Can we have religious liberty in modern America?

    The Federalist: The Supreme Court is soon to decide a case that could potentially impose same-sex marriage as a nationwide civil “right.” During one exchange in oral arguments in the case, Obama administration Solicitor General Donald Verrilli was asked by Justice Alito whether a religious school could lose its nonprofit status if it held that marriage is between one man and one woman. Here is the solicitor general’s response: “It’s certainly going to be an issue. I don’t deny that. I don’t deny that, Justice Alito. It is it is going to be an issue.”

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Victory for Rhode Island pro-lifers: New rules requires abortion-excluding healthcare plans for 2016

Ashers ‘deeply disappointed’ after losing court case

Ashers owners speak out for first time about ruling

University students vote to ban Bibles from halls

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A fourth to be reckoned with

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SPLC campaign would ‘ban help for gay people’

Lawsuit dropped as R.I. requires plans to satisfy abortion foes

Ted Cruz courts conservative pastors at private gathering

D.C. Circuit: Catholic Archbishop must facilitate provision of contraceptives and abortifacients

Moore schools face lawsuit over religious freedom at graduation

Evangelicals, culture, and post-Christian America

Louisiana Governor issues executive order protecting traditional marriage advocates

Appeals Court denies Notre Dame’s challenge to health law’s contraception mandate

Growing share of U.S. immigrants have no religious affiliation

Judge dismisses Florida school vouchers lawsuit

Texas judge disciplined for religious-cultural bias

School board sued over invocation policy

Senate clears bill linking religious freedom, trade

Religious Objections Bill to get hearing

Mainstream reports of Christianity’s demise greatly exaggerated, says new poll data

Atheist activist will use RFRA to challenge “In God We Trust” on money

Suit charges mall with rejecting Christian bookstore

Pakistan Catholics concerned for minorities after terror attack

Muslims at mercy of religious authorities if human rights not upheld, say lawyers

Five attacks in five days on Christians in Central India

Court battle under way to keep Bible studies in schools in New Zealand

Christian-run bakery ‘unlawfully discriminated’ against gay man for refusing to make ‘gay cake’

(Not) supporting gay marriage at the cake counter: Lee v Ashers Bakery

Hearts, minds and cakes

UPDATE: Trial of S. Sudan pastors begins, then is delayed

‘Syrians, Palestinians among most threatened minorities,’ human rights group says

Bill cancelling mandatory health insurance coverage for abortions submitted to State Duma

Update – schools, scriptures, banning of books and sexual orthodoxy

Gay-conversion therapy ban to be introduced in House

Bobby Jindal stands against big business to protect religious liberty

In victory for free speech, NAACP loses court battle to silence black pro-life activist

Black pro-lifer wins fight against NAACP over abortion parody

Abortion ‘parody’ of NAACP is constitutional speech: court

Sexual and reproductive rights priority for the UN

Rhode Island Obamacare forced to add health care plans that don’t pay for abortions

Rhode Island ends Obamacare’s abortion mandate after HIV man’s lawsuit

Mohler receives Meese religious liberty award

    BR Now: The award description said: “Alliance Defending Freedom honors Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. for his significant efforts in publicly promoting and defending religious liberty and a principled jurisprudence through the active advancement of constitutional originalism. Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.’s tireless efforts embody the enduring commitment to justice that is the hallmark of the American spirit, as personified by the Honorable Edwin Meese III, in whose name this award is given.”

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Appeals court rules against NAACP in abortion free speech lawsuit

La. Marriage and Conscience Act protects freedom of Louisianans

ISIS fighters seized advantage in Iraq attack by striking during sandstorm

ISIS finances are strong

Do religious leaders really focus on homosexuality and abortion more than poverty? Not exactly

Senate approves religious freedom measure for trade bill

A new age of campus censorship

Ashers Bakery: Judgment handed down in ‘gay cake’ row

NAACP loses battle to silence black pro-lifer who bashed its pro-abortion stance

Is Christianity dying from boredom?

Valencia College sonography students allege retaliation for objecting to transvaginal ultrasounds by classmates

    FIRE: Two former students of Valencia College, a public institution in Orlando, Florida, have accused college officials of violating their First Amendment rights after they were allegedly punished for complaining about Valencia’s practice of having female students repeatedly undergo transvaginal ultrasounds at the hands of their classmates. The unnamed students filed a complaint in federal court last week, claiming that faculty members threatened their academic standing and future careers in retaliation for their speech.

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Chaplain Alliance urges Air Force not to give in to hysterics

Malaysia, Thailand keep refugees at bay

Bright spots and tough challenges for evangelicals in Pew survey

No, American Christianity is not dead

    CNN: The headlines were deafening this week — if current trends continue, the last Christian at Boston’s historic Park Street Church will leave the faith in a few decades, join a Wiccan coven on Harvard Square, tell her live-in atheist boyfriend that Christianity is dead, and we’ll all just move on from this failed Christian experiment.

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When perfection kills

Boko Haram militants raped hundreds of female captives in Nigeria

The gathering storm: The eclipse of religious liberty and the threat of a new dark age

Mohler receives Meese religious liberty award

North Jersey teachers learn social media’s traps the hard way

RI revises health care plan after pro-life HIV+ man sues

‘Catastrophe’ at hand for Iraqi Christians, nun tells Congress

World Vision suspends operations in key South Sudan state over escalating violence

Supreme Court protesters challenge arrest under First Amendment

‘Whoever disbelieves, strike off his head’

Pastor, more than 70 Christians killed in Plateau state, Nigeria