One pastor’s tedious defense of the First Amendment

Evangelical and progressive groups agree: A strong charitable and religious sector requires clearer IRS guidance

Atlanta fire chief files discrimination complaint

No timetable to put Bible-based sign back in Hager Park

Churches wait for SCOTUS to attend to use of school facilities

NYC continues fight to keep churches from meeting in public schools

A tale of two cakes: Colorado’s far-reaching religious freedom fight

Nicky Morgan ‘unapologetic’ over ‘British values’ rules

Uni free speech threatened by ‘anti-terror’ plans – top QC

Add the Words bill dies in Idaho committee

Mosul deteriorates under IS occupation

Kenya’s Christian-owned Hope FM radio hijacked

Luxembourg moves towards further separation of religion and the state

Sweden’s court hearts case for religious freedom, again

More companies win on basis of Hobby Lobby decision

Parent voices concern over religious sign in public school

When public religion is rare, it gets weird

No longer the Iraq I loved

How the contraception mandate may spread measles: Politicizing preventative care increases public distrust

D.C. mayor signs bills curtailing religious freedom of Catholic schools, colleges

Eight hundred years of prayer: Lawyers, faith, and the common good

Atlanta mayor: Christian ex-fire chief’s reputation will be destroyed

Colorado’s contentious confections

The Cross Examined College Prep Course IV

    Town Hall: Second, you can call the folks at the Alliance Defending Freedom (see I began working together with these guys in the spring of 2006 – just months before they would represent me in a First Amendment retaliation case. I often spoke at campuses with patently unconstitutional policies and tried to challenge those really bad policies by finding really good plaintiffs. We overturned numerous policies by working together. Best of all, many of the students that decided to stand up earned names for themselves and enhanced their resumes – not to mention their standing in the conservative movement.

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Rise in harassment against India’s Christians prompts launch of new help hotline

2015 is shaping up to be a significant year for religion at the Supreme Court

Court to hear EWTN challenge to contraception mandate

US church’s website is hacked by ISIS

Zhejiang, Hong Kong journalist arrested for investigating cross demolition

The Middle East’s vanishing Christians

West Mich. towns riled by atheist’s crusade

Boston bombing jury excludes some Catholics

Alliance Defending Freedom attorney speaks in Augusta about preserving religious liberty

The magic spell of “Separation of Church and State!”

    The Stream: “Last I heard, we had separation of church and state in this country,” declared a congressman from Colorado during the debate over health care. “I’ve got to say that I think the Catholic bishops and all of the other groups shouldn’t have input.” He was upset that the Catholic bishops had insisted that the health care bill not include abortion.The Church should just shut up. Christians had no right to speak, as Christians, in public affairs.

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France wants to make Google and Facebook accountable for hate speech

Cake baking and journalistic story baking

Activists have freedom to distribute fliers on college campus, federal court rules

Colorado teen who tried to join ISIS gets 4-year sentence

Sunni officials in Iraq say Shi’ite militias executed 70 civilians

ADF joins panel discussion on vague tax laws muzzling nonprofits, churches

Religious liberty and persecution: a global perspective

Association formed in Jamaica to protect religious freedom

Protection of religious freedom in Australia

Lawmakers hear heated testimony about non-discrimination bill

New ad campaign targets religious liberty sponsors

Mayor de Blasio refuses to drop church worship ban in NYC public schools – but this congregation isn’t backing down

Battle still rages for churches that want to meet in NYC schools

Government to pay $570,000 to Conestoga Wood Specialties law firms for fight to Supreme Court

Testimony: Bathrooms, wearing a dress, taking it off, and dueling lawyers…

Testimony: ‘Ramifications upon my church,’ questions on bathroom use

Owner of Colo. senior centers receives permanent order against abortion-pill mandate

Did the Supreme Court K-O the seal of the confessional?

Indiana Legislature to soon take up religious freedom bill

BJC’s Hollman on Holt v Hobbs, plus impact on other cases

Supreme Court remands Native American prisoner Free Exercise case

Pope Francis says ‘ecumenism of blood’ is uniting Christians

In parting shot, Obama prods India on religious freedom

Resist or accommodate evil: There is no ‘third way’

God in the details: NLRB modifies test for jurisdiction over religious education employers

Religious freedom bill returns in Michigan Senate

Oklahoma to reconsider bible classes in public schools

Evangelical and progressive groups to provide perspectives on clearer IRS rules for nonprofits

Ex-fire chief files EEOC complaint

Obama admin to pay $570,000 in attorneys fees after losing abortion pill mandate case