Obama admin. throws in the towel in multiple abortion-pill mandate appeals

British actress Maxine Peake: People who have children are selfish

Planned Parenthood sex ed website now takes teens to porn site

It wasn’t just the Nazis: Now doctors [in Belgium and the Netherlands] can euthanize sick children, mentally disabled

“My mum shows why Berry’s wrong on assisted suicide”

Why do many pro-life Catholics vote democrat?

The delusional world of late-term abortionists

Appeals court rejects Greg Abbott’s request to enforce Texas law closing abortion clinics

Do 10-year-olds have a right to contraception and abortion? Researchers say yes

Calif. covers only ‘medically necessary’ abortions for state employees, but forces Catholics to cover elective abortions

Battle over abortion clinic restrictions heats up

Her father shook her so hard he put her in a coma, now the state wants to kill her

Does Plan-B prevent conception or full-term birth?

Wisconsin facilities did fewer abortions in 2013

Abortion provider soon to reopen on Texas border

Maine agency wants to let abused child die

Court rejects Texas’ appeal to uphold safety standards at abortion clinics

Doctor kills woman for being depressed, son not informed until next day

MPs raise ‘grave concerns’ over plans for GM babies

MPs debate “Three-person IVF” (again)

Legal wars on abortion heating up

Planned Parenthood forced to face fraud lawsuit in Iowa

What pro-choice? California mandates employers must cover elective abortions

In Colorado: Is taxpayer money going for abortions?

Abortions covered: State mandates health insurers to include elective abortion in group plans

Planned Parenthood loses legal round against ex-manager

Appeals court reinstates fraud case against Planned Parenthood in Iowa

More babies surviving birth at 23 weeks

Judge blocks enforcement of Louisiana abortion law

Nearly a third of all pregnancies in Russia still ended by abortions

Lawsuit against Planned Parenthood may proceed

$28 million Planned Parenthood Medicaid fraud case can move ahead

Ice buckets: Does the end justify the means?

Outcry flares over Calif. abortion push in Catholic colleges

New Mexico court asked to overturn decision allowing assisted suicide

Pro-life groups use ‘war on women’ to target vulnerable Democrats

GOP Senate candidates mum on birth control mandate change

Dutch euthanasia for nursing home living

Pro-life group demands PBS cancel airing of pro-abortion ‘After Tiller’ film

Across the U.S., key victories for marriage, life, and religious freedom

Sorry NARAL, most Americans aren’t pro-abortion

Their post-abortion stories showed me how little I knew of God’s love

    Aleteia: I’ve been working on a project about healing after abortion and part of that has included listening to the stories of post-abortive women who have experienced God’s healing and forgiveness. Each woman’s story is unique and yet they all contain two common threads. First, each women suffered a long and difficult journey from the darkness of abortion into the light of reconciliation and peace. Second, the key component in all of their journeys was their eventual belief in God’s love for them despite their past conduct.

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Late-term abortion clinic will no longer do surgical abortions

Colorado judge tosses suit alleging Planned Parenthood used state funds to pay for abortions

Who will have to pay Obamacare’s individual mandate fine?

Denver rally to support federal Pain Capable act

Is the abortion argument changing?

Another surrogate-produced product returned

Is ‘The Giver’ the most pro-life film ever made?

The Obamacare gotcha: Some may owe the feds thousands

Pro-life laws are reducing the abortion rate

White House tries to reignite birth control wars

No ‘right to die’ at hands of doctors in New Mexico

California says two Catholic universities must pay for abortion

California: All health insurance must cover abortion

Pro-life pregnancy centers must release information for Baltimore judge

Anti-abortion groups want Sen. Mark Udall to support limits on late-term abortions

New HHS rules inadequate, ERLC & others say

Religious groups concerned about new HHS mandate regulations

ADF comment on HHS mandate ‘accommodation’

California requires insurance companies, faith-based employers to cover abortions

ADF to Calif. agency: You cannot force employers to cover abortions

Abortion foes threaten suit that may cut state’s federal funds

Calif. insurers required to cover elective abortions, DMHC says

Planned Parenthood: Judge dismisses lawsuit alleging state dollars used for abortions

Obama administration shifts abortion pill payment onto insurance companies

Push to make suicides easier will never stop

A deadly conflict of interest: Why euthanasia in Belgium is so out of control

The latest contraceptive mandate regs: Don’t be fooled

Abortion advocacy gets ugly

    Aleteia: The “pro-choice” slogan served the abortion industry well for decades, capped off with its adoption by NARAL in 2003, when it became NARAL Pro-Choice America, abandoning a commonality in its three earlier names, all of which included the “A” word. From that point, many of the NARAL ads and promotional pieces prominently featured American flags and the head of the statue of liberty (which is still in their logo). Really, what could be more American than having a dizzying array of choices? Just check out the cereal aisle.

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New campaign asks Pope Francis to declare Planned Parenthood an ‘enemy of the Church’