State Department’s human rights report includes int’l religious discrimination concerns

North Korea says it will release Australian missionary

Soccer players can wear religious head coverings, FIFA rules

Loud outcry over Jerusalem’s plan to quiet mosques

Islamists demand levy from Christians in Syrian city

Croatian Parliament debates “life partnership” bill

NPR: Pro-life push has Spain debating definition of progress

Bombs target church, restaurant in Zanzibar

UK: Muslim inmate loses Gartree Prison drug test claim

India: Fate of temples bill left to Jammu and Kashmir House

Israel: Knesset passes bill distinguishing between Muslim and Christian Arabs

Indonesian university suspends controversial regulation limiting religious freedom

Israeli group tries to prevent, not outlaw abortion

Danish Jews, Muslims fight for exemption to ritual slaughter ban

Uganda president signs Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Couple married in UK’s first ever Scientology wedding

The High Courts in Malaysia and Unilateral Conversion of a Child to Islam by One Parent | Australian Journal of Asian Law

    This article examines the recent, groundbreaking decision of the Ipoh High Court in Perak in the case of Indira Gandhi concerning the unilateral conversion of children by one parent without the consent of the other. On 25 July 2013, Judicial Commissioner Lee Swee Seng may have started a new approach towards the issue of unilateral conversion of children by one spouse. For the first time, a Malaysian High Court quashed conversions of children to Islam by one parent and ruled that both parents must consent to the conversion of their children.

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Uganda: Museveni “seeks US advice on homosexuality”

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Church of England rules out blessings for same-sex “marriages”

Ugandan president to sign “Anti Homosexuality” bill; President Obama objects

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Della Wolf is British Columbia’s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

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UK: Abortion clinics warned over gender selection

Australia: MP flags abortion bill

Belgian lawmakers clash over “child euthanasia” bill

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Christians face increasing persecution, congressman says

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