House rejects Democratic changes to religious freedom proposal

Religious freedom for campus student groups bill passes Kansas Senate

Gordon College reaffirms ban on students, faculty engaging in extramarital sex, homosexuality

6th Circuit rejects Good News Club’s fee waiver claim

Senators introduce effort to void D.C. bills that force religious groups to violate beliefs

In college and hiding from scary ideas

Judge censors Bible for public preaching

Same-sex couple accuses wedding videographer of discrimination

Bishop: Make war on ISIS

If you were a fan of “God’s Not Dead” you won’t want to miss “Do You Believe?”

Catholic-owned company in Colorado wins permanent injunction on mandate

QC: Watchdog faces avalanche of cases if Ashers loses

Court action against Ashers ‘ill-judged’ says NI newspaper

Bible colleges shouldn’t need a state seal

UGA students’ freedom no longer stuck in the ‘speech zone’

Prayer at charter school stopped after civil rights complaint

Religious liberty threatened in nation’s capital

Advocates seek to remove antiquated religious test laws

From hero to hater: Navy beats down chaplain’s appeal for religious freedom

NC Senate bill would make childhood vaccinations mandatory

Religious freedom is not a British value, poll finds

U.N. urges ISIS trial for suspected genocide

United Nations expert on religious freedom launches first official visit to Lebanon

Malaysia Shariah Law: Islamist party passes bill to implement harsh Islamic criminal punishment

Atheists want law removed that bars them from office

A case for opening schools to worship

Chipotle’s pork choice – and religious freedom

Burma court gives 30 month sentences to bar owner and manager for Buddha Facebook ad

Myanmar court finds trio guilty of insulting religion

Attacks in Lahore, Christian religious leaders invite community to peace and forgiveness

Fifth Circuit affirms school’s rejection of Jesus tattooed jumbotron ad

Religious freedom or discrimination?

College freshmen less religious than ever – just like their parents

Senate Democrat’s office: Aide knew of abortion provision

Appeals Court upholds district’s refusal to air ‘Jesus Tattoo’ ad

Catholic-owned company wins case against Colorado health department over insurance coverage

New (limited) poll shows over two-thirds of sampled voters want to institute federal law banning discrimination due to sexual orientation and gender identity

Congress moves to zap D.C. anti-Christian bills

Congress may ‘veto’ DC bills requiring pro-life organizations to hire abortion advocates

Sen. Ted Cruz seeks to upend D.C. laws on contraception coverage, same-sex marriage

Cranston Teachers Alliance sues city for religious discrimination

Same-sex couple accuses wedding videographer of discrimination

Arizona says judges cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriages if they perform others

Christians say under siege in Modi’s India after rape, attacks

Brazilian court affirms right of Adventist to close his service station for Sabbath.

ISIS tweets destruction of more Christian sites

Catholic school suspends teacher after celebrity Susan Sarandon complains about “anti-gay rant”

Catholic teacher suspended over comments on homosexuality

Mayor de Blasio emerges as an unexpected champion of religion

Cruz, Lankford move to protect religious freedom of D.C. private schools, organizations

Saving persecuted Christians

IRS blames Obamacare for shoddy customer service

Parents, you are not bad for sending your kids to private school

Congress to consider ‘veto’ of DC bills coercing organizations against their missions

Catholic-owned company wins permanent injunction against HHS mandate

Poll did not ask about religious exemptions

What employers need to know about religious discrimination

House committee passes religious freedom bill

NYC’s plan for prayer break in pre-K classes raises concerns

German court overturns ban on headscarves for Muslim women teachers

Six new freedom of religion or belief prisoners of conscience

Bishops call on Pakistanis to stand with fellow Christians, against extremists

    Asia News: “The Catholic Church of Pakistan strongly condemns the brutal suicide bombings against churches of Youhanabad, Lahore. Government, political parties, religious leaders and all citizens of Pakistan must stand alongside their Christian brothers and sisters, against extremist forces”, reads the official statement released by Msgr. Joseph Coutts, Archbishop of Karachi, President of the Bishops’ Conference of Pakistan (PCBC). “The government of Punjab and federal government – he underlines – must take extraordinary measures to protect churches and religious minorities in the country”.

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World seeking to hide persecution of Christians, says Pope Francis

Courts should not meddle with faith and religion

Federal appeals court nixes law protecting houses of worship

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