Courts should hear taxpayer’s fraud allegations against Planned Parenthood | Alliance Defending Freedom

Oregon: Hundreds of crosses erected in Sherwood to protest abortion

Alaska adopts new rules for abortion payments

    Anchorage Daily News: State regulations take effect next month further defining what constitutes a “medically necessary” abortion for purposes of receiving Medicaid funding. Notice was sent to the state health department Tuesday that the regulations had been filed by Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell last week. The new rules, blasted by critics as unconstitutional and an unnecessary government intrusion, are scheduled to take effect Feb. 2.

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Shifting strategies for state abortion battles in 2014

Seeking Accommodation: The Obama administration vs. the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

10 Nation-Shaping Victories of 2013 | Alliance Defending Freedom at Charisma

Supreme Court Sets Date for Hobby Lobby’s Challenge to Obama’s HHS Mandate

Ariz. school district to allow time for Planned Parenthood opponents | Alliance Defending Freedom

Delaware board to consider abortion doctor’s case

Pro-Life Virginians Rally Against New Pro-Abortion Administration

    NC Register: “We don’t want this pro-abortion executive team to think it is their job to dismantle the protective laws that have been put in place by the pro-life elected representatives of Virginia — who were also put there by solid pro-life voters,” explained Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life. She said the fear among pro-life leaders is that McAuliffe will target the state’s crisis-pregnancy centers in retaliation for regulations that force the state’s abortion businesses to conform to codes for ambulatory surgical centers.

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As Roe v. Wade Set to Turn 41, Pro-Life Movement Winning More Victories Than Ever | Janice Shaw Crouse

Obama attorneys getting thumped in courts over HHS mandate | One News Now

Changing Public Opinion on Abortion

    Stephanie Gray at Bell Towers: In the first 2 minutes of TED Talk “The Antidote to Apathy,” Dave Meslin masterfully points out that we often mistakenly conclude that those who don’t respond to our messages are apathetic. In reality, what appears as a problem of indifference can actually be a problem of packaging. In other words, as Meslin says, “People do care, but… we live in a world that actively discourages engagement by constantly putting obstacles and barriers in our way.”

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Obama Admin Told Catholic Nuns They Must Offer Free Abortion Drugs | Matthew S. Bowman at LifeNews

How Judicial Bypass Illegitimizes Abortion’s Parental Consent Laws

When Is an Abortion Not an Abortion? When the Media Says So.

Republicans set to deliver big statement on abortion

Federal Appeals Court Reviews Texas Abortion Law

Substantial Confusion on RFRA’s “Substantial Burden” Requirement? | Ed Whelan at NRO

What does the form that the government insists the Little Sisters of the Poor must sign actually do? | Kevin C. Walsh at Mirror of Justice

If Businesses Can Talk, They Can Pray | Noah Feldman at Bloomberg

“Abortion Rights as a Free-Speech Flashpoint” | Floyd Abrams at WSJ

Hospital Releases Jahi McMath to Family After Threatening to Remove Her Life Support

Texas District Court Grants Permanent Injunction In “Church Plan” Challenge To Contraceptive Mandate Compromise

Little Sisters of the Poor Case Generating Heated Political Debate

Uphold Law Protecting Post-Abortive Women, Pro-Life Lawyers Urge | Charisma News

Numerous lawsuits vs. ObamaCare – who will emerge victorious? | One News Now

Analysis: The Little Sisters case and EBSA Form 700 | Lyle Denniston at SCOTUS Blog

SCOTUS for law students (sponsored by Bloomberg Law): Abortion’s time is coming

Sex, Drugs, and Religious Liberty

70 new anti-abortion laws OK’d in 22 states, second most ever

Hospital Agrees to Let Family Move Jahi McMath to New Medical Facility

The Contraception Mandate and the Constitution | Charles Cooke at NRO

NY: Assembly women want abortion push in Cuomo speech

ADF: Uphold Texas law protecting post-abortive women

Pro-life ministry has reached almost 100 clinic workers | One News Now

Score 53-7; Winner still TBD | Eric Teetsel at Patheos

Ruling on insurance, birth control pleases religious groups |

The Year Ahead in Court Battles | Andrew Cohen at the Atlantic

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor issues injunction against HHS mandate for Catholic nuns | LifeSiteNews

Obama Admin Lost 88% of its Battles to Force Companies to Obey the HHS Mandate | LifeNews

2013 a Bad Year for Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate | Charisma News

Court denies Notre Dame relief: university will bow to HHS mandate

‘I felt death’: Abortion worker became pro-life after seeing face of baby being aborted

WH: We’re confident we know more about religious fidelity than a bunch of nuns, or something

White House stands by birth-control rule

88 Percent for Religious Freedom | Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO

2013 a Bad Year for Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate | Charisma News

Pro-Life Movement Winning: Passes More Laws From 2011-2013 Than in Previous Decade

Nonprofit Gets a Break on Discovery Dispute Costs | Courthouse News Service

The Constitution in 2014: health care’s latest challenges | Lyle Denniston

Justice Sotomayor and 3 Circuits Rule On Injunctions Pending Appeals By Non-Profits In Contraceptive Mandate Cases

Justice Halts Obama Contraception Rule for Catholic Nuns

San Francisco: Holiday furor over anti-abortion banners on Market Street

Congressman Chris Smith: The Big Three Obamacare Abortion Lies of the Year

Federal Judge Grants Injunction In Oklahoma Universities’ Health Care Lawsuit |

2013 Favs: The War on Girls: Sterilize Your Teen-Aged Daughter for Free (and without your consent) | Patheos

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Biola University, Grace Seminary Granted Exemption From Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Supreme Court To Take Up Campaign Finance, Abortion Protests In 2014 | NPR Audio

Judge Grants Request From Jahi McMath’s Family to Extend Life Support

Benton: Investigate Planned Parenthood | The Columbian

Record 87 Surgical Abortion Clinics Close in 2013 – Total Drops 73% from 1991 High