Religious groups say new DC laws violate their constitutional freedoms

High Price for Pro-Life Family: The Stormans family needs your help

Four reasons for hope in the Scottish midwives case

Canada’s highest court has overturned ban on assisted suicide

Fewest Americans satisfied with abortion policies since 2001

A “significant drop” in sex-selective abortions in India and Nepal

New Gallup numbers an unmitigated disaster for pro-abortionists

South Korean pastor’s ‘drop box’ saves hundreds of unwanted, but ‘perfect’ lives

ADF leads battle against Congress to protect pro-lifers

Could two new laws suffocate the Catholic Church in DC?

Religious groups say new D.C. laws violate constitutional freedoms

12 Year old ‘brain dead’ boy breathing on his own after Texas hospital tried to end life support against parent’s wishes

Assisted suicide law ‘could create a Dr Shipman’

Hospice, defend yourself!

Missouri’s only abortion clinic failed inspections twice

West Virginia committee passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Court says religious non-profits need not identify their insurers to HHS

Canada strikes down ban on assisted suicide, says it violates right to life

No contraception mandate for Christian ministry

Dad refuses to give up newborn son with Down syndrome

Boy in coma starts breathing after doctors declare him “brain dead,” try to remove life support

Right to Life denied peek at family planning documents

Conservative, Catholic groups urge members of Congress to overturn D.C. bills

Conservatives unite to protect religious freedom

ADF to Congress: DC must abandon bills coercing organizations against their missions

Lawsuit seeks to legalize doctor-assisted suicide for terminally ill patients in New York

States scramble to tighten vaccine laws

Texas boy in coma starts breathing after doctors insist he’s ‘brain dead’

New life, new hope for youngster in coma

Embryos with three parents? The risks are yet to come, critics warn

Anxiety over Supreme Court’s latest dive into health care

President Obama, words, deeds, and religion in America

The suffering brothers and sisters of aborted children

UK Parliament okays ‘three-parent babies.’ Is US next?

Judge rules mother of six who has learning disabilities can be forcibly sterilized

Vaccines and abortion? The links are cloudy and complicated

Canadian disability rights activist implores Supreme Court not to strike down Canada’s laws prohibiting assisted suicide

Vaccines and aborted human fetal tissue

    ERLC: The recent debates about whether Christians should vaccinate their children have once again raised questions about the use of vaccines that have been morally tainted by the use of cell cultures derived from aborted fetal tissue in the manufacturing of vaccines. This is such an important issue and we felt it warranted its own article to address some of the questions around the science and morality of the use of fetal tissue in vaccines.

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Texas boy breathing on his own after hospital tried to have him declared ‘brain dead’ against parents’ wishes

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