Federal judge sets hearing for Texas marriage case

“Catholic School Fires Gay Teacher, Drawing Protest”

Taxpayers to pay for “gender reassignment”? Medicare under examination

NC Groups Sue State Over ‘Unconstitutional’ Private School Vouchers

The Marriage Divide: We should address the cultural causes of income inequality. | Mona Charen

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Growing up without a father transforms children’s brains: Study

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We are now slaves of the state | Tea Party Nation

A victory for European citizens: the Estrela Report defeated! | FAFCE

Small govt libertarians want same-sex marriage. But only Big Govt can enforce it.

“GOP will keep supporting gay candidates despite congressman’s complaints”

In a class by themselves: Home-schooled girls easily dispatch both chauvinism and feminism | Robert Knight

Fla: Judge’s decision on ‘socialization’ concerns homeschoolers

Evangelical Retreat? | Russell D. Moore at First Things

ABC Wonders if ‘Polyamory’ Trumps Traditional Marriage

US show ‘spreading the gospel of polyamory’

CNN: Rick Warren’s views on homosexuality

“Op-ed: Utah Invokes pre-Civil War notions to fight gay marriage”

Judge Says Baker Must Make Wedding Cakes for Homosexuals | Todd Starnes at Townhall

Colorado Civil Rights Commission Initial Decision Holds Bakery Violated Law In Refusing Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

Guardian For Amish Girl’s Medical Decisions Seeking To Withdraw

Rasmussen: Military Women in Combat? What Do Voters Think?

Rising Riches: 1 In 5 In Us Reaches Affluence

“Gay youths 148% more likely to be physically abused in relationships: DOJ-funded report”

Colorado Baker Ordered to Make Cakes for Same-Sex Couples | The New American

Col. court denies baker’s freedom in same-sex ceremony suit | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Judge Orders Colo. Cake-maker To Serve Gay Couples” | AP

Cohabitation’s Mixed Effects on Long-Term Unions

Shreveport, LA considers gender identity ordinance, vote on Tuesday

Petitions block Chattanooga’s new domestic partner benefits law

MD: “Anti-trans Discrimination Act is unanimously passed by Hyattsville City Council”

NE: Douglas County to extend benefits to employees’ same-sex spouses

Peonage for the Twenty-First Century

More Signs That Us Births May Have Stopped Falling

“Colorado School Official Backs Transgender Remark” | AP

Federal judge to hear arguments in challenge to Utah marriage

“The straight line from marriage equality to divorce equality”

“Gay Weddings 17 Percent Of Washington Marriages” | AP

“Transgender Cop In Conn. Files Complaint” | AP

Judge Hears Arguments in Colorado Same-Sex Wedding Cake Dispute | NC Register (EWTN)

Railroads To Offer Health Care To Same-sex Spouses

Arizona Technology Council to lobby for homosexual agenda

“Congresswoman Speier Calls Again for End to LGBT Conversion Quackery”

“Gay couple’s complaint against Colo. baker gets hearing: Becomes a cause celebre for activists” | Washington Times

CT: “High Court Hears Claim for Retroactive Gay Marriage Rights”

MN: Rep. Karen Clark plans to introduce bill banning ex-gay therapy

Challenge to Utah’s marriage laws back in court

Co-parenting children is new, upcoming trend | ABC WearTV

Dallas council committee splits over definition of marriage

“Cardinal Dolan on Gay Marriage Movement: ‘We’ve Been Outmarketed’”

CDC: 62 Percent Of HIV-Positive Men Have Unprotected Sex

“Q. & A.: Evan Wolfson On Winning The Gay-marriage Fight” | The New Yorker

    Richard Socarides at The New Yorker: When do you think the Supreme Court might rule that there is a federal constitutional right to same-sex marriage? Nobody can answer that precisely. There are now some forty-four cases in nineteen or twenty states moving forward. And one of them may be the case, or it may be some other case down the road. We can encourage the Court to take the right case at the right time and do the right thing—within a matter of years, not decades.
    A lot of people now say this is inevitable; it’s a done deal. What do you say to those people? You know, ten minutes ago many of those same people were saying it was impossible. Now they are saying it’s inevitable. The truth of the matter is: it was never either.

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What’s Love Got To Do With It? | Kellie Fiedorek at Alliance Defending Freedom

ADF: Colo. cake artist shouldn’t be forced to support same-sex ceremonies

The hardwired difference between male and female brains could explain why men are ‘better at map reading’

    The Independent: A pioneering study has shown for the first time that the brains of men and women are wired up differently which could explain some of the stereotypical differences in male and female behaviour, scientists have said . . . “These maps show us a stark difference – and complementarity – in the architecture of the human brain that helps to provide a potential neural basis as to why men excel at certain tasks, and women at others,” said Ragini Verma, professor of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

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What Makes a Marriage? Love, Sex, or Comprehensive Union | Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson and Robert P. George

Grandparent visitation case appealed to ND Supreme Court

Louisiana Voucher Assault, Round 2: Justice’s lawsuit takes a bizarre turn to keep kids in rotten schools.

“Gay men push to end 30 year blood donation ban”

“In some states, gays fight for right to divorce”

“Miss. Judge Refuses To Grant Gay Couple’s Divorce”

9th Circuit: Wild Order of Federal Marital Benefits for Unmarried Same-Sex Domestic Partners | Ed Whelan at NRO

Federal personnel to process Texas National Guard same sex couple benefits

Illinois Judge Allows Same-Sex Couple To Wed Before Law Takes Effect

The Baby Boom for Gay Parents | Natalie Angier at NYT

Wanting Marriage and Pursuit of Happiness | Natalie Angier at NYT