Two KC area companies won’t have to comply with birth control mandate

Two more businesses win against HHS mandate

I’m worried my wife will say ‘you’re better off without me’

Planned Parenthood abortion referral clinic closes in Michigan: Didn’t get enough customers

New Jersey Assembly passes bill to legalize assisted suicide, Gov. Christie promises to veto

Supreme Court to decide if drivers can purchase ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Senate GOP elects pro-life Mitch McConnell leader, promises 5-month abortion ban

Latino voters in Texas abandoned Wendy Davis because of her abortion advocacy

Texas abortion restrictions on judicial roller coaster

New York court to rehear law targeting pregnancy care centers

Pastor: I’d go to jail before funding abortion

Pastor’s defiant response to California’s abortion mandate: ‘We will take this to the point of being jailed if necessary’

Should pro-life groups be forced to help destroy life?

Pro-life groups, doctors ask 5th Circuit to uphold Texas law against cut-and-run abortionists

Judge who decides if Planned Parenthood abortion biz must close is former board member

Pressured to abort, we wanted more tests. Our doctor said, “Only test you’ll get is an autopsy”

The girl with three biological parents

    BBC: Alana Saarinen loves playing golf and the piano, listening to music and hanging out with friends. In those respects, she’s like many teenagers around the world. Except she’s not, because every cell in Alana’s body isn’t like mine and yours – Alana is one of a few people in the world who have DNA from three people.

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Combining the DNA of three people raises ethical questions

Children’s rights, or rights to children?

Overwhelming number of MPs against sex-selective abortion

Maynard’s suicide ‘dangerous’ for America, says Christian apologist

U.K. mother who won case to kill disabled daughter raising international concerns

Social liberal hubris

Scientists tell British government: Don’t allow three-parent embryos

What happens when the NAACP is on the wrong side of civil rights?

Vote 2014 saw incremental pro-life victories

Pro-life Democrats to Democratic leadership: You cannot win when you alienate 21 million people in your base

Abortion activists stock up on birth control after pro-lifers win

A good day for life

Tennessee Amendment 1 abortion measure passes

Shift in control of senate expected to favor languishing pro-life legislation

Post-birth abortions: An idea that’s gaining ground on campus

Will court force March for Life to pay for abortion pill coverage?

MPs vote to make sex selection abortion illegal

Brittany Maynard galvanizes right-to-die efforts

What Brittany Maynard may not have known about suffering

Three reasons pro-life people need to be involved in the political process

NBC, CBS praise ‘brave’ Brittany Maynard after her assisted suicide, hail ‘freedom of choice’

U.S. top court leaves intact New York City pregnancy center rule

NOW’s Terry O’Neill: “Abortion saves lives”

Obama administration ‘using federal law to target Christians’

Decision ups overhead for NYC pro-life pregnancy centers

D.C.-based pro-life groups challenge local bill requiring them to cover abortion

Planned Parenthood doc who killed woman in botched abortion closes her clinic

Court won’t hear dispute over abortion clinic law

Arizona school praised for including pro-life curriculum

Is there really a separation of church and state?

ADF to continue fight for freedom of NYC pregnancy care centers

Amendment 1 would stop the ACLU’s Californization of Tennessee

Sex-selection abortions are perfectly legal in Canada

Brittany Maynard could revive the stalled ‘death with dignity’ movement

These women begged Brittany Maynard not to choose an earlier death. And they will die with dignity, too

North Dakota Supreme Court upholds abortion restrictions

National discussion over Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her life prompts family to release 13-Y-O son’s video message for his friends before dying

Planned Parenthood uses picture of child to urge voters to support pro-abortion candidates

Be an Uncle Tom for life

What happens when euthanasia is legalized: the Netherlands experience

AZ school board votes to tear out pages mentioning abortion from honors biology textbook

Gilbert school board votes to rip abortion page out of textbook

Moore: New HHS rules violate religious liberty

Ave Maria School of Law granted preliminary injunction from HHS mandate

Four Christian organizations challenge Obamacare abortion pill mandate

Who’s framing Brittany Maynard?

Ariz. schools choose life-affirming curriculum

North Dakota Supreme Court upholds abortion restrictions – a welcome win, despite ‘splintered’ opinions

California forces churches to fund abortions

Author says abortion is normal and ‘part of being a mother’

Brittany Maynard won’t kill herself November 1: “Doesn’t seem like the right time now”

Federal court says law school can opt out of controversial Obamacare mandates

NC defends pro-life law in federal court