Christians urged to gather on International Day of Prayer as persecution reaches unprecedented levels

Turkish public education system to offer class in Christianity for first time

California forces churches to fund abortions

Karen Armstrong’s new rule: Religion isn’t responsible for violence

Wicca goes to college

Religion in the age of evolution: Shaking the pillars?

Federal court says law school can opt out of controversial Obamacare mandates

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Trick or retreat? Houston mayor reconsiders subpoenas

Houston 5: Dropping subpoenas isn’t enough, mayor

Military group to sue university over prayer at 9/11 memorial service

Remember the First Amendment

Hearing in Forsyth Co. prayer case set for Nov. 20

Under Sharia: Women get punished for resisting being raped

Radicalized British mother takes 1 year old son with her to join ISIS

Christian groups told they must consider secular leaders

Catholic law school protected from abortion-contraception mandate

Lawsuit helped school’s ‘change of heart’

Administration defeated in another Obamacare fight

Remember that Hitching Post same-sex wedding case? Yeah… never mind

ADF: Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

Houston mayor withdraws sermon subpoenas following outcry

Houston withdraws subpoenas from pastors

Houston mayor tries to calm uproar over subpoenas

Houston mayor withdraws pastor subpoenas after national uproar

Special event: Stand for Houston pastors

Pastors speak up on city’s decision to drop subpoenas

Houston mayor drops bid to subpoena pastors’ sermons

Mayor Parker withdraws subpoenas issued to Houston pastors in HERO lawsuit

City of Houston withdraws subpoenas entirely

Houston mayor to pastors: On second thought, let’s forget about those subpoenas

Annise Parker withdraws efforts to subpoena Houston pastors’ sermons

Houston mayor withdraws subpoenas, but scandal not fully resolved

Court rules Obama admin can’t force Catholic college to obey HHS mandate

Is it wrong for Christians to defend their rights?

New Govt standards are ‘curb on freedom’ – Jewish critic

The best of times

Marriage and the Left’s duplicity on pre-enforcement challenges

Houston, we have a problem!

She wanted sermons, she got them! Mayor who tried to subpoena city’s pastors is flooded with Bibles

Victory: Court rules in favor of Ave Maria School of Law against HHS mandate

Guess how many Bibles have arrived at the office of the Houston Mayor after she subpoenaed pastors’ sermons

Americans believe in heaven, hell, and a little bit of heresy

An eerie calm: Iraqi Christians anxiously ponder their future

Why Americans want more religion in their politics

Idaho town bridling in their religious discrimination?

Argentina: Attempted murder of Baptist pastor

Catholic law school not forced to comply with abortion pill mandate

Threatened Christian school: ‘Change British values rules’

Iranian woman hanged for killing rapist leaves message for mother: ‘Death is not the end of life’

‘Simon Says Tolerance’: Do what I say, not what I do

Support the Houston 5: Join I Stand Sunday to take back America’s pulpits

The City Podcast: Worship as a political act

Secular party set to win Tunisia elections

‘Satanist’ claims he destroyed Ten Commandments statue in Oklahoma

The U.S. commitment to religious freedom abroad: Honoring International Religious Freedom Day

Tale of two women: one Republican, one Democrat

A new time for choosing on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

    The Heritage Foundation: America exists to defend the unalienable rights of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These truths have been challenged in the past 50 years in ways that Ronald Reagan could not have imagined in 1964. Unless they are protected in law and—more important—lived out in culture, constitutional self-government will be increasingly at risk. In this new time for choosing, we must return to the synthesis of the American Founding: ordered liberty based on faith and reason, natural rights and morality, limited government and civil society—with the laws of nature and nature’s God providing the standard.

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