Report: Abortion rate drops 12 percent in U.S., but hundreds of thousands still killed each year

U.S. appeals court upholds restrictive Texas abortion law

Court upholds Texas law criticized as blocking access to abortions

Could Facebook be helping to reduce abortions?

Religious leaders urge U.S. to fund abortions for rape victims in conflicts abroad

The double-edged sword of sentimentalism

Euthanasia without consent continues in Belgium

Catholic Health Care’s choice: Fidelity to the State or to Jesus Christ?

5th Circuit upholds Texas law against cut-and-run abortionists

AP Exclusive: Abortions declining in nearly all states

Pro-life institute works to put adult stem cells in the spotlight

North Carolina Gov. McCrory signs bill to increase waiting period for abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours

Abortions drop in almost every state, a new survey shows

Number of abortions in America fell 12% since 2010

Boise State University to pay $20,000 to pro-life group after backtracking on censorship

Meet the HIV-positive sidewalk counselor whose lawsuit beat ObamaCare

Pro-lifers predict Planned Parenthood will run to 9th Circuit

On the verge: NC’s abortion waiting-period law

Do you know the history of the Pill?

California Senate approves bill to allow assisted suicide of elderly and disabled

Court ruling allows Empire State officials to leave life off their plate

Maynard lobbied Gov. Brown on aid-in-dying bill just before her death

The right to know

North Carolina passes pro-life bill for 72-hour abortion waiting period

Kansas Ban on Dismemberment Abortion sued in state court

Bush judges declare ban on abortion when heartbeat detected ‘unconditional’

Planned Parenthood looking for nurses to perform abortions

Assisted suicide ‘creates problems for wider society’

Dignitas recommends banned doctor for suicide assistance

“I don’t find dignity in taking my own life”

Planned Parenthood sues to withhold information from women

Assisted-death bill approved by California Senate

University pays pro-life student group $20,000 to settle free speech lawsuit

Idaho college no longer requires warning for contentious protests

Boise State settles free-speech suit with pro-life student group

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

BSU, pro-life group settle free speech lawsuit

Pro-lifer’s NAACP parody wins court appeal

NARAL admits unborn babies feel pain – and are babies

USC to tighten free speech policies after pro-life banners prompted controversy

“Arrested Development” actress Mae Whitman celebrates Planned Parenthood

Pro-abortion EMILY’s List announces top 2016 targets

NARAL: Eugenics OK if it’s “choice”

Abortionists have killed more Americans than lived in U.S. in 1880

Placing government into counseling room

Boise State University stops making pro-life groups post warning signs for their events

Boise State revises policy that required warning signs for pro-life events

Four questions about surrogacy for conservatives who support gay marriage

Pregnant and homeless in eighth grade, teen defies odds and becomes high school valedictorian

Another Planned Parenthood facility shuts down

Five recent pro-life statements of Pope Francis

Attacks on pregnancy centers parallel Fugitive Slave Acts

Gallup poll shows increased support for physician assisted suicide

    First Things: Last week, Gallup released the results of a poll on the moral acceptability of various behaviors. Specifically, this poll asked people about the morality of over fifteen specific issues including abortion, gambling, and polygamy. What was most interesting was the sharp increase in the percentage of people who found doctor assisted suicide “morally acceptable.” In 2013, only 45 percent of Americans found doctor assisted suicide “morally acceptable.” Last week’s poll indicated that percentage had risen to 56 percent.

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