North Dakota Government Tells Court: “There is No Right to Abortion”

Abortion Numbers Drop At N. Dakota’s Lone Clinic

RNC’s Priebus: Ban abortion ‘after four months’

2013 Was Banner Year for Putting Abortion Practitioners Out of Business

    LifeNews: “We have yet to find an abortionist that completely complies with the law. This makes the abortion industry very dangerous. When we can document abuses, we consider it a public service to report these shady abortionists to the authorities,” said Newman. “It’s gratifying to know that our work has helped save lives and has protected women from shoddy or abusive abortion practices. It’s an incentive to work even harder to end abortion altogether.”

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Santa Clara University Faculty Senate Votes to Reinstate Elective Abortion Coverage

Abortion hurts: Walking with women, saving lives and our cultural soul.

James Dobson v Kathleen Sebelius: How will you get involved? – I | Alan Sears & Matt Bowman on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

10 best pro-life moments of 2013 | Kristi Burton Brown at Live Action News

The Unestablished Constitutionality of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

What Is the “Church Plan” Issue?: An Explanation from Matt Bowman | Mirror of Justice

Abortion Is A Mens’ Issue Too, One’s Sex Is Irrelevant

    Peter Hardy at LifeNews: I’m frequently berated with the comment that as a man I’m not allowed to have an opinion on abortion. Occasionally this same sentiment is expressed as a polite suggestion, and we should sympathise where women are worried that this is an attitude that wives should be under their husband’s control. But the overall impression I get is men are dismissed on the basis of their sex as an anti-intellectual manoeuvre to try to shut down critical enquiry on this ideologically-charged topic.

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Pending Senate bill will force Obamacare exchanges to disclose abortion coverage

Hospital Pressuring Family of Girl “Brain Dead” After Tonsillectomy to Pull the Plug

Planned Parenthood Tries to Keep Montana Parents in the Dark on Their Daughter’s Abortion

Michigan joins 24 other states banning abortion in Obamacare plans

Philadelphia abortionist Gosnell gets 30 years for illegal drugs

Planned Parenthood Spends Millions to ‘Refresh’ its Brand, but It’s Still the Same Taxpayer-Funded Big Abortion Business

Judge Says Baker Must Abandon His Religious Beliefs | MO Family Policy Council

Pro-Life Teacher Fired Who Kicked Planned Parenthood Out of His Class

Danger in the Ring: NuvaRing

    Vanity Fair: When 24-year-old Erika Langhart—talented, beautiful, bound for law school—died on Thanksgiving Day 2011, she became one of thousands of suspected victims of the birth-control device NuvaRing. Elite army athlete Megan Henry, who survived rampant blood clots in her 20s, is another. With major suits against NuvaRing’s manufacturer, Merck, headed for trial, Marie Brenner asks why, despite evidence of serious risk, a potentially lethal contraceptive remains on the market.

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A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: The Constitutional Soundness of Ultrasound Requirements | Michael Stokes Paulsen at Public Discourse

Government’s heavy hand favors abortion over faith | Rebecca Hagelin at Washington Times

Another victory! Federal Court rules for NY Archdiocese versus Obamacare abortion mandate

Couple Wins $50M in Biggest “Wrongful Birth” Suit, Doc Didn’t Suggest Aborting Disabled Baby

Roe v. Wade at 40 | Gerard V. Bradley at Claremont Institute

“GOP Committee Financially Backs 2 Pro-Abortion, Proponents Gay Marriage Candidates”

Four Decades Eroding the Foundation of Liberty

Religious organizations challenge contraception mandate in federal court | Matt Bowman on Fox News (video)

James Dobson Files Lawsuit Against Obamacare’s HHS-Abortion Pill Mandate | LifeNews

James Dobson and ‘Family Talk’ Sue Over Abortion Pill Mandate | Christian Post

Dobson takes on feds re: ObamaCare mandate | One News Now

Dobson files lawsuit challenging Affordable Care Act contraception rule | NBC

David and Goliath: Radiance Foundation and Ryan Bomberger Defend Children, Stand Up to the NAACP | Catholic Online

Dr. James Dobson Sues Over Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate | Charisma News

Surrogacy industry sees boom in US

Dr. James Dobson sues over Obamacare abortion pill mandate | Alliance Defending Freedom

Tailored Suits for Dobson, Priests for Life | FRC Washington Update

“The day I performed the first-ever RU-486 abortion reversal”

    LifeSiteNews: I started leafing through some textbooks and started thinking about how RU-486 worked. It is a progesterone counterfeit. It tricks the body into thinking that it is progesterone, fills the progesterone receptor with a key that will not turn the lock. It is a very effective blocker, and there was no known antidote. The placenta blood vessels act as if the mother is having a menstrual cycle and the placenta is starved and sloughs off, along with the baby, causing an abortion. God placed in my mind memories of my research in basic protein receptor biology. If we could flood Ashley’s system with progesterone, with “good” keys, then we might be able to out-compete the RU-486 and fill the receptors with working keys that will support the baby’s life like God designed.

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Feminism Has Reduced Women to Contraception and Abortion

ACLU vs. Civil Liberties | NRO Editors

Nebraska Judicial Commission won’t investigate judge who told 16 year old abortion would “kill the child inside you”

Ariz. pro abortion group want SCOTUS to stop new law

Emergency Contraception Can Cause Abortion | Donna Harrison at Public Discourse

A victory for European citizens: the Estrela Report defeated! | FAFCE

Louisiana Court tosses fines on abortion provider

Evangelical Retreat? | Russell D. Moore at First Things

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Case Against Obamacare Abortion Pill Mandate | Alan E. Sears

The War On Religion Is Real And We Are Losing

Do Mennonites Who Make Cabinets Have Religious Liberty in America? | National Review

Judge delays sentencing in abortion pill case

Abortion Activists Attack Pregnancy Centers With Fake Negative Yelp Reviews

Beyond RFRA: What Should We Think of Mutual Duties of Accommodation? | Eugene Volokh

Planned Parenthood Uses Celebrities, Paid Canvassers in Massive Push to Save Obamacare

Still waiting for an Obamacare exemption | Washington Times

From Romer v. Evans to United States v. Windsor: Law as a Vehicle for Moral Disapproval in Amendment 2 and the Defense of Marriage Act

Rising Riches: 1 In 5 In Us Reaches Affluence

The ACLU sues to silence religions

Schedule set for contraception challenge briefing

AUL Launches the “New Frontier” in Protecting Women from Abortion Industry Abuses

RFRA Strict Scrutiny: The Interest in Protecting Health | Eugene Volokh

Washington Post Falsely Claims Americans Support HHS Abortion Mandate

Missouri Court is Asked to Dismiss Charges Assaulting First Amendment Rights