Judge to hear request to immediately force Indiana to recognize couple’s same-sex “marriage”

Utah governor signs bill to beef up adoption rules

Mozilla boss toughs out backlash over opposition to same-sex “marriage”

Alvaré on Windsor and a federal definition of marriage

Podcast: Byron York and Timothy P. Carney on same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty

Oregon same-sex “marriage” ballot measure backers ask judge to make quick decision

Pro-life, pro-marriage planks pulled from Clark County GOP platform

Same-sex Key West couple files suit against Florida’s marriage amendment

Ypsilanti City Council may ask Michigan to lift stay on same-sex “marriage”

W. Bradford Wilcox: Why are families getting poorer when women’s wages are rising?

    W. Bradford Wilcox at The Atlantic: “What gives? What accounts for the paradox that women’s income is rising across the board yet family income is falling for the bottom 40 percent of families? Mainly, to paraphrase Hanna Rosin, the end of marriage and men in working-class and poor communities across the nation, coupled with the fact that maternal labor-force participation has plateaued since the 1990s. That is, a dramatic retreat from marriage, declines in men’s employment and income, and a leveling off of maternal labor-force participation have all combined to limit the income available to lower-income families, and to offset the increases in women’s income documented in this new report.”

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Ed Whelan: Michigan marriage fiasco

County clerk to 4th Circuit: Uphold Va. marriage amendment

Federal judge stays ruling in Va. marriage case Harris v. Rainey

Reihan Salaam: Tax the childless

Prof. Regnerus says Michigan judge showed bias in ruling allowing same-sex “marriage”

The problem with same-sex “marriage” and procreation

La. bill barring housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity fails

Boy Scouts of America revoke membership of “openly gay” troop leader

Same-sex divorce filings challenge Indiana’s marriage laws

GOP wrestles with its stance on same-sex “marriage”

10th Circuit panel selected for Utah marriage case

Quinnipiac poll: 50% of Virginia voters favor same-sex “marriage”

Opponents in Utah, Okla. same-sex “marriage” lawsuits clash over impact on kids

Defendants: Gay-marriage ruling could allow other unions | The Virginian-Pilot

Backers of Virginia’s marriage laws file briefs in appeal

Ex-FLDS man wins child custody case involving Warren Jeffs

Ohio couple drops lawsuit over marriage amendment

Conservative group claims harm from Missouri same-sex couples filing joint tax returns

Evangelical leader shows how GOP can finesse same-sex “marriage”

Justice Department: Federal gov’t will recognize Michigan same-sex “marriages”

Mozilla’s new CEO faces calls to resign over Prop 8 donation

Same-sex couple married in Mass. will argue for a divorce in Florida

Michigan Congressional Democrats seek federal recognition of same-sex “marriages”

Same-sex couple “married” in Iowa asks Nebraska court to allow divorce

Legislator files proposed amendment to allow same-sex “marriage” in Missouri

David Harsanyi: Vouchers are not about Creationism

9th Circuit could reconsider whether “anti-gay” laws get more closely scrutinized by courts

Florida may ban minors under 16 from getting married

Study: Divorce has risen to record highs

Attorney sues for Puerto Rican recognition of Mass. same-sex “marriage”

Michigan won’t recognize same-sex “marriages”

World Vision reverses decision to hire Christians in same-sex “marriages”

Joseph La Rue: Understanding the impact of state religious freedom laws

Michigan AG: Defending traditional marriage is defending the state constitution

6th Circuit panel extends freeze on Michigan same-sex “marriages”

Baton Rouge’s definition of “family” weighed by Louisiana Supreme Court

    Diana Samuels at The Times-Picayune: “The ordinance says that only a ‘single family’ may rent homes in A-1 zoning districts, the most common residential designation in Baton Rouge. The law defines family as ‘an individual or two or more persons who are related by blood, marriage or legal adoption.’ It restricts more than two unrelated people from renting a home together, and, if the owner of the property lives in the home, prohibits more than four unrelated people from living there. . . . It raises questions, for example, about the effect on gay and lesbian residents. A gay couple with a foster child wouldn’t be allowed to rent a home together under the law.”

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Supreme showdown in religious freedom battle | WND

World Vision to recognize employees’ same-sex “marriages”

Indiana ends Common Core education standards

R. R. Reno on the real marriage inequality — between rich and poor

US Supreme Court holds off deciding whether to hear NM photographer’s case

“What Judge Friedman learned about gay families from a lesbian law clerk”

Legal questions abound over same-sex “marriages” in Michigan

6th Circuit stays Michigan marriage ruling

AZ Supreme Court: State funds for private schools legal

Jury sides with family in polygamist sect lawsuit

Russell Shaw: The sexual revolution and the breakdown of marriage

Federal judge strikes down Michigan marriage amendment

WA: Appeals court upholds religious restrictions as to children in divorce case

“Justices may decide if vendors can snub gay weddings” | USA Today

Proposed law would ensure parental rights in Missouri

Federal judge denies Tennessee’s request for stay in marriage recognition case

Federal judge could rule today in Michigan same-sex “marriage,” adoption case

Supreme Court faces wave of free-speech cases from conservatives | LA Times

In Oregon marriage case, Judge McShane faces decisions on standing and staying

Kentucky AG on refusal to defend marriage: “I wanted to be on the right side of history”

Federal judge stays enforcement of Kentucky marriage ruling pending appeal

Pornography is at the heart of our social ills

    Paul S. Loverde, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, at First Things: “Those who deny that the act of viewing pornography has any negative consequences must understand just how toxic the situation has become. . . . The most graphic forms of pornography are now easily and anonymously accessible on the internet and on any smartphone. Many among us are now caught in patterns of addiction that rival those of drugs and alcohol in their grip on the individual, if not in the disruption that results in their lives. Depression, anxiety, isolation, marital strife, and job loss can all be intensified for those caught in the web of this addiction. . . . This addiction is not merely behavioral, a bad habit that can be broken like any other. Chronic viewing of pornographic material impacts one’s brain chemistry in a manner that can “hook” a person and lead to a quest for increasingly lurid forms of pornography.”

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Primary victories for Illinois Republicans who backed redefinition of marriage

Cooke attorneys question cop’s testimony in polygamous town civil rights trial

Tennessee governor appeals same-sex “marriage” order

Brief: Oklahoma marriage amendment harms couples, children | AP

The Church and civil marriage