Court rules New York can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Why I won’t use genetic testing to ensure my children don’t inherit my hearing loss

Chinese authorities deny “abortion quotas,” local officials say otherwise

Court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive,’ bans Choose Life license plates in New York

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Court: ‘Choose Life’ slogan ‘patently offensive’

Federal court rules pro-life views are ‘patently offensive’

Appeals Court rules New York may ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates for fear of road rage

Ad for new DC clinic compares abortion to appendicitis

Family Foundation says U.S. among seven nations that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks

Medical expert: Science is ‘conclusive’ that unborn babies feel horrific pain of abortion

Abortion injunction upheld for Osceola County medical park

Court rules New York may not issue pro-life license plate

Aetna fined for paying for abortions for women who didn’t qualify for them

HHS guidance on insurance companies in violation of the HHS contraceptive mandate

7th Circuit denies Notre Dame preliminary injunction in its contraceptive mandate challenge

‘Scandalous’ for UN to push abortions on girls raped by Boko Haram, says pro-life Nigerian groups

Appeal reverses earlier decision against Radiance Foundation

NY can ban ‘Choose Life’ license plates as DMV program upheld

Terminally ill California mom speaks out against assisted suicide

Court won’t exempt Notre Dame from birth control provision

Religious nonprofits lose second court case this week over Obamacare contraception mandate

2nd Circuit rejects ‘Choose Life’ license plates

Why the increasing capacity of younger preemies to survive so unsettles pro-abortionists

Stop Surrogacy Now: Why we must unite

Disabled man seeks pro-assisted suicide court ruling

Victory for Rhode Island pro-lifers: New rules requires abortion-excluding healthcare plans for 2016

Abortion: We’re getting what we pay for

A fourth to be reckoned with

‘Abortion is not a health issue’ ad campaign reaches out to women and men in New York’s capital

    Christian News Wire: A powerful new ad campaign, addressing the heart and soul issue of abortion, has launched in New York’s capital city of Albany. Bus shelter posters and a grassroots ground campaign will share the “ABORTION IS NOT A HEALTH ISSUE. IT’S A HEART AND SOUL ISSUE.” messaging throughout the summer. The Radiance Foundation, in collaboration with an alliance of community-based organizations in the Albany area, has created initiative to help prevent abortion and reach out to those who are post-abortive.

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In defense of the natural family

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48-hour abortion waiting period signed into Tennessee law

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Rhode Island ends Obamacare’s abortion mandate after HIV man’s lawsuit

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Appeals court rules against NAACP in abortion free speech lawsuit

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