ADF seeks investigation of Planned Parenthood for failing to report rape

Abortion clinic files appeal of closure order

A tale of two very different views of human sexuality

Research shows unborn babies anticipate touch in the womb

How surrogacy can create victims

Christian legal group calls for investigation into Planned Parenthood

“Pro-choice” proponents turn on Planned Parenthood

ADF: Planned Parenthood must report sexual assault of children

Irish Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is determined to push abortion

Abortion provider calls taking life of unborn “a sacred decision”

Planned Parenthood bestows “Excellence in Media Award” to Cosmo

City of Madison officially rescinds censorship zones

Aborting in the name of Jesus

    Russell Moore: It is one of the most disturbing articles I’ve ever read. The current issue of Esquire magazine profiles the “abortion ministry” of Willie Parker, a doctor who flies in and out of my home state of Mississippi to perform abortions at the state’s only abortion clinic. The word “ministry” isn’t incidental. Dr. Parker says he aborts unborn children because Jesus wants him to.

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Ohio Health Department cracks down on abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood for abuses

Of course pro-choicers are trying to rebrand – they’re losing among young adults

Daughter of mentally challenged Reno woman who was almost forced to abort adopted by grandparents

Offer preteen girls sex ed and abortion while they are still ‘malleable’: Georgetown researchers

A time for heroism

Babies are children, not ‘carbon legacies’

Elisa Bauer abortion: Daughter of mentally disabled woman successfully adopted by parents

Federal judge says Alabama abortion law is unconstitutional; claims it would close 3 out of 5 clinics

Is ‘Halbig v. Burwell’ en banc worthy?

Three states file brief on behalf of Catholic TV station seeking exemption from HHS’ contraception mandate

Russell Moore calls ‘abortion ministry’ of doctor who was once medical director for Planned Parenthood ‘disturbing’

Total confusion on elective-abortion coverage

Abortionist may lose license after running shockingly filthy clinic

Pro-life message in rap song: “Mommy am I in your womb or swimming in my grave?”

    Life News: Brandon Kagel was born into a Jewish family as a triplet with two sisters and an older brother. This Phoenix, Arizona native is now a devoted husband and father of two. Brandon is also a rapper who goes by “The Rep.” Brandon’s first project titled “Street Prophecy” was released in 2001. He toured across the U.S drawing fans from the gospel industry as well as the secular.

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Misuse of Minn. tax dollars for elective abortions allowed to continue

United States Supreme Court sends Autocam case back to 6th Circuit

Texas abortion clinics ask judge to stop new law

Judge: Ala. abortion clinic law unconstitutional

Misapplying McCullen v. Coakley

Planned Parenthood tells young girl to watch “educational porno”

News you should know: 4 stories happening now

Hobby Lobby win breathes life into pharmacist case

Grandparents adopt baby of disabled mom almost forced to have an abortion

Judges rewrite Roe v. Wade to protect unsafe abortion clinics

Governor signs new abortion buffer zone law following Supreme Court ruling

Two Ohio abortion businesses ordered to close as three more facilities shut down

Texas pro-life law closes yet another abortion clinic

Planned Parenthood fined $25,000 for health and safety violations

Firing health professionals who refuse to abort babies is watershed moment for Europe

St. Louis Planned Parenthood skips 911, calls slower ambulance service in emergency

US Supreme Court win supports Wash. pharmacist case

Judge delays decision on Alabama abortion law

‘Pro-choicers’ are backing off of the label. Why?

UK’s Supreme Court makes unprecedented advances to legalize assisted suicide

Testing boundaries of abortion clinic buffer zones

What should the pro-life movement make of this “marked decrease” with Texas abortions?

To hide botched abortion injuring woman, Planned Parenthood refuses to call 911

Massachusetts lawmakers OK new abortion clinic buffer law

The dangerous implication in the Fifth Circuit’s abortion ruling

Unlicensed abortionist still operating

What we don’t know about giving poor women IUDs

Planned Parenthood dumps “pro-choice” for “women’s health”

Dutch professor who once backed euthanasia warns it leads to surge of deaths

Satanists using Hobby Lobby decision to seek exemption from pro-life law

A pro-life setback in Mississippi

Government dishonest over GM babies, warn scientists

Abortion clinics protecting child predators

Unfreeing Massachusetts sidewalks

Poll: More Italians support abortion rights than cosmetic surgery

Federal court blocks law threatening Mississippi’s sole abortion clinic; calls it ‘undue burden’ on a woman’s right to abortion

Poll: Assisted suicide opposition grows as evidence revealed

Man takes pregnant 12-year-old he raped to three abortion clinics, none report the abuse

Lessons for pro-lifers from a conversation with Mormons

Massachusetts Governor signs radical bill prohibiting pro-life free speech

BPAs criticised over ‘morning-after pills to new mums’ call

Appeals court stops pro-life law that could have made Mississippi abortion free