Applying Holt v. Hobbs to a complex case – The demands of a transgender Native American inmate

Same-sex marriage briefs swamp Supreme Court

Obama administration joins fight for same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage gains rapid support with U.S. public, including conservatives

Bill prevents discrimination against religious organizations offering welfare services

Groups rally against Colorado religious liberties bills

Scotland rejects adultery petition

Planet Fitness ‘non-judgmental’ about woman exposed to man in women’s locker room

Hearts, parts, and minds: The truth comes out

    Public Discourse: However, once I did begin to think about what I was doing and where my life was headed, I eventually came to the conclusion that I had committed a grave injustice against my kids by divorcing my wife and attempting to create a family with another man. They deserved to be raised by both their mom and dad under the same roof. Who was I to deny them this most basic of children’s rights? I became determined to find a way to bring our family back together for the sake of our kids as they finished out their high school years.

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“I’m gay and I oppose same-sex marriage”

Same-sex weddings mandate gets new judgment day

Over 300 Republicans petition Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage

Alabama Supreme Court: School-choice tax credits for parents legal

District court invalidates Nebraska’s marriage law

South Korea decriminalises adultery

Your Facebook gender can now be anything you want

Owners who refused cake for same-sex ceremony close shop

Biblical orthodoxy and the disqualification of Christians from public service

Businesses back same-sex marriage as Supreme Court sets April 28 showdown

Freedom yes, redefining marriage no

Is Utah’s religious liberty bill good policy?

After speaking honestly about his religious views, baseball player instructed to only talk sports

States weigh legislation for religious freedom as they look towards Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling

Russell Brand is worried about your porn habit. Should you be?

Corporations ask Supreme Court to impose same-sex marriage on the country

Do you believe?

ADF comment on 8th Circuit, Alabama Supreme Court marriage decisions

The Shopkeeper’s Dilemma and cooperation with evil

‘Unsubstantiated’ child neglect finding for free-range parents

Alabama’s high court votes to stop same-sex marriage

April arguments: Same-sex marriage cases set for April 28

Alabama Supreme Court affirms natural marriage, orders probate judges to cease issuing illegal licenses

Criticizing Justices, state court bars same-sex marriages

Alabama court orders a halt to same-sex marriage licenses

Mormon church backs Utah anti-discrimination bill

U.K. Christian children worker claims she lost her nursery job due to ‘state-sponsored hostility’ to her Biblical views on homosexuality

Slovenia approves same-sex marriage, adoption legislation

Court to release same-day audio for same-sex marriage cases

Bill would allow adoption denials for religious beliefs

Christian views ‘unacceptable in the workplace’, Tribunal hears

Have you filed your same-sex marriage amicus brief yet? Supreme Court will hear arguments April 28

Federal judge blocks Nebraska’s marriage law

Can there be rational reasons for not supporting same sex marriage?

Alabama Supreme Court again halts same-sex marriage

NOM commends Alabama Supreme Court for 7 – 1 ruling upholding traditional marriage

The companies making daily life easier for parents

Same-sex marriage proponents claim “right side of history”

Bakeries have right to follow consciences

Groups in Utah to announce compromise anti-discrimination measure

Conservatives filing brief in favor of same-sex marriage

    The Washington Post: In the brief, the signatories argue that they “have concluded that marriage is strengthened, and its value to society and to individual families and couples is promoted, by providing access to civil marriage for all American couples—heterosexual or gay or lesbian alike. In particular, civil marriage provides stability for the children of same-sex couples, the value of which cannot be overestimated. In light of these conclusions, amici believe that the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits States from denying same-sex couples the legal rights and responsibilities that flow from the institution of civil marriage.”

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Supreme Court denies California Prop 8 backers review of contribution disclosure law

Proposed religious liberty bill will be limited to sexual orientation and gender identity

After anti-discrimination vote, opponents vow to continue fight for religious people

South Carolina college denounces homosexuality after two volleyball players come out as gay

LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM? Housing for 15 alternative sexualities is OK, but men-only fraternities are not, Wesleyan University says

“The Emperor’s New Gender”: Why Pope Francis is speaking out

The tension at the heart of adoption

State legislatures examine religious freedom

‘I would hug him,’ says florist of accuser

Military divorce rate hits lowest levels in 10 years

Magistrates to opt out of same-sex marriage ceremonies in NC

Judge strikes down voter-approved marriage law

South Korea’s Constitutional Court invalidates criminal adultery law

The evolution of anti-Christian activism

The law and children

    America Magazine: The one subject guaranteed to start fireworks today is children. Hence the pyrotechnics whenever Pope Francis talks of rabbits, sterility or contraception. Judging from my 16 years teaching family law, the law struggles with children too, for reasons similar to why individuals do. A church trying to figure out how to speak about marriage and family needs to understand this struggle, given that lawmakers are now considering redefining marriage—the last and most basic “place” where family law safeguards children.

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Three senior faculty attack Notre Dame’s granting of benefits to same-sex couples

Teacher forced out for Facebook posting on religious objections to school billboard can sue

Baptist briefs: Fired Atlanta fire chief sues city

Judge gives go-ahead for ‘marriage-lite’ legal case

61% of Americans don’t want Supreme Court to force same-sex marriage on the states: poll

Truth-telling and the right of self-government: Why Obama’s marriage lie matters

Family income more apt to impact kids’ well-being than marital status of parents

1-parent families hurt kids, but what can we do?

Ex-NFL player who claims he was fired from broadcasting job over his views on homosexuality delivers passionate religious freedom speech