Planned Parenthood Settles Fraud Case For $1.4 Million | Baptist Press

N.C. Gov. McCrory vows to sign abortion bill

Religious Freedom Is About More Than Religion | Robert P. George and Katrina Lantos Swett at WSJ

States see new tactic on abortion legislation

WSJ/NBC Poll: Americans support ban on late term abortions: 44%-37%

3rd Circuit: Family business can’t challenge contraception mandate on religious grounds

Castro in plea deal: ‘I’m addicted to pornography’

Does the NAACP Really Believe the “Right to Life” is the “Most Fundamental of Civil Rights?” | Casey Mattox at LifeNews

About that other lawsuit: ADF will pursue fraud case against Planned Parenthood, too

Senate Bill Would Fund Abortions for Peace Corps Volunteers at Taxpayer Expense

Republicans in Congress Debate Federal Power to Regulate Abortion

NC Lawmakers Vote To Allow New Abortion Rules

Planned Parenthood Tees Off the Gulf | Patriot Post

Inception: MIT scientists implant a false memory into a mouse’s brain

Hospice workers struggle to balance values with assisted suicide law

We Paid for Those Abortions: Across several states, Planned Parenthood overbills and charges Medicaid for abortions. | Kevin Williamson at NRO

Measure to Ban Abortions in Late-Term Abortion Capital Gets Enough Signatures

NC Senate to take up abortion bill this afternoon

Sale of Wis. clinic means end to abortion services

Rubio Gets Ready to Be Lead Sponsor on Late-Term Abortion Ban

Boehner Non-Committal on Defunding Obamacare Mandate Through Must-Pass CR Bill

CBO: Killing Babies Will Save the Government Money | Michael J. Norton

Fetuses from clinic won’t be released for burial by outside groups | Catholic Sun

Texas Planned Parenthood must reimburse $1.4 million in Medicaid fraud, calls charges ‘baseless’ | LifeSiteNews

Law Firm Challenges Contraceptive Coverage Mandate

House GOP Backs Bill Restoring Pro-Life Mexico City Policy on Abortion

Judge temporarily bars Alabama from enforcing key provision in new abortion law

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast settles fraud lawsuit brought by Texas AG | Alliance Defending Freedom

Obama Judicial Nominee Calls Abstinence Education ‘Unconstitutional’

Texas Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Must Repay $1.4 Million After Medicaid Fraud

Enough is Enough: Pro-Life Group Starts March on the Media Over Abortion Bias

Heritage Action backs spending bill to stop ObamaCare

NC Planned Parenthood: Wilmington office to stay open

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity” | Tony Perkins at LifeNews

“Republican party chair: Gay marriage, abortion still priorities for GOP”

NBA Player J.J. Reddick Contracted with Girlfriend to Kill His Unborn Baby

Sen. Mike Lee Throws Down Against Obamacare

Pro-Lifers Seeking Burial of ‘Gosnell Babies’ Locked Out of Medical Examiner’s Office | CNS News

Pro-Life Groups Protest, Want to Bury “Gosnell Babies” | Philly Post

Pro-life Leaders Demand Burial for ‘Gosnell Babies,’ Philly Stonewalls | Newsbusters

W.Va. group seeks oversight of abortion industry

Obama Judicial Pick Cornelia Pillard: Abortion Needed to “Free Women From Maternity”

The fight over contraception coverage

North Dakota bishops decry judge’s abortion ruling

Free Speech for Pro-Life Students | Patheos

Court prevents feds from enforcing abortion-drug mandate | WorldNetDaily

Hobby Lobby wins injunction against ObamaCare abortion pill mandate | LiveAction News

Parental notice law gains court approval | Baptist Press at Townhall

Court grants Hobby Lobby injunction from health care penalties | Edmond Sun

Phil. Medical Examiner locks out pro-life activists demanding bodies of Gosnell victims for burial | LifeSiteNews

Judge temporarily blocks North Dakota’s six-week abortion ban, calling it ‘clearly unconstitutional’

Following 10th Circuit ruling, Okla. federal judge blocks contraception mandate in Hobby Lobby

Planned Parenthood Announces Closures Following Signing of Texas Pro-Life Bill | Christian News

    Christian News: Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael Norton said in a press release following the announcement that the closing of these three Texas facilities is an encouraging development, but more work still needs to be done. “Planned Parenthood is more concerned with using American taxpayers’ dollars to pad its bottom line than providing competent healthcare to women,” he stated. “Although Planned Parenthood blames budget cuts for its decision to close down three of its Texas abortion clinics, … Planned Parenthood’s waste, abuse and potential frauds involving taxpayer funds should have shut it down long ago. We will continue to hold Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and all other Planned Parenthood affiliates accountable for its fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars and hope that even more abortion clinics will soon close.”

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Planned Parenthood Closing Down 3 Abortion Clinics | Stoyan Zaimov at Christian Post

Texas Legislator Introduces Fetal-Heartbeat Bill

Hobby Lobby wins injunction against HHS abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Letter Demands Info on What Happened to Bodies of Babies Kermit Gosnell Killed | LifeNews

Respect Students’ Free Speech Rights | Rory Gray at Christian Post

Hobby Lobby Wins Injunction Stopping Enforcement of HHS Mandate

Medical Examiner’s Office Locks Out Pro-Lifers Demanding Info on Gosnell Babies

Planned Parenthood to Close 3 Texas Clinics | Charisma

$990K Federal Grant to Teach High School Students In Los Angeles How To Promote Obamacare

First New England, Then the Nation: The Spread of Physician-Assisted Suicide

Surprise, surprise! Thoughtful and largely accurate New York Times story on abortion polling

Texas Passes 20-week Abortion Ban, Should Survive Legal Challenge | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

House panel advances D.C. bill with funding cuts, abortion rules

Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closing Three Clinics After Perry Signs Ban

Where Are the Babies that Kermit Gosnell Murdered and Will They Receive a Proper Funeral and Burial?