Okla. House panel passes abortion clinic standards bill

Operation Rescue accuses Ohio abortion clinic of fatally botching procedure

Three abortion bills move closer to becoming law in Alabama

Evangelicals opposed abortion much earlier than you think

Here’s the “missing” evidence for South Dakota’s sex-selective abortion ban

Do 60 percent of women use “birth control” for something other than family planning?

Ed Feulner: Honoring Hobby Lobby, Conestoga Wood Specialties for living their faith

Judge keeps AZ rules intact limiting use of abortion-inducing drugs | AP

Bill restricts use of abortion drugs in Oklahoma

Federal judge orders trial over admitting privileges requirement at Alabama abortion clinics

Abortion restrictions pass 85-6 out of Louisiana House

Multiple losses for Planned Parenthood in Ariz, Ala., Kan.

Tucson judge rejects bid to delay new abortion rules in Arizona

Judge stops man’s estranged wife from starving him to death

West Virginia governor vetoes 20-week abortion bill

5th Circuit paves way for Supreme Court showdown on chemical abortion regulations

Judge extends order 60 days to keep Texas man from being starved to death

Appeals court upholds Texas pro-life law Wendy Davis opposed that closed abortion clinics | LifeNews

Feds admit abortion mandate in SCOTUS | Baptist Press

Nancy Pelosi receives Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award

Florida: House committee moves abortion bill forward

Pro-life display allowed at Purdue after group protests

5th Circuit upholds Texas law protecting women from cut-and-run abortionists

Ramesh Ponnuru: Abortion and the HHS mandate

University of Michigan art show celebrates abortion

Jeremy Kee: The meaning of (pro) life

5th Circuit upholds new Texas abortion rules

Eugene Volokh: UC Santa Barbara Vice Chancellor issues statement supporting free speech

Matthew J. Franck: Hobby Lobby is an abortion case

Judge issues order to prevent Texas man from being starved to death | Charisma News

Judge issues order to prevent Texas man from being starved to death

Abortion doctor with ties to Eric Holder gets four years for fraud | Watchdog.org

Judge extends temporary restraining order on Alabama abortion law

11th Circuit upholds ban on “targeted picketing” in residential areas

Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funding, 10th Circuit rules

University of California-Santa Barbara professor charged in confrontation with pro-life teen

Del. abortion provider’s suspension may end

Voice of Choice under fire for posting pro-lifers’ personal info

Arguments set on 2012 Miss. abortion clinic law

In contraceptives case, court may run into Plan B

Vatican Chief Justice: Obama “aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policy”

Kentucky House panel halts three abortion access bills

For the abortion industry, the question of when life begins doesn’t matter

La. lawmakers revive debate over surrogacy births

Indiana abortionist stored remains of babies in fridge alongside medication

Brief: Telling the truth isn’t defamation

Pro-life advocate loses appeal over Ohio home raid; judge criticizes Marshals’ tactics

CT high school Students for Life group wins free speech battle | Breitbart

Wisc. AG asks Supreme Court to review abortion law

Why is Planned Parenthood working to unseat Gosnell victim’s cousin?

Abortion doc admitting privileges bill advances to South Carolina Senate floor

Abortion foes condemn Wisconsin capital’s buffer plan | Washington Times

Victory: CT high school restores pro-life student free speech | ChristianNewsWire

We are not just our DNA: The ethical dangers of three-parent embryos

Planned Parenthood president to deliver commencement address at Barnard College

New, critical conversation brewing on birth-control usage in the US | National Catholic Register

California sisters fighting back after professor steals graphic pro-life sign; police report released

Campus pro-life group wins battle on campus | OneNewsNow

South Carolina House advances 20-week abortion ban

House committee approves abortion restrictions likely to shutter clinics in south Louisiana

Englewood, NJ adopts buffer zone for abortion clinic

Encouraging suicide isn’t a crime, Minnesota court says

Clarke Forsythe: Analysis of the Arkansas “heartbeat” ruling

Ban on abortion coverage in state health plan passes Georgia House

Could success of “pain-capable” abortion bans be a Pyrrhic victory?

20-week abortion ban proposed in Maryland

ADF to W.Va. governor: Bill protecting babies from pain is sound

Dissident nuns take stand in favor of HHS abortifacient mandate | LifeSiteNews

Ryan T. Anderson at Regent’s 9th Annual Reagan Symposium: A new time for choosing

    C-SPAN video is here.

    Regent University: “‘The more things change, the more they stay the same,’ he said. ‘This new time for choosing is about politics and culture.’ Anderson delineated three aspects of the modern culture war that Reagan couldn’t have foreseen at the time of his speech. ‘Our freedom has never been so fragile,’ he said. ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: These values have been challenged in the areas of rights to life, marriage and religion.’”

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Iowa GOP senators want vote on tele-med abortion ban

Abortion, Hyde and the president’s 2015 budget

    Andrew Jenkins of Choice USA at The Hill: “Last week, President Obama released his annual budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year. The budget is our chance to get a clear understanding of the priorities held by the highest office in the land. . . . Unfortunately, abortion coverage restrictions remain in the president’s budget proposal. While it doesn’t come as a surprise, the inclusion of ongoing restrictions on abortion funding in the federal budget is evidence of an unfortunate truth in American politics today: we’ve come to accept that the reproductive health and rights of the poor are somehow less valuable or important – nothing more than a bargaining chip and compromise we’re willing to make in service of short term political victories.”

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Michael Stokes Paulsen: Lady Edith and abortion rights

Catherine Glenn Foster: Conn. lawmakers again consider letting doctors assist with suicide

Pro-family groups working together in New Mexico to fight doctor-assisted suicide | OneNewsNow