Nation’s capital bans conversion therapy

1 in 3 Americans want a divorce between clergy and civil marriages

This ‘Giving Tuesday’, give the gifts of life, strong families, and the freedom to live out your faith

Are the financial pressures of illness contributing to elder divorce?

    Family Studies: Discussions about divorce, family stability, and the like typically focus on individuals and families in their normal childbearing and child-rearing years, and for good reason. Unstable or single-parent families have it tougher in all sorts of ways, and to the degree that their struggles affect future generations, solving their associated problems is all the more important. Indeed, it certainly is not uncommon to hear in conversation, even among those who think poorly of divorce in general, an almost audible relief when divorce occurs without children being involved, either because the couple has not had children or the children are grown and gone.

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Defenders of the family are not as warm and fuzzy as you think

    Aleteia: Last week I was privileged to attend the Humanum Colloquium held at the Vatican, and about which I wrote in advance with optimism regarding the use of new visual arts to convey old truths. Now, with the colloquium behind me, I find myself thinking about the lasting contributions of this international gathering. And it strikes me today that perhaps one of the most important things was an attempt to frame the current international debate about marriage in terms of the humanity owed to the innocent.

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