Tom Mortier sues Belgium, euthanasia laws after mother killed and family not informed

‘My 24 week baby exposes horrifying abortion law’

CPS announces prosecution for assisted suicide

Redefining marriage was unnecessary – Farage

Belgian murderer and rapist ‘allowed to die’ by court in landmark ruling

Lack of concern for Christians is one reason behind rise of ISIS, says Open Doors president

Belgian prisoner serving life sentence granted request to die

Rallying the United Nations in defense of Christians

Why Sweden’s election matters for American conservatives

Disabled ‘edited out’ of assisted suicide debate

Depressed mum euthanised – son takes legal action

Hindu extremists resolve to kill Christians they beat in Bihar, India

ISIS beheads British humanitarian aid worker

Hospital review confirms lack of abortion did not kill Savita Halappanavar

Pastor in Bhutan sentenced to prison for accepting funds for ministry – later released

Americans link violence with Muslims, but Obama says ISIL is not Islam

Murdered nuns laid to rest in the Congo as crime investigation continues

More than 5,000 dead in C. African Republic

Irish hospital staffers disciplined in case of woman denied abortion

Clergyman in legal fight against C of E over same-sex marriage

Life, marriage, and family must be affirmed at UN General Assembly session

    Zenit: The General Assembly, fondly referred to as “the GA” by U.N. aficionados, is most known for bringing the leaders of the world together under one roof. But beyond this, the GA is responsible for the creation of several hundred documents outlining the position of Member States on a myriad of issues ranging from women’s rights to sustainable farming, and everything in between. Every year, a handful of these documents touch on controversial life and family issues. While the spotlight shines on the heads of state, the real excitement of the GA extends behind closed doors as country delegates battle over references to reproductive and sexual “rights.”

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Pro-life group banned from university freshers’ fayre

Pakistani Christian in custody on accusation of defiling Koran

Children of ISIS killers play with severed heads

BBC faces criticism over assisted suicide drama

Pro-life clinic to rival private abortion service in Belfast

“In Defense of Christians” seeks to protect brethren from Egypt to Iraq

Saudi Arabia cracks down on Christian Bible studies – while arming Syrian terrorists

Christian, Hindu in custody in Pakistan on accusation of defiling Koran

Legal group: Belgium’s assisted suicide law failed a depressed woman

“I am a 14-year-old Yazidi girl given as a gift to an ISIS commander. Here’s how I escaped.”

ISIS’ ‘cultural cleansing’ of Mideast Christians ignored by complacent Americans, Robert George complains

The crisis in Iraq? What is the Christian response?

Bible college, churches shut down as Boko Haram claims territory in Nigeria

“Some arrived in their pyjamas” – practically demonstrating God’s love to Iraq’s refugees

‘Christians won’t be bullied into accepting same-sex marriage’

Belgium’s euthanasia law challenged in European Court of Human Rights

Tens of thousands of Christians and Muslims flee fighting as Boko Haram captures key town

‘Love Jihad’ and religious conversion polarize in Modi’s India

Christian Aid calls for end to identity-based violence in Iraq and UK

Hindu nationalist group seeking to cleanse Christian presence from India is not unlike ISIS, watchdog group warns

ISIS committing ‘slow-motion genocide’ against church, say Iraqi Christians

Family sues after doctor kills depressed woman in euthanasia, doesn’t tell them

Russia: Further fines for religious literature

    Forum 18 News Service: Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to be targeted by law enforcement operations aimed at combating “extremism”, Forum 18 News Service notes. Seizures of religious literature, mostly during raids or detentions, frequently result in prosecutions under Article 20.29 of the Administrative Code (mass distribution of extremist material). These are based on the possession of literature which has been ruled “extremist” by courts and thereby prohibited from distribution in the Russian Federation.

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As Iraqi Christians in U.S. watch ISIS advance, they see ‘slow-motion genocide’

ISIS atrocities and beheadings continue from Syria to Iraq

The culture that is at the mercy of the Islamic State

    Aleteia: The human toll, of course, is the most important concern: the killing of innocent people, the rape and enslavement of women, the brutal uprooting of a population whose ancestors have lived there for untold generations. But the story of civilization that is recorded in everything from stone tablets and sculptures of winged lions to ancient monasteries and languages is also very much at risk as the Islamic State tries to establish a caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

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Coalition of interfaith charities support UN efforts to investigate atrocities committed by ISIS in Iraq

Iranian pastor facing death penalty for ‘spreading corruption on earth’ with Christianity

Indonesia marriage laws: Students challenge law preventing people of different faiths from marrying

Religion and same-sex marriage debates take center stage in Brazil elections

Protestant union issues ‘urgent appeal’ to help Iraqi Christians

ADF represents son asking European Court of Human Rights to take case against Belgium

You should treasure your faith

Belgium euthanasia case: $2,500 later, depressed woman got her wish

Doctor kills depressed woman in euthanasia, doesn’t tell family until next day

British actress Maxine Peake: People who have children are selfish

Syrian Christians offer humanitarian aid to fleeing Yazidis

One month since their displacement, Iraqi Christians are ‘becoming extinct’

Coalition hosting week of prayer and fasting to stop ISIS

Iran evangelical pastor facing death penalty

It wasn’t just the Nazis: Now doctors [in Belgium and the Netherlands] can euthanize sick children, mentally disabled

“My mum shows why Berry’s wrong on assisted suicide”

UK mother leaves children behind to join ISIS; Threatens Christians with beheadings on Twitter

Ethnic cleansing occurring in Iraq, Amnesty International charges

After kidnapping schoolgirls, Boko Haram takes aim at churches in northeast Nigeria

Not a joke: EU Court defines ‘parody’

10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for “insulting Islam” in Saudi Arabia

Pope Francis to Iraqi Christians: You are the heart of the church

Doctor kills woman for being depressed, son not informed until next day

MPs raise ‘grave concerns’ over plans for GM babies

Registrar sacked for refusing to conduct same-sex marriage wins appeal

American missionaries detained in North Korea make plea to U.S. in TV interview

The plight of Christians in Iraq and Africa: The obscenity of silence

MPs debate “Three-person IVF” (again)