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Baker faces complaint for refusing message on cake

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Original sin is problematic

    First Things: According to former Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, he was fired for being a Christian. According to Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, he was fired for insubordination and poor judgment. And according to the New York Times’s recent editorial, he was fired for speaking of his subordinates as “second-class citizens.” But the argument over the motive for Cochran’s firing and its effect on civil and religious liberties obscures a deeper disagreement over Christian conceptions of sin and the consequences of those ideas in a public work environment. More than a mere difference in theology, this disagreement has dramatic implications for pluralism.

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Three views on David Leonhardt’s letter about liberals and marriage

Why mercy matters

Why taking a page out of a U.K. tabloid is good for women

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School district requires parental permission to join a pro-’gay’ club; ACLU reacts

How marriage makes people healthier

    The Economist: THE link between marriage and better health is well established. Less clear is whether marriage causes good health or vice versa—healthy people may simply be more likely to marry in the first place. In a recently updated paper Nezih Guner, Yuliya Kulikova and Joan Llull of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona looked at data on Americans between the ages of 20 and 64 in order to try to work out which way the causation runs. Does marriage make people healthier?

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351 studies from 13 nations prove benefits of households with a dad, a mom, and their kids

Justices take up marriage challenges

Incest: The next frontier in ‘reproductive freedom’

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Here’s what five Supreme Court Justices have said about same-sex marriage

Has SCOTUS stacked the deck against same-sex marriage in how it has framed the question?

On same-sex marriage, Supreme Court to weigh rights

The new orthodoxy: Why same-sex marriage can and does affect you

    Breakpoint: Activists for same-sex marriage routinely insist that Christians have nothing to fear from their proposals to restructure society’s basic institutions. It simply won’t affect us, we’re told. But when the conflict between same-sex couples’ newly-minted “rights” and Christians’ religious liberty becomes clear—as it has for Christian photographers, florists, bakers, caterers, ministers, and adoption agencies that are expected to solemnize same-sex couples as marriages—the tables turn. Then we’re told that Christians’ right to recuse themselves from celebrations they consider sinful must yield before the superior claim of sexual freedom. Such, said one New Mexico judge, is “the price of citizenship.”

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