Notre Dame panel addresses Catholic marriage

Ryan T. Anderson at Regent’s 9th Annual Reagan Symposium: A new time for choosing

The hidden cost of surrogacy

Heritage panel: Personal opinion no excuse to abandon marriage laws

    Heritage: “Cuccinelli, who narrowly lost the Virginia governor’s race in November, joined two other legal experts at a Heritage event examining what they regard as a disturbing trend: the willingness of state attorneys general to heed U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s advice – and example – by refusing for political reasons to enforce or defend laws with which they disagree. The Friday afternoon event, called ‘Dereliction of Duty,’ also featured Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network, and Ed Whelan, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Ethics and Public Policy Center.”

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Alabama same-sex couple denied divorce will pursue court fight

Utah brief: Marriage ruling “a judicial wrecking-ball”

Gender and the Institutional Nature of Marriage

Judge: Tenn. must recognize 3 same-sex “marriages”

Lawyer in common law divorce suit challenges SC marriage amendment

Denny Burk: Why the GOP is embracing same-sex “marriage”

Kentucky governor hires outside counsel for same-sex “marriage” appeal

Federal lawsuit challenges Arizona marriage amendment

ACLU sues Florida seeking recognition of out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Indiana lawmakers OK regulations for religious day cares

W. Bradford Wilcox: Is it time for Catholic Church to accommodate divorce revolution?

    W. Bradford Wilcox at First Things: “There is another reason the Pope and his Church should not simply accommodate this wave: It has taken a devastating toll on the ‘least of these’—especially children and the poor. In the United States, for instance, a recent study of economic mobility for poor children in communities across the nation by Harvard economist Raj Chetty found that “the strongest and most robust predictor [of mobility] is the fraction of children with single parents.” In other words, poor children in the U.S. are much more likely to be trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty if they grow up in communities without strong two-parent families.”

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“Heightened scrutiny” law of the land under 9th Circuit

Richard Land: A modest proposal on same-sex “marriage” and religious liberty

Ariz. lawmakers renew push to dump Common Core education standards

Judge: Same-sex couple can’t divorce in Alabama

Utah’s decision to freeze same-sex “marriages” debated in court

Panel discussion on role of Catholic Church in marriage debate to be held at Notre Dame

Pew: “61% of young Republicans favor same-sex marriage”

Methodist bishop to end trials for ministers who perform same-sex weddings

Albert Mohler interview on the redefinition of marriage

Will Alabama grant same-sex couple’s request for divorce?

First Things reviews Gene Robinson’s case for same-sex “marriage”

    Dennis Di Mauro at First Things: “While Robinson served as a bishop in the Episcopal Church, he surprisingly uses far more secular arguments than theological ones. The religious ones he does use are often speculative. Robinson explores the commonly used verses proscribing homosexual sex by referencing Daniel Helminiak’s 1994 book, What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality. Using Helminiak’s work, he proceeds to reinterpret the verses in Leviticus 18 and 20, Genesis 19, Judges 19, Romans, 1 Cor. 6, and 1 Tim 1. His conclusion? None of these verses deal with homosexuality. They are dismissed as merely divine proscriptions against violence, prostitution, idolatry, or some other sin, or as anthropological remnants of an outdated and bigoted age.”

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Doug Mainwaring: The incremental totalitarianism of the push for same-sex “marriage”

9th Circuit to hear Nevada marriage case next month

4th Circuit to follow expedited schedule for Virginia marriage case

Windsor: the new distortion factor | Walter Weber

Obama should not be afraid to talk about marriage

Arizona senators still don’t back same-sex “marriage”

Judge: Michigan marriage ruling within two weeks

The Atlantic: “The real polygamous, feminist wives of Salt Lake City”

Lee and Rubio working on new “pro-growth, pro-family” tax reform plan

Same-sex “marriage” tests state Attorneys General

Indiana couples file federal lawsuit to recognize same-sex “marriage”

Santorum slams conservatives who want to ditch cultural issues

Heritage event on state AG’s failure to defend marriage laws

Fate of Michigan marriage amendment now rests with federal judge

Florida: federal judge denies motion to dismiss Gay-Straight Alliance suit

Wisconsin: Shorewood adopts transgender student guidelines, protections

Public accommodations provision in Md. transgender rights bill draws outcry

Florida may allow expansion of private school vouchers

“Boston St. Pat’s parade rescinds invite to gay group”

Priebus: March for Life a wake-up call for GOP

How gender-neutral Bible translations prepared the way for Christian acceptance of same-sex “marriage”

WaPo poll: “Support for same-sex marriage hits new high”

Wyoming couples sue to overturn marriage amendment

Rand Paul: “I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage”

Illinois: Kane County won’t license same-sex “marriages” before June

Judge refuses to block Wisc. marriage amendment, proposes speedy trial

Colorado governor endorses redefinition of marriage

NM: Curry County judges stop performing marriages, others step in

Illinois AG: County clerks can issue same-sex “marriage” licenses

Western U.S. Republicans to urge 10th Circuit to redefine marriage

Kentucky AG explains refusal to defend marriage amendment

Mark Regnerus testifies in Michigan marriage case

Al Jazeera’s The Stream: Christianity’s culture clash over homosexuality (video)

Indiana Senate bill clarifies same-sex tax filing language

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to pursue appeal in marriage case, will hire outside counsel

Mike Gonzalez: The marriage imperative

Kelly Bartlett: Gender, discrimination, and marriage

Loyola University (Chicago): Only Catholic weddings can be celebrated on university campus

Elane Photography religious liberty case heads to Supreme Court | Washington Post

Ross Douthat: The terms of our surrender

Same-sex couples claim Utah AG wrongly intervening in adoption cases

Entrusting marriage to liberals/progressives

Mona Charen: The traditional family structure isn’t obsolete

Jonah Goldberg: Celebrate same-sex “marriage” — or else