Embryos genetically modified in controversial world first

NRLC letter to U.S. House urging nullification of D.C. law (RHNDA) that attacks pro-life movement

Major abortion bill provides partisan bookend to Colorado session

Congress should stop D.C. Council’s war on pro-life conscience

ADF Intl defends right to life of unborn before European Court

Pro-lifer praises Kansas governor for new state law

Kansas Gov. Brownback travels the state in symbolic reenactment of signing SB95

New California bill would end abortion coverage mandate for employers, churches

Pro-life teens to gather to give a voice to the voiceless

Proposed zoning changes would restrict abortion clinics in Manassas

North Carolina House passes 72-hour waiting period for abortions

House Committee passes resolution disapproving local act threatening religious freedom in the nation’s capital

Supreme Court: Obama admin can’t make Catholic group obey pro-abortion HHS mandate

Calif. bill ensures churches, religious employers aren’t forced to pay for elective abortions

The unborn have feet, lets … but no rights?

Sex-selective abortion doc could be struck off

Bruce Forsyth’s backing of assisted suicide is ‘misguided’

More access to morning-after pill increases STIs – US study

Our views on same-sex marriage, abortion, and religion tilt toward our friends

Senate passes legislation targeting sex trafficking after lengthy delay

Explainer: What you should know about the human trafficking bill

    Acton Institute: The recent human trafficking bill, officially known as theJustice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015, was originally introduced in in the Senate on January 2015 by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX). The bill had 34 cosponsors in the Senate, 13 Democrats and 21 Republicans (Sen. Barbara Boxer initially signed on as a cosponsor but withdrew her support a day later.) However, after initially supporting the bill, Democrats launched a filibuster because of language in the bill related to abortion.

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Pope Francis, committed to the sanctity of life, marriage and religious freedom

Committee votes to advance effort to overturn abortion ‘non-discrimination’ act

Colorado Senate panel passes unborn victims bill after mom’s baby cut out of her womb

Obama admin faces questions over ‘secret’ grant it made to Planned Parenthood

NH pro-life group asks Supreme Court to stop HHS stonewalling protecting Planned Parenthood

Lethal injections: a prescription for state religious freedom laws

Transhumanism: Would you agree to an upgrade of your brain and body?

    Aleteia: We’re falling down a rabbit hole, and we don’t seem to care about the dangers rushing up at us. We’re talking about transhumanism, which at its most basic, is the idea that the human condition can be fundamentally improved through the use of technology (transhumanists want us to become posthumans, but in order to project a more attractive aura to the general public, have chosen the term “human+” or “H+” instead).

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Senate passes trafficking bill 99-0, ending long abortion fight

Pro-life group appeals request ruling

Americans support life, not death?

To move beyond abortion stalemate, reporters must ask tough questions

Southern Illinois man charged with killing pregnant woman

The Geneva College Case: Edelweiss and rights of conscience today–Guest Essayist: Kevin Theriot

Illinois bill to crack down on conscience, compel abortion referrals

House Republicans take issue with another D.C. law

California committee approves bill ordering pregnancy centers to promote gov’t abortion programs

Public ignored in NI abortion consultation

Woman on trial for assisted suicide of MS sufferer

In the wake of the Gosnell scandal, lawmakers have serious concerns about nominee

Forcing states to recognize same-sex marriage could increase number of abortions

Abortion opponents go on offense

Five Democrat abortion policies more extreme than killing 7-pound babies

Strengthen Colorado’s penalty for killing a fetus

D.C. didn’t have to launch a culture war

Pro-abortionists have it backwards: Hiding abortion facts is ‘anti-woman,’ not a ban on dismemberment abortions

California ‘bully bill’ latest attempt to deter life-affirming centers

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info

What Cosmopolitan’s “Inside Look” completely missed about pregnancy centers

Supreme Court stops government mandate for fifth time in a row

Religious nonprofits win relief from Alito over contraception mandate

Meet the real abortion extremists

Democrats in Oregon of all places just torpedoed a bill to expand abortion

Oregon Democrats kill reproductive health bill because it included abortion provision

Democratic National Committee Chair avoids answering when she believes life begins and whether aborting a seven-pound baby is okay

California pregnancy centers fight law forcing them to give abortion info

California’s anti-pregnancy center ‘bully bill’ passes committee

California ‘Bully Bill’ is the latest attempt to deter life-affirming centers

California committee passes bill to force pregnancy centers to promote abortions

Vermont man sues after being forced to choose between pro-life beliefs, buying insurance

Vandals desecrate crosses in college pro-life display for the second time in four years

    Life Site News: “This incident sadly represents the intolerant attitude on college campuses today towards minority viewpoints expressed there. Rather than set up a counter exhibit to promote abortion, the ‘pro-choice’ activists choose instead to suppress and mock the pro-life display,” wrote Jordan Lorence, senior vice president and senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, after the 2011 incident. “It is tragic that these students have failed to learn this important truth at a university campus that is at that is supposedly a marketplace of ideas.”

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Students fight North Dakota schools for right to start pro-life clubs

Vermont man taking on ObamaCare over abortion mandate

Term incompatible with life is ‘cruel and heartless’

Scotland: No doubt that assisted suicide is illegal

‘I’m so glad we didn’t listen to doctors advising an abortion’

Purported safeguards in physician-assisted suicide are ripe for abuse

    The Heritage Foundation: Allowing physician-assisted suicide (PAS) would be a grave mistake for four reasons, as explained in a Heritage Foundation Backgrounder, “Always Care, Never Kill.”[1] First, it would endanger the weak and vulnerable. Second, it would corrupt the practice of medicine and the doctor–patient relationship. Third, it would compromise the family and intergenerational commitments. And fourth, it would betray human dignity and equality before the law. Instead of helping people to kill themselves, we should offer them appropriate medical care and human presence.

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University recruits women and girls for late-term abortion bleeding experiment

Court takes up abortion health care lawsuit

Finally! Rand Paul exposes media’s serious abortion double standards