French parliament passes ‘deep sleep’ bill for end of life

Democrats block bill to help sex trafficking victims a third time to push abortion funding

Study: Euthanasia cases more than double in northern Belgium

Cruz, Lankford move to protect religious freedom of D.C. private schools, organizations

IRS blames Obamacare for shoddy customer service

Reid blocks bill to help sex-trafficking victims because it doesn’t fund elective abortions

Undercover tapes show Planned Parenthood aborting girls based on their sex

Congress to consider ‘veto’ of DC bills coercing organizations against their missions

Planned Parenthood threatens lawsuit to keep abortions in California hospital

Was hospital bullied into abortion deal by Planned Parenthood?

Catholic-owned company wins permanent injunction against HHS mandate

Planned Parenthood bullied Calif. city into abortion agreement

Groups call for Senate to pass pro-life anti-trafficking bill

Planned Parenthood and NARAL claim pro-life women don’t exist

Hercules business wins case against HHS mandate

Russell Moore comments on U.S. Senate’s decision to block anti-human trafficking

Hercules defeats Obama admin. abortion-pill mandate

‘The Drop Box,’ where disabled babies go to live

CPS to take over and drop ‘gender-abortion’ cases

Scott Walker: “I’m pro-life on abortion, my position is consistent on that”

Grimmark met UN rapporteur

Lawyers for BSU, pro-life student group set for mediation

Why poor women with unintended pregnancies are less likely to get abortions

West Virginia overrides Governor’s veto, passes law banning abortion after 20 weeks

The great Terri Schiavo divide

How a Pastor might first broach the abortion issue with a congregation

“You are not alone”: Awesome outreach from Purdue Students for Life

Law permitting assisted suicide in Belgium enters new controversy

Iowa’s telemed case: Leaning toward Planned Parenthood?

French Parliament debates legalization of terminal sedation

States fund pregnancy centers that discourage abortion

A pro-women response to “Contraception Saves Lives”

Should Notre Dame have to provide contraception? Circuit court to reconsider

This Super Bowl champion is urging his state to reject right-to-die legislation

ADF Intl to UN: Forcing nurses to perform abortions violates intl law

ADF: Iowa high court should uphold ban on ‘webcam’ abortions

Iowa’s telemedicine abortion system now in court’s hands

Does Notre Dame have a prayer?

Europe’s ‘freedom of conscience’ debate gets U.N. hearing

HealthSource RI now offers plan for abortion opponents

Lawsuit against national pro-life group dies at the Sixth Circuit Court

States aim to restrict medically induced abortions

Inside the quiet, state-level push to expand abortion

Lawmakers fight to close abortion insurance coverage loophole

Thousands rally in Dublin to protest media bias

Congress should protect religious freedom in the District of Columbia

Russell Moore commends SCOTUS decision to throw out ruling on contraception mandate

Supreme Court revives Notre Dame’s Obamacare contraception objections

Supreme Court to lower court: Reconsider decision against Notre Dame

Supreme Court says Obama admin can’t make Notre Dame obey pro-abortion HHS mandate

Olympian births triplets after rejecting abortion advice

Abortion lobby delivers petition to cover up truth about abortion

Woman gives birth to her son’s IVF baby

Women offered £500 for their eggs to create 3-parent babies

There’s no such thing as fetus fetishists

National survey of prolife pregnancy centers shows major influence of ultrasound on a mother’s choice for life

Strasbourg Court looks at Belgium euthanasia case

UK to become first country to allow GM babies

Does Iowa Constitution protect abortion rights?

Judge throws out Ohio Rep Steve Driehaus defamation appeals against pro-life group

In a world of hurt, ADF International is working to protect life

Virginia eugenics victims compensated for sterilisation

How to change hearts on abortion in under one minute

The Dropbox: An incredible story of sacrifice and rescue

Why the Supreme Court should scrap ObamaCare’s federal exchange subsidies

West Virginia becomes the eleventh state to protect pain-capable children as legislature overrides Governor Tomblin’s veto

DC Council dares Congress, presses forward with anti-conscience bills

Court rules for pro-life group’s free speech rights against pro-abortion Congressman

Appeals court rejects former congressman’s lawsuit against pro-life group

Adopting beauty and dignity

Abortion provider to colleagues: Don’t let women see the sonogram

    National Right to Life: Dr. Sally Faith Dorfman, who worked at Einstein Medical College, gave the following advice to abortion providers: A compassionate and sensitive sonographer should remember to turn the screen away from the plane of view [of the woman having an abortion]. Staff, too, may find themselves increasingly disturbed by the repeated visual impact of an aspect of their work that they need to partially deny in order to continue to function optimally and to concentrate on the needs of the women who come to them for help.

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Minnesota House committee approves bills to ban taxpayer funded abortion, license abortion facilities