Young Hoosiers believe marriage is not subject to whims of time

SPLC files suit challenging Alabama marriage protection laws

Virginia AG asks court to note Kentucky marriage ruling

Nevada groups launch push to redefine marriage

Four couples challenge Louisiana’s marriage amendment

Judge issues no decision on Texas marriage amendment

“Advocates hail lightning speed momentum with same-sex marriage” | ABC

How marital history, not just marital status, affects your health

    Laurie DeRose at Family Studies: “The life course perspective that he takes uncovers more subtle differences than the well-known facts that single mothers face disadvantages and that cohabitation does not carry all the benefits of marriage. For instance, Barban found that early childbearing and early cohabitation are associated with poorer self-reported health, more depression, and more risk behaviors (drinking and smoking), but early marriage is not. Also, short cohabitations followed by marriage do not seem to compromise health, but long-term cohabitations as well as repeated cohabitations do. More generally, lots of family transitions are bad for health, but with an important exception: normative transitions in a traditional sequence enhance health status.”

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Kansas House passes bill allowing service refusal to same-sex couples

ACLU to sue Missouri over marriage amendment

Gerard V. Bradley: Eric Holder and the spirit of Windsor

Judge hears challenge to Texas marriage amendment

Federal judge: Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Judge to hear challenge to Texas marriage protection amendment

IN Senate committee passes same sex “marriage” amendment 8 to 4 | WNDU

Reno: Marriage, sex, and politics

    R.R. Reno at First Things: “Gay rights and sexual liberation more broadly are relatively cost-free commitments for today’s Democratic Party. . . . No rhetoric is too extreme, because it’s not in the slightest degree politically dangerous. The sorts of people who don’t want gay marriage are already on the other side. The Selma Analogy is an easy applause line in the current Democratic Party coalition. . . . Prosecuting a culture war that powerful business interests either agree with or think irrelevant provides a point of unity and feel-good commitment that helps party leaders avoid divisive issues. That’s why same-sex marriage and all it represents has become so important in domestic politics today, or at least a significant part of the reason why.”

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AZ: Push to expand school vouchers for private, parochial schools moves forward in House

The rise of cohabitation

Bradford Wilcox: No, Christianity is not bad for marriage

PA: Home schooler’s mom sues for son to play on Christian school’s sports team

LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial to children, society

Nevada withdraws brief defending its marriage protection amendment

Couples sue to force Ohio’s hand on same-sex birth certificates

“Idaho Supreme Court sides with Boise lesbian couple in adoption case”

Mormon church to weigh in on Utah marriage protection amendment

Indiana: Senate rules committee to debate marriage protection amendment

Methodists in crisis over same-sex “marriage,” church law

Federal funds to foster healthy marriage have little effect, study finds

Has the IRS Legalized Polygamy? | North Carolina Law Review

Justice Department will give nation-wide recognition to lawful same-sex “marriages”

Hymowitz: How single motherhood hurts kids

AZ: Legislation would add hurdle for divorced parents who have custody of their kids to move

Peter Sprigg: States should retain power to define marriage

Chevy Olympic ads feature same-sex couples

State AGs shirk their duty to defend state laws

Harvard Law professor: “Legal lions Boies and Olson set back gay marriage”

Senator says attorney in Utah marriage case has conflict of interest

Alabama Chief Justice pushes for marriage protection amendments

Sherif Girgis: Why fight for marriage?

Same-sex “marriage” legal arguments heat up in Virginia, Utah | CBS

Defense of marriage amendment expected to be issue in Wisc. AG race | OneNewsNow

Same-Sex Divorce | California Law Review

“Judge vows quick ruling on Va. gay marriage ban” | CBN

Arguments heard in federal challenge of Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | NYT

“Virginia wedding ban builds illegal way for gays, Olson says” | Bloomberg

Olson: Judge in Virginia marriage ban case says she’ll rule “soon” | Keen News Service

Utah tells court children threatened by same-sex “marriage” (Virginia case) | Malay Mail

Court hearing in constitutional challenge to Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | Daily Press

Case challenging marriage amendment heard in Va. | WRIC

Judge hears Virginia same-sex “marriage” ban case | CBN

Judge promises quick decision on Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban | WVEC

Judge says to rule soon on Virginia same-sex “marriage” ban | Reuters

Utah files first arguments in marriage appeal

Federal judge pledges quick ruling on Virginia’s marriage amendment | Washington Post

National Review: Save the charter schools

The negative effects of absent fathers

    Anna Sutherland at Family Studies: “Growing up without a father—whether that’s due to divorce, a nonmarital birth, or a father’s death—is associated with a host of negative effects. But given that children from low-income families, for instance, are more likely to live apart from their father in the first place, it can be hard to tell to what extent an absent father causes the problems that father absence is associated with, and to what extent other factors related to both family structure and child outcomes (like household income) are to blame.”

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Olson and Boies seek role in two same-sex “marriage” cases

Virginia same-sex “marriage” case gets class action status | WORLD

Race on same-sex “marriage” cases runs through Virginia | Washington Post

Court hearing set over Virginia’s marriage protection amendment

Polygamy bill held up pending Utah legal case

Indiana: Senate panel schedules marriage ban hearing

“10th Circuit rejects request from 3 gay couples”

ADF to Ariz. schools: Giving Planned Parenthood access to children may violate state law

Ranking Oregon House Republican supports redefinition of marriage

Minnesota: Supporting redefinition of marriage brings in campaign cash

Va. House OKs measure to defend marriage protection amendment

ACLU suit challenges legality of Wisconsin’s marriage protection amendment

Religious Freedom and Marriage in Federal Law | Heritage Foundation

    Thomas M. Messner at the Heritage Foundation: “Legal recognition of same-sex marriage will increase the potential for conflicts with religious freedom. The recent Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Windsor intensifies these concerns by characterizing traditional marriage policy as a form of irrational prejudice. Public policy should value, not condemn, those who uphold the ideal of a mother and father for children. Even public officials who support same-sex marriage, however, should support religious freedom. At the federal level, policy should protect religious freedom and rights of conscience in areas that include tax exemptions, deductions for charitable contributions, conditions attached to government programs, federal spending in educational and social service programs, and accreditation of higher education institutions.”

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Is “sex worker” a legitimate phrase?

Monogamy made us human

Court upholds Hawaii law permitting same-sex “marriage”