Dozens of Christians killed in South Sudan

Tracey Rowland: What’s wrong with Belgium?

UN report: North Korea’s Kim Jong-un forced mothers to drown newborn babies

Australia: Primary school principals shut down religious education classes

Palestinian Authority to remove religion from ID cards

South Africa: Religious attire banned from Cape Town school

Ireland: Gaelscoil board must pay €750 to pupil over “religious bias”

European human rights court allows ADF to defend Italy’s marriage laws

Singapore: Health ministry proposes mandatory pre-abortion counseling

Church of England rules out blessings for same-sex “marriages”

Ugandan president to sign “Anti Homosexuality” bill; President Obama objects

Belgium passes ‘right to die’ euthanasia law for children | Christian Post

Avoid “tyrannical imposition” of Western secular moral values, says Nigerian prelate

Danish government bans kosher slaughter

What Belgium’s child euthanasia law means for America and the Constitution

Russia: Singles from countries where same-sex “marriage” legal not allowed to adopt

Spain moves to curb universal jurisdiction

US and EU explore cooperation on religious freedom

Belgian lawmakers extend euthanasia to children

Belgium to allow children to kill themselves

Meet les sentinelles, the silent watchmen against same-sex “marriage” and euthanasia

Della Wolf is British Columbia’s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

North Korea rescinds invitation for U.S. envoy’s visit to discuss imprisoned missionary

Vatican diplomat testifies before Congress, denounces persecution of Middle East’s Christians | CWN

Canada: Medical residents take stand against bill banning wearing of religious symbols by gov’t employees

Spain: Bill restricting abortion advances

UK: Abortion clinics warned over gender selection

Australia: MP flags abortion bill

Belgian lawmakers clash over “child euthanasia” bill

Christian persecution, sexual assaults and mob attacks going unpunished in India, ADF testifies before House | Christian Post

Archbishop testifies on “flagrant” Christian persecution in Middle East | FOX News

Religion Freedom commission: Consider sanctions to end Christian persecution | Washington Times

Christians face increasing persecution, congressman says

Archbishop of Montreal attacks Quebec “medical aid in dying” bill

Belgium set to extend “right-to-die” law to children

Malaysia: AG’s decision on seized bibles in two weeks

Central African Republic Christian fighters criticized

UN defends report calling on Church to renounce its moral teachings on sexuality

New Zealand: School removes religious studies after complaints

The U.N. assault on the Catholic Church

Ireland: Catholic pupils to study other religions under radical new plan

Attacks on Christians in India continue to go unpunished

Legal Pluralism in Canadian Religious Freedom Litigation | Queen’s Law Journal

Lynching of Christian man by Muslims is sign of chaos in Central African Republic

Canada: Two ex-SCOC judges offer conflicting views on proposed secular charter

Roger Scruton: Stand up for the real meaning of freedom

    Roger Scruton at The Spectator: “Until recently the conservative emphasis on civil society has led to an equal emphasis on the family as its heart. This emphasis has been thrown into disarray by the sexual revolution, by widespread divorce and out-of-wedlock birth, and by recent moves to accommodate the homosexual lifestyle. And those changes have to be absorbed and normalised. Ours is a tolerant society in which liberty is extended to a variety of religions, world views, and forms of domestic life. But liberty is threatened by licence: liberty is founded on personal responsibility and a respect for others, whereas licence is a way of exploiting others for purely personal gain. Liberty therefore depends on the values that protect individuals from chaotic personal lives and which cherish the integrity of the home in the face of the many threats to it.”

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India SC to review “pro-Hindu” election ruling to curb religious extremism

Canada: Have some faith in Christian law school

The U.N.’s war on religious liberty

Google makes statement about Russian homosexual propaganda law

Elyssa Koren: UN committee attacks Catholic Church

The culture war against circumcision

    Spiked: “Of all the forms that the new, cultural anti-Semitism takes, the anti-circumcision movement might be the most pernicious. In the past year alone, several European countries have taken steps towards outlawing religious circumcision. The most remarkable thing about these attacks is not that they effectively aim to end Judaism, by outlawing a practice that has been absolutely central to the Jewish faith since the time of Abraham. . . . the most disturbing and ironic aspect of these attacks is that that they are carried out in the name of human rights.”

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UNESCO report promotes abortion and same-sex narrative

“UN Chief denounces attacks on LGBT people”

Turkish Internet restrictions raise more concerns

Two-thirds of women seeking abortions were using contraception: Britain’s largest abortion provider

The future of Egypt’s Copts

    Samuel Tadros at Defining Ideas: “The promises of January 2011 soon gave way to the reality of May, when the churches of Imbaba were attacked, and October, the time of the Maspero massacre. The complete collapse of the police and the state’s repression apparatus liberated Islamists from any constraints. On the national level, Islamists soon swept elections and dominated the political sphere, and on the local level, Islamists, much more emboldened by the rise of their brethren nationally and the collapse of the police were asserting their power on Egyptian streets and villages and enforcing their views.”

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Head of Mormon church summoned by British court over Adam and Eve teaching

India: Christians must wait one year to file for divorce, court rules

Israel: Anger erupts as High Court puts a hold on payments for yeshiva students

Marco Rubio: U.N. overreaches, tramples religious liberty

UN panel: Russia should annul homosexual “propaganda” law

Olympic sponsor AT&T condemns Russia’s law banning “homosexual propaganda”

UN denounces Vatican’s views on abortion, contraception, homosexual behavior

Norwegian mayor sparks debate after posting picture of unborn baby

Religion teaching reform divides Finnish MPs

Ontario court orders children from Jewish sect back to foster care

Canada: Husband keeps “brain dead” pregnant wife alive to allow son to be born

The Rise of Islamic Finance | Council on Foreign Relations

    Council on Foreign Relations backgrounder: “Prime Minister David Cameron announced in 2013 that the United Kingdom will issue a £200 million ($327 million) Islamic bond, or sukuk, making it the first non-Muslim country to tap into Islamic financing. Companies in the United States are also considering Islamic finance to fund business ventures and infrastructure projects. Demand for new Islamic investments is expected to outstrip supply by as much as $100 billion by 2015, an imbalance that could translate to much-needed liquidity in some tight markets. But the industry remains small and will need to expand considerably to have a significant impact on global financial markets.”

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French gov’t retreats on family policy reforms after big protests

Three international courts and their constitutional problems | Cornell Law Review

Dutch debate doctor-assisted suicide for depression

100,000 French protest gov’t “family-phobia”

EU: Corruption costing bloc $162 billion annually