State attorneys cite reproduction potential for defense of marriage law

U.S. judge in La. same-sex marriage case says no more oral arguments

Appeal court asked to unblock Florida same-sex marriage

What a difference six years can make

Poll: Voters support Christian bakery

Federal judge to rule on Colorado marriage law

Big news report card: Oklahoma same-sex marriage ruling

If marriage is not about procreation, why is it about sex?

Dear Hobby Lobby haters: Birth control is not medicine

Same-sex marriage in Florida put on hold pending appeal

Policy changes for Maryland state transgender employees

What we talk about when we talk about ‘birth control’

Porn is not manly, leaves men unhappy and bored, says blogger

Facebook and infidelity: Part cause, part symptom

Colorado baker appeals gvmt ‘re-education’ order

Judge won’t lift Fla. Keys same-sex marriage stay

Colorado baker fights back on cakes for same-sex weddings

Divided court declares Oklahoma same-sex ‘marriage’ ban unconstitutional

‘Dehumanizing’ or human freedom? Baker’s case headed to appeals court

Denver federal court turns down appeal for marriage law

US appeals court tosses Oklahoma marriage law

Murray State designates gender neutral restrooms

Slovakia: Conservatives push for further marriage protection

Manhattan Declaration leader encourages LCMS Lutherans

Marriage is not priority for millennials, study says

Christian bakery: We are staying true to our beliefs

Former homosexual reveals “unmitigated disaster of [same-sex] marriage”

HIV diagnoses drop in US overall, but increase in young homosexual men

Secrets leaker Manning to begin gender treatments

Montana AG asks court to uphold marriage law

Ohio legislature mulling bill to allow atheists to solemnize marriages

Millennials: Marriage doesn’t matter – Unless it’s my marriage

    The Daily Signal: Millennials don’t seem to think getting married and having children is very important to society. According to a recent Pew survey, only 29 percent of 18-24-year-olds and just 35 percent of those 25-34 agree that “society is better off if people make marriage and having children a priority.” Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean today’s young people have completely kicked marriage to the curb. It may just mean that they are less enthused about marriage at this point in their lives, as an Atlantic article points out .

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Supreme Court blocks recognition of Utah same-sex marriages

Attorney bemoans Oklahoma same-sex marriage decision

Christian baker ordered to bake cakes for same-sex ‘weddings’ files appeal

Court rules for same-sex marriage in Oklahoma case

Baker appeals order to re-educate employees on same-sex weddings

Same-sex marriage stirs backlash as businesses assert religion

10th Circuit strikes down Okla. marriage amendment, clerk considering appeal

Ruling allows same-sex marriages for Florida Keys

Waveland, Mississippi Mayor David Garcia endorses same-sex marriage

Utah asks Supreme Court to put same-sex marriage recognition order on hold

Democrats ask Walker to drop same-sex marriage lawsuit

Appeals Court schedules, then cancels Indiana, Wisconsin same-sex marriage arguments

What are millennials really saying about marriage?

What happens when society rejects a faith-based moral standard?

Health survey gives government its first large-scale data on gay, bisexual population

The institution of marriage should not exist! Who said it?

    Nathan Cherry: In the effort to redefine marriage there is a concerted effort to present homosexual couples as similar, if not exactly like heterosexual couples. They are committed, loving, couples that like to watch movies, golf, and host dinner parties. This is far less reality and far more campaign strategy intended to create an emotional narrative that will lure unsuspecting people into support for marriage redefinition.

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White House will not instantly recognize ‘non-binary genders’ in all departments

Support for same-sex marriage on the rise in Australia

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller seeks full court review of same-sex marriage appeal

DOJ set to support overturning of marriage laws in Supreme Court

Incest next ‘civil right’? Judge reprimanded for suggesting incest is legal

Marriage about more than children, but not less

    The Tennessean: Marriage isn’t just about children. We agree with Daniels on that (and, for that matter, so does everyone we know on either side of this debate). But we would argue that neither is marriage just about adults. The very fact that this debate over the definition of marriage is so heated is a sign that all of us agree that marriage is different from many other relationships. In truth, marriage connects men, women and children into one institution that society depends upon.

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Don’t fall for these six myths about monogamy

Surprise! Same-sex couples produce happier kids, media say

Judge: Same-sex couples can keep marrying in Colorado

That study showing kids with same-sex parents fare better? Yeah, the media left a few details out.

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Chase Bank refuses to confirm, deny employee “LGBT survey”

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A sexual revolution for young evangelicals? No.

Transgender restroom policy stands after appeal

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California removes ‘husband,’ ‘wife’ from marriage statutes

Christian bakery owner won’t make cake for same-sex marriage, won’t back down

Atherton will hear transgender policy appeal tonight

Houston Mayor defends controversial ordinance critics say will allow men in women’s bathrooms