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Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan changes abortion stance

Second ‘gender-abortion’ doctor to appear before Crown Court

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Attorney General nominee supported partial-birth abortions

Parents of twins explain why they refused to abort

Young and old at risk from ‘naïve’ assisted suicide plans

US: Bill restricting abortion passed, as pro-lifers march

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act moves forward in South Carolina

More than 20 pro-life groups join MRC’s Brent Bozell in denouncing media blackout of March for Life

Government to pay $570,000 to Conestoga Wood Specialties law firms for fight to Supreme Court

Owner of Colo. senior centers receives permanent order against abortion-pill mandate

Impressions of the March for Life: A photo essay

Obama admin to pay $570,000 in attorneys fees after losing abortion pill mandate case

GOP’s Abortion Barbie causes a meltdown – of more than just the GOP

In first-ever speech to Duma, Russian patriarch calls for total abortion ban

Congress can fix new D.C. bills that force pro-life groups to pay for abortion, religious schools to violate beliefs

China official calls for reduced birth rates in Xinjiang

Dr. Anthony Levatino converts from abortionist to pro-life leader

Here come the Irish: Notre Dame marches for life

Obama reaffirms ‘deep commitment’ to abortion as thousands March for Life in U.S. capital

Methodist head of ‘human rights’ mocks pro-life marchers

Russian Orthodox patriarch wants to cut ‘horrifyingly high’ abortion rates

Why she marched: A mom’s story of raising her daughter with Down Syndrome

A tale of two tweets: Pope and Obama both focus on March for Life

Obama admin. agrees to pay $570K to Conestoga Wood Specialties’ attorneys

Christians March for Life plus some Methodist mockery

What frustrated pro-life activists and politicians are saying at today’s March for Life

U.S. court overturns ultrasound abortion law

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GOP abandons pro-life bill, angers religious conservatives on Roe anniversary

Abortion and the gospel

Pro-life activists and clergy pray for the unborn at memorial before March for Life

Christian leaders Matt Chandler, Russell Moore fed up with GOP decision to hold off on mid-term abortion ban

Every life is a gift

Five facts about the March for Life

Why ‘Roe’ must go

March for Life: 42 years after Roe v. Wade, half of Americans say abortion is morally wrong

Onward for life: Why we march

What life is like at 20 weeks in the womb

Team GB mum: ‘Doctors told me to abort but I won’t’

Ten-year-olds being given contraceptive implant

We shall not weary, we shall not rest

March for Life 2015: Forty two years after Roe v. Wade, we still march on

Why pro-life students deserve our support and gratitude

GOP caves on abortion on eve of March for Life

Thousands set to protest abortion in annual March for Life in D.C.

Abortion is about a child, not a choice

House passes bill to completely ban taxpayer funding of abortions

Protecting the vulnerable: Why we must fight for the inviolability of life

March for Life expands

Most Catholic College alumni in U.S. Senate support abortion

Video: Abortion clinic staff caught on tape prove abortion is still as violent and horrific as it’s ever been

    Aleteia: January 22 is the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., when thousands of people descend on the nation’s capital to witness to life. The march is held on the anniversary of the decision of Roe Vs. Wade which made abortion legal in the United States. This video, produced in 2013 by Live Action, a youth-led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion, reminds us how horrific abortion really is. While it may be couched in terms of “reproductive rights” and “my body, my choice,” the fact is, abortion is the violent destruction of a vulnerable human being and an indication that we have not met the needs of women.

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Ten things Planned Parenthood does not want you to know

Abortion bill dropped

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New poll: 8 out of 10 Americans support ‘significant restrictions’ on abortion

Erring on the side of life

    The Christian Post: The history of human knowledge as it relates to the human body is a fascinating and terrible thing. In every age, the ability for physicians and other medical practitioners to effectively treat wounds or combat disease has been constrained by the technology – or lack thereof – available at the time. In the past, people often died from illnesses or injuries that are quite treatable today. Over the centuries, we’ve come a long way. Our understanding of human physiology and biology has enabled us to improve quality of life and extend life expectancy beyond anything our ancestors could have imagined.

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