The florist, the baker and the photographer- religious freedom and small business

Irish voters to decide on same-sex marriage in May referendum

Italy fears ISIS invation from Libya

Turkey’s atheists and religious minorities join forces to protest religious instruction in schools

Hard truths about the survival of Christianity in the Middle East

A quiet death by a thousand cuts

One in three Dutch doctors would kill patients with dementia in assisted suicide

Rights commission: ISIL committed 4 million violations in Iraq

Extremists warn Pakistani press club, saying Christian journalists spread their faith

Family breakdown costs taxpayer £47bn a year

Children encouraged to have underage sex by NHS scheme

Appeal against Named Person judgment to be fast-tracked

Bioethics expert: GM babies are a ‘monstrous mistake’

Patients’ care endangered by assisted suicide Bill, say docs

Christian persecution in China may be slowing down, says monitoring group

From a private school in Cairo to ISIS killing fields in Syria (with video)

    The New York Times: Mr. Aly raised his son, Islam Yaken, in Heliopolis, a middle-class Cairo neighborhood with tended gardens and trendy coffee shops, and sent him to a private school, where he studied in French. As a young man, Mr. Yaken wanted to be a fitness instructor. He trained relentlessly, hoping that his effort would bring him success, girlfriends and wealth. But his goals never materialized. He left that life and found religion, extremism and, ultimately, his way into a photograph where he knelt beside a decapitated corpse on the killing fields of Syria, smiling.

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Iraqi Christians “don’t have much time left” says archbishop

Alex Schadenberg: A very dangerous euthanasia ruling

Islamic State may be getting closer to Christian refugee area in Iraq

ISIS beheadings in Libya devastate an Egyptian village

ADF attorneys secure renewed protections for believers abroad

Isle of Man Parliament rejects assisted suicide

Italy experiencing massive baby shortage due to abortion

Mister Prime Minister! Violence against minorities has continued

U.S. won’t help fight Boko Haram until Nigeria accepts homosexuality, birth control, bishop says

Westerners join Iraqi Christian militia to fight Islamic State

‘Polyamorous’ woman loses fight with Catholic Church

Coptic Christians increasingly feel endangered in Libya and Egypt

What ISIS really wants

Frank Wolf calls for safe haven for Mideast Christians

CUs will be safe from ‘anti- terror’ plans, Govt pledges

‘UK breaching EU law over GM babies legislation’

Italy’s top court: ‘No right to same-sex marriage’

‘Uncomfortable’ UK university students want Gideon Bibles removed from rooms

Islamic State carries out mass beheadings of Christians

Libya and Egypt launch air strikes against Isis after militants post beheadings video

Pope Francis condemns Islamic State’s executions of Christians in Libya

Neydy Casillas: There is widespread confusion about abortion as a “right”

Young Brits reject religion, approve of atheist politicians

Chaldean bishops rally to defend Christians persecuted in Iraq

Wrong medicine: a new abortion law introduced for discussion in Chile

Christian homes bulldozed in Pakistan; human rights group suspects landgrabbing

Despite limits on liberty, Vietnam’s new cardinal-designate sees hope

Cautious optimism on religious freedom in Vietnam

Named Person judgment to be appealed by campaigners

Ashers court action ‘over the top’ – Presbyterian leader

Ireland: Bill to weaken abortion law defeated

Leading scientists: ‘GM babies are a massive risk’

Why men are killing themselves

“Am I an executioner or am I a surgeon?”

Europe’s increasing acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide

ADF to European Parliament: UK “three-parent embryo” legislation illegal

European court vindicates Bulgarian woman unjustly arrested for private worship meetings

Dawkins among atheists urging Irish PM to hold blasphemy law referendum

Italy’s top appeals court rejects same-sex marriage, update

    ANSA: Italy’s highest appeals court on Monday rejected same-sex marriage, saying there was nothing in the Constitution that requires the government to extend marriage rights to gays. However, the Cassation Court added that homosexuals have the right to a “protective” law that would ensure same-sex couples have the same rights as unmarried Italian couples. Neither same-sex marriage nor civil unions between same-sex partners are legally recognized in Italy but some cities, including Rome, have a civil union register.

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Al Qaeda supporters in Yemen pledge allegiance to Islamic State

Thousands flock to show support for Ashers Baking Co.

‘Uncomfortable’ students call for ban on Bibles

Report: 20,000 ISIS supporters worldwide have flocked to Iraq, Syria to join terror group

Stockland: Court’s assisted-suicide ruling raises prospect of ‘kill at will’

Obama speech spurs India’s minority faiths to seek religious tolerance

Government rule barring 2nd marriage not violative of Article 25: Supreme Court

Niger approves sending troops to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram

Physician-assisted death in Canada: Carter v Canada (AG)

Make purchase of sex illegal, urges Church of Scotland

ADF to European Parliament: UK ‘three-parent embryo’ legislation illegal

New Greece government promises to extend legal status to same-sex couples

US concern over diminishing religious freedom in India is justified say Indian Americans

Judicial death and the church: Assisted suicide in Canada

    Juicy Ecumenism: Canada’s top court has effectively overturned its nation’s laws against assisted suicide, overriding longstanding legislation of Canada’s elected representatives and a thousand years of Common Law, not to mention even more ancient understandings about human life rooted in millennia of Jewish and Christian teaching, which is no little thing. But fully self-actualized philosopher kings and queens in judicial robes may do so cavalierly, because they are the vanguard of the ever progressing radically autonomous individual, who is subject to no normative reality and may endlessly reimagine truth contingent only on need.

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Abortion ‘safer than giving birth’, claims BPAS

Disabled CEO urges MSPs not to legalise assisted suicide

Supreme Court rules Canadians have right to doctor-assisted suicide