Public ignored in NI abortion consultation

Woman on trial for assisted suicide of MS sufferer

Islamic State shoots and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Indian government says Church attacks were criminal not political

Nigerian Christians feel mixture of hope and anxiety after Buhari’s presidential win

After 15 years, legal victory for family of pastor believed abducted by North Korea

Supreme Court rules against prayer at city council meetings

Religions unite against referendum

Evangelical critics of same-sex marriage and women bishops meet in London to discuss schism

Christian convert conditionally released before Persian new year

Nigeria’s Boko Haram abducted 2,000 women and girls: report

Aleppo’s Christians face rising violence

    AL Monitor: The people of the war-ravaged city of Aleppo have been through some very bad times during the past 2½ years of civil war, and they have gotten used to living in constant fear and uncertainty. The specter of death was ever-present; it never left them, not even inside their own homes or in their own beds. Yet, for all their tenacity, the events of Good Friday — April 10, according to the Eastern Christian calendar that most Syrian Christians observe — were a terror-filled nightmare that sent new shockwaves of despair and terror.

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Pakistan’s Christians faithful, resilient in face of persecution

China’s ‘evil’ church demolition campaign continues, say activists

Guam attorney general orders same-sex marriage to move forward

Civil organizations condemn ‘ideological dictatorship’ against life and family at Panama summit

ISIS on defensive, Iraqi Christians expect to return to villages, says Cardinal

What everyone gets wrong about the persecution of Christians in Iraq

    The Week: Media coverage of Christian persecution in the Middle East was once all but non-existent. (A representative headline on this website last year declared, “The world’s most ancient Christian communities are being destroyed — and no one cares.”) And while awareness of this troubling topic hasn’t quite reached Biblical proportions yet, it’s certainly increasing. CBS’s 60 Minutes devoted severalsegments to the matter, National Geographic gave it a large spread in their magazine, and most recently, Newsweek devoted their cover story to “the new exodus” of Christians from the Middle East.

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Term incompatible with life is ‘cruel and heartless’

NHS disciplines Christian for inviting Muslim to church

Force schools to endorse gay relationships, says NUT

Scotland: No doubt that assisted suicide is illegal

‘I’m so glad we didn’t listen to doctors advising an abortion’

Pope Francis: “Children are never a mistake”

Sex education in Europe turns to urging more births

Christian NHS worker wrong to talk about faith, says Tribunal

Kenyan students asked for prayers before al Shabaab shot them

Guam rejects same-sex couple’s marriage license application

China to test Tibetan monks and nuns for patriotism

Why doctors let a Jehovah’s Witness and her unborn baby die

The Christian militia defending refugees, livelihood against Islamic State in Iraq

Niger’s Christians try to forgive on first Easter after church attacks

After Islamist attack, armed guards shield Kenyan churches

Boko Haram disguised as preachers kill at least 24 in Nigeria

New hope for ‘state-napped’ homeschooler

Religious freedom upheld by Canadian Supreme Court

‘Ignore ill-considered British values rules’, says head

Customers flock to Ashers in show of support for bakery

QC defends Ashers’ actions in final day of Belfast trial

Watch: Ashers’ Daniel McArthur speaks to thousands

Indian nun rape case: Police make more arrests

China jails a Muslim for six years — for refusing to shave his beard

Second blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh

How to stop going from bad to worse: Pakistan, the West, and religious minorities

ISIS and human traffickers: Prey on the vulnerable, recruit with lies

Follow up on Pakistan church attacks

Baking liberty of conscience into the cake

MPs’ report calls for ‘kinder, cheaper’ state-funded end-of-life care

Are those porn stars enjoying their jobs? The sex questions children aged 11 will be asked in government-backed lessons

In the headlong rush for ‘rights’, children are an afterthought

Canada Supreme Court: Catholic schools have a right to teach church views

Chilean girl who asked to be euthanized now wants to live, father says

Judge censors Bible for public preaching

Bishop: Make war on ISIS

Top Court rules Quebec infringed on high school’s religious freedom

Kids to be asked about porn in Govt-backed sex ed guidance

QC: Watchdog faces avalanche of cases if Ashers loses

CPS stops private prosecution of sex-selective abortion docs

Primary school kids not ready for sex ed, says UKIP

Court action against Ashers ‘ill-judged’ says NI newspaper

Religious freedom is not a British value, poll finds

U.N. urges ISIS trial for suspected genocide

United Nations expert on religious freedom launches first official visit to Lebanon

High Court ruling clears way for Loyola’s religious studies course

Supreme Court rules Quebec infringed on Loyola High School’s religious freedom

Supreme Court sides with Quebec Catholic school on religious freedom

Malaysia Shariah Law: Islamist party passes bill to implement harsh Islamic criminal punishment

Gender-specific abortion prosecutions halted

    Law and Religion UK: In 2012, the Daily Telegraph organized an undercover operation into gender-specific (sex-selective) abortion at various abortion clinics in England and in February that year passed evidence concerning Doctors Palaniappan Rajmohan and Prabha Sivaraman to the Crown Prosecution Service and the police. The CPS concluded that in each case there was sufficient evidence of an abortion offence, although this was a finely balanced decision; however, it was not in the public interest to prosecute and the CPS published two statements regarding its decision on 5 September 2013 and 7 October 2013.

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Chile considers bill to ease abortion ban, likely to pass: rights group

Burma court gives 30 month sentences to bar owner and manager for Buddha Facebook ad