Infertility treatment with stem cells is unlikely

Website under deconstruction: “Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery”

Chicago Tribune publishes major story on abortion clinic that refuses to pay fine following woman’s death

Italy experiencing massive baby shortage due to abortion

State called out for giving abortionists unauthorized millions

Catholics repeat calls to overturn DC reproductive health laws

Appeals court rules against Geneva College in Obamacare abortion drug case

Contraception, Round Two: A new wave of lawsuits tests insurance mandate

Ginsburg doubts Roe v. Wade will be overturned

Bloomberg channels protest of ‘grisly language’ in pro-life bills

Prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome: What would you choose?

‘UK breaching EU law over GM babies legislation’

Congress supports chaplain reprimanded for citing Bible in suicide prevention training session

At least 1,000 Californians would commit assisted suicide each year if it matched Oregon’s rate

Doctor-prescribed suicide: Devastating, dangerous

HHS pushes church talking points, bulletins to promote Obamacare

NPR host Diane Rehm emerges as key force in the right-to-die debate

Neydy Casillas: There is widespread confusion about abortion as a “right”

ADF calls for Colorado lawmakers to stop using tax dollars to fund abortions

Oklahoma Senator backs religious groups fighting for their religious rights

Wrong medicine: a new abortion law introduced for discussion in Chile

Planned Parenthood appeals Bobby Jindal administration’s rejection of abortion services in New Orleans

Ireland: Bill to weaken abortion law defeated

Leading scientists: ‘GM babies are a massive risk’

ERLC’s legislative agenda, 2015

Politics-govt Show me more numbers, says ObamaCare analyst

Why men are killing themselves

“Am I an executioner or am I a surgeon?”

State says ‘Roe’ an error, asks Supremes to fix

Europe’s increasing acceptance of euthanasia and assisted suicide

Pharmacists forced to pay legal bill after activists tried to make them sell abortion pills

Exemption from HHS mandate reversed for Christian college, Catholic dioceses

ADF to European Parliament: UK “three-parent embryo” legislation illegal

ADF to Colo. appeals court: Stop illegal funding of abortion

Planned Parenthood pushes abortion on pregnant women 94% of the time

Kansas media complains about the cost of saving babies from abortion

Don’t be fooled: ‘Aid in Dying’ IS assisted suicide

N.H. House Committee considers bill to repeal buffer zone law

Planned Parenthood appeals Louisiana’s decision denying abortion biz in New Orleans

Stockland: Court’s assisted-suicide ruling raises prospect of ‘kill at will’

New wave of health care lawsuits reaches high court

Judge reverses Planned Parenthood ruling

‘Don’t kill the sufferer to end the suffering’

Physician-assisted death in Canada: Carter v Canada (AG)

Texas lawmaker crafting bill to protect rights of unborn when mother is brain dead

Abortion advocates definitely do not like the word “dismemberment”

Good news for the right of Christians to make business decisions on faith

Why assisted suicide is the wrong choice for Christians

Archdiocese joins religious, pro-life groups in asking Congress to disapprove two recently enacted laws in the District of Columbia

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Baptists, Catholics oppose D.C. laws

ADF attorneys may appeal ruling forcing Christian college to provide access to abortion pills

ADF to European Parliament: UK ‘three-parent embryo’ legislation illegal

West Virginia State House passes ban on abortions after 20 weeks

Iowa Supreme Court to hear challenge to Iowa law banning webcam abortions next month

What’s the right remedy in King v. Burwell?

How Obamacare supporters are plotting to win over Anthony Kennedy

Has a woman aborted her baby because it’s a boy?

Judicial death and the church: Assisted suicide in Canada

    Juicy Ecumenism: Canada’s top court has effectively overturned its nation’s laws against assisted suicide, overriding longstanding legislation of Canada’s elected representatives and a thousand years of Common Law, not to mention even more ancient understandings about human life rooted in millennia of Jewish and Christian teaching, which is no little thing. But fully self-actualized philosopher kings and queens in judicial robes may do so cavalierly, because they are the vanguard of the ever progressing radically autonomous individual, who is subject to no normative reality and may endlessly reimagine truth contingent only on need.

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Men should have no say on abortion? Then why are 57% of abortion doctors men?

Group provides women free “abortion doulas” to take them to their abortions

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Assisted suicide Bill rejected by Colorado lawmakers

Disabled CEO urges MSPs not to legalise assisted suicide

Supreme Court rules Canadians have right to doctor-assisted suicide

Canadian court kills ban on doctor-assisted suicide

New D.C. laws violate religious liberty, leaders say

Religious groups say new DC laws violate their constitutional freedoms

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Canada’s highest court has overturned ban on assisted suicide

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