calgary convention

NI: Churches urge Guides to scrap ‘hurtful’ godless pledge

Ruling: Church not Required to Hire Pastor Engaged in Homosexual Behavior | Erik Stanley

Catholic principal says Quebec rule prohibits teaching faith

Irish Constitutional Convention Recommends Replacing Blasphemy Offense With Ban On Inciting Religious Hatred

42 % Of “in Vitro” Conceived Children Develop Cancer, Reveals A Study By The University Of Lund

UK: Victory as council drops charges against street preacher

UK: More than a fifth of councils say prayers in meetings

“Israel’s civil union bill must apply to everybody, not just same-sex couples”

    Haaretz: There are three bills on Knesset members’ desks that aim to extend the eligibility for civil unions beyond couples who claim to have no religion. Two of them are egalitarian proposals, giving the civil union option to any interested couple: the civil union bill initiated by Yesh Atid, and the proposal the Justice Ministry issued Sunday called the “Joint Living Law.” A third proposal would allow civil unions only for gays, while other voices within the coalition and outside it would specifically exclude same-sex couples from eligibility for civil unions. These last two approaches are unacceptable

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Brazil’s police take Bible classes to reduce stress