My dad showed me what it means to be pro-life

Mitch McConnell commits to abortion ban vote

Iowa Supreme Court allows telemedicine abortion program to go on

Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of telemedicine abortions

Ohio files motion to close last Toledo abortion clinic for breaking state law

Abortion and preterm birth: Educational campaign recognizes the well-documented link

    Lozier Institute: Baby Elizabeth was born nine weeks premature. With under-developed lungs, she struggled to breathe and needed to remain in intensive care in the hospital for two and a half weeks. “I couldn’t even hold her for the first five days… We dressed her in doll clothes,” says Jenn, her mother, recalling Elizabeth’s tiny size. Jenn attributes her daughter’s premature birth – and a host of other health complications – to a previous abortion she had, and now shares her story as part of a newly-launched educational campaign called Prevent Preterm.

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Senate will vote on pro-life bill banning late-term abortions after 20 weeks

Iowa Supreme Court overturns ban on dangerous webcam abortions

Iowa high court strikes down ban on ‘webcam’ abortions

Man who had no idea his mom was euthanized until the morgue called takes doctor to court

Planned Parenthood’s claim that ’60 percent’ of voters oppose 20-week abortion ban

Down Syndrome Abortion Ban voted out of committee with bipartisan support

Pope Francis’ encyclical is about more than climate change. It’s about culture

Ohio Committee passes bill to make it the second state to ban abortions based on Down syndrome

Tax dollars could be spent to “nudge” older people to agree to premature death under Senate bill

Kirsten Powers is an antiabortion, antiwar evangelical liberal who works for Fox News. Got a problem with that?

Experts on aging, dying as they lived

Unused embryos pose difficult issue: What to do with them

Gosnell’ movie producers to publish book about ‘America’s Biggest Serial Killer’

The death treatment: When should people with a non-terminal illness be helped to die?

‘The New Yorker’ doubts Belgian euthanasia policy

Abortion news North Carolina: US Supreme Court refuses to review ‘unconstitutional’ ultrasound law

NH court orders partial release of abortion facility documents, appeal filed for remainder

The religious left campaign to use taxpayer money for abortions for Boko Haram victims

Beyond Gruber: How HHS flip-flopped on federal exchange subsidies

Decarbonization and abortion

Dana Milbank’s war on facts

You’re alive today because of this 19th century doctor

Texas Governor Abbott signs House Bill 3074 into law

Dana Milbank is so dishonest, interviewees have to post their email correspondence to correct record

Groups demand Organization of American States respect life, family, and religious freedom

Review of North Carolina abortion ultrasound law rejected by US Supreme Court

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that struck down N.C. abortion law

US Supreme Court keeps hands off North Carolina’s ‘unconstitutional’ ultrasound law on abortion

After all these years, abortion advocates still have no idea what motivates pro-lifers

Court rejects woman’s attempt to bear grandchild with frozen eggs

U.S. Supreme Court lets stand ruling declaring NC ultrasound law a ‘free speech violation’

Euthanasia doc kills woman because she was depressed, even though she didn’t have cancer

Doctors told parents to abort baby Easton, but he is fighting to prove them wrong

Planned Parenthood really doesn’t want women to make informed decisions

Is “safe-sex” education the reason behind the drop in abortion?

Supreme Court lets stand ruling that struck down N.C. abortion law

Supreme Court rejects North Carolina law that would require ultrasounds

U.S. top court rejects North Carolina abortion ultrasound law

N.C. abortion-ultrasound law dead as Supreme Court denies review

Supreme Court prevents women in North Carolina from seeing ultrasound before abortion

Case of doctor who killed woman for being depressed goes back to Belgian criminal court

Supreme Court allows ruling against common-sense NC ultrasound law to stand

Supreme Court won’t review North Carolina ultrasound law

CitizenGO defend life and the family in the XLV General Assembly of the OAS

Georgia abortion pill case reveals shadowy world of internet drug purveyors

European court votes to “kill a disabled person,” says French Bishop

    Aleteia: After the confirmation of the death sentence pronounced against Vincent Lambert by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) Vincent Lambert’s mother (pictured above, with his lawyer) expressed her grief, her anger and her unwavering desire to save her son: “Far from despairing because of the decision, this 70-year-old woman who sparked the legal battle against the medical team and Rachel Lambert, is more than ever ready to fight,” said theJournal du Dimanche. For her, a possible withdrawal of the tubes that hydrate and feed the former nurse is euthanasia. This would not be helping him to die, it would be killing him. (…) ‘Vincent is not at the end of his life. If they start again, we will go to court again,’ she promises.”

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Bible Belt state considering legalizing assisted suicide

Protesters greet “abortion reversal” doctor on visit to Phoenix

Lindsey Graham introduces Senate plan to ban late-term abortions

Court upholds Texas pro-life law closing abortion clinics, saving 10,000 from abortion

Bugs swarm memorial service for ‘Gosnell babies’

The abortion industry doesn’t believe its own rhetoric on fetal pain laws

NRLC calls on journalists to check their facts in debate over Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

The real reason Planned Parenthood trashes OTC birth control

Texas clinics plan Supreme Court petition over abortion law

Who wrote for the majority in controversial abortion decision?

Pain, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and Perinatal Hospice

Pro-lifers honor 47 victims of Gosnell buried in unmarked plot in Philadelphia

‘Devastating’ Texas abortion law on road to US Supreme Court

Woman rejects abortion after she sees her baby on ultrasound

Court upholds key parts of Texas’ strict anti-abortion law

Strict regulation of Texas abortion clinics upheld

Supreme Court may be next stop for Texas abortion law

Prayer groups stage vigil for ‘Gosnell babies’ at Laurel Hill burial site

Court upholds law that gutted Texas abortion industry

Planned Parenthood lying to Texas women about cancer screenings